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This is Fate update Friday 24 July 2020, Sherlin walks in the room angrily, Prithvi follows her, he asks her if she does know who the luckiest person in the world is, he stars t boast about hi self-saying that he is very lucky. Sherlin stops him saying that it is not his luck but it was her behind everything and she made Billa turn the tables.
He asks her and she says that she called him but it was Billa who answered the phone, he was ready kill Prithvi but she told she could to save him and when she came she started to find Prithvi but instead ran into Billa who was going to kill him, she requested him and assured that she will pay him the money, she transferred her entire money and even her mother’s money to his account then he blamed Manisha.

Prithvi immediately hugs her, she is very happy if the sacrifice, she says that she did it for their baby hearing this his face gets cold, she inquires about this but he gets a call from his mother and leaves.
Preeta says that she feels hat Manisha and Rithwik were doing all of this because she was ordered and there was someone else behind them both.
Rakhi and Karina ask them to leave everything and enjoy because many of their troubles and Manisha have left. Karina says that their problems have diminished, Rakhi wants a real function but Karan says that he cannot marry for real, Karina thinks of a plan and says that Rishab should marry Sherlin as it is the right time for him to marry.

Karina, Rakhi and Dadi are all really interested to get him married to Sherlin, Both Karina and Rakhi go to tell everyone, Kartika asks her to at least first ask Rishab but she refuses and leaves.
Prithvi comes back into the room, she ask who it was, he says that it was his mother, she does not believe him and say that what important thing he wants to talk that he left the room, he however pays no heed.
Karina is not able to find Sherlin and is very troubled, both Sherlin and Prithvi are hugging each other, Karina enters the room hearing something she enters but is not able to find anything, she wonders if it was really Prithvi she saw with her but denies her mind saying that Sherlin has a class and Prithvi is only suitable for the middle class Preeta. They both feel relieved from her words.
They both come out, Prithvi rushes to close the door, she asks if he heard what Karina said, they both are talking when she feels vomiting and leaves, he gets angry, she comes back saying that she is sick and he must take her to the hospital. He thinks that the way she is behaving both of them will get caught and they must use the back door.

Preeta says that they must do anything to save Rishab because he does not want to marry Sherlin, Shrishti taunts her for running the marriages of the Luthra brothers, and she scolds her. Samer praises her and gets into a quarrel with Shrishti, Kara takes her side but Preeta is with Samer, they all starts to fight after which she tries to make a plan to save Rishab.
The doctor tells Sherlin that she should take rest otherwise she will have problems, the doctor tells that there is something wrong with her as if they take a look into her reports then she must have a big belly but there is nothing of the sort so she must be taken care of, Prithvi starts to quarrel with her.
Everyone plans that they will prevent both Rishab and Sherlin’s marriage, Rishab comes back and asks what they are planning, Karan says that he must delay the wedding however Rishab ask him what the urgency is and why does he want him to back out.

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Sherlin agrees with the doctor that she was facing some stress with the issues in her life, Prithvi steps in as saying that he is the one who handles everything, both of them start to argue, The doctor is convinced that they both have some issues, he starts to fight even with her and then she asks him to go out, she advises Sherlin to wear light clothes as it will be suitable for both her health and her child.
Rishab asks Karan why he wants him to postpone the wedding, Shrishti says that she thinks that he deserves a better girl and Sherlin is not like that, he gets very happy, Sameer taunts her, he strops her and ask Shrishti why she thinks that he should not marry and which girl he should choose, she gets excited saying that she will find a really good girl for him, he advises her that she should look near them.

Prithvi is outside the office of the doctor and saying bad things to her, he turns and Sherlin comes outside, after turning he gets scared and apologizes, she pays no heed and says that the child is his. He explains that the way she vomited in the Luthra mansion is a bad sign and if it prevails then their secret would come outside.
Rishab goes to Preeta asking for the reason, assuring that he would not even ask for a reason, Karan gets angry and says that he is his brother and would listen to only him and not Preeta. He asks him to not be so angry and he would listen to him, that they should cancel the wedding.
Rakhi is looking after the preparations for the wedding because they are in such a hurry to get both Rishab and Sherlin married, Karina co me sand says that Sherlin will come with her mother and also the Pandit. She ask for Karan as to why he has not come from his practice.
When he comes he says that he went for his practice because Rishab tortured him and send him at 5 in the morning, Rakhi starts to scold him for blaming her elder son as he enjoyed himself for 5 whole hours and should have no problem.

Rishab is on the phone and leaving for his office, Karina and Rakhi both stop him, Karina says that he would not go to the office today, he however says that all the meetings have already been planned and he cannot cancel them, she then says that he can delay them for 1 hour which is all that they require, he agrees and goes back inside.
Sherlin comes with her mother and Pandit, they sit and then Sanjana says that there is a problem and the marriage cannot happen. She leaves it to the Pandit who says that Rishab has a problem in his Kundali and if he does not get married then there would be a problem. Karan says that the problem is her. He exclaims that if she does not get married then there would be a problem.
Sherlin says that the family has suffered a lot and they should get married, the Pandit says that the time and daddy on the 15th day is best suitable. Karina rushes to Rishab and explains the whole situation that he should marry Sherlin in 15 days.
He thinks of what they had discussed in the room and explain to Karina that he would not marry her on such short notice because he has to make something of himself and his life. He says that he wants his life partner to understand his decision and patterns, this is the only way he would marry her. He assures them all that he will marry Sherlin after 6 months and not urgently.

Karan leaves the hall and goes to call Preeta as he is excited, she instead calls him and he says that he thinks that they have connection of hearts and he was going to call her but she called him instead, she asks what happened he says that he has a good news and that is because Rishab has postponed the wedding and it would be after 6 months. Both of them get very excited.
Sanjana asks Rakhi to talk to Rishab as if he does not marry Sherlin then this would create a lot of problems,, Rakhi however refuses that the children have their own free will and it is not necessary that thy should impose so if he has assured that he will marry Sherlin after 6 months so they should give them the space.

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