This is Fate 26 August 2022: Pihu is running in the house trying to catch the ball, she hits it with her feet so it enters the room where Mahesh Luthra is sitting, he gets shocked to see the ball, then turns to see who it is and sees a child entering the room, Pihu looks at the ball, Mahesh also looks at her with a state of confusion, Pihu asks for her ball, Mahesh sitting beside the ball picks it exclaiming it belongs to him, she however replies it is her ball then he asks her to come and get it herself, he hurts her head and so is about to stumble, she helps him sit, Pihu exclaims she has saved him questioning what happened to him, Mahesh replies that because of her help he is fine and so can stand properly, Pihu turns to leave, she then explains she is lost so wants to go to everyone, Mahesh offers to take her to everyone.

The workers of NGO congratulate both Karan and Preeta explaining they are now the parents, they both then give them the papers mentioning there is just one single formality left which they can fulfil after coming to the NGO, then the workers explain they are really lucky because otherwise it takes a lot of time for the adoption process to be completed, they explain that they also give the children after seeing the family, since their family is really respectful so Pihu would also be able to just without any worry, they then say they would introduce Pihu to her family, they one by one introduce her to Sameer then Dadi and Karina, Mahesh even hugs her.

In the night Sarla comes asking Shristhi to take the necessities for the Pooja, Shristhi advises that they should go to the Mandir but Sarla however says that she feels they should perform the pooja in the house because everyone wants to pray to Bhagwan however she wants to ask for something for Preeta after which she would ask something for Shristhi as well, Shristhi even laughs then Sameer calls Sarla, she is tensed wondering why is he calling her, Shristhi exclaims that her mobile has full networks so why did he call her, Sarla gets tensed wondering what has happened, Shrishti requests her to put the mobile on speaker, Sameer also asks the same, Rakhi takes the mobile from him which worries Sarla so she asks then Rakhi explains that there was some tension after which happiness came to their house, Rakhi explains that Preeta went to the doctor and her reports came which mentioned that Preeta might have difficulty in conceiving so Karina Bua then suggested that until that happens, they should adopt a child, so they have adopted a daughter and her name is Pihu, Sarla and Shristhi are both really excited when Sameer explains he has become an uncle, Shristhi is also really excited on becoming a bua, Rakhi questions if she would give the blessings on the phone and not come, Sarla explains that she would surely come as Rakhi invited her, Shristhi in excitement mentions she would go and get ready, Sarla thinks she will prepare Kheer and then also take out the fresh oil.

Rakhi in excitement exclaims that they would now perform the Pooja with Sarla and Shristhi, Karan along with Preeta come with Pihu who in excitement asks what she is crying, Rakhi however denies that she is even crying when Pihu rushes exclaiming she would enjoy a lot and break the pots, Sameer runs after her so she doesnot fall, Rakhi hugs both Karan and Preeta, wishing that their life never falls into the evil eyes of anyone, she leaves suggesting they should get ready for the Pooja.

Prithvi coming to Sherlin exclaims that what has happened is really bad with the both of them, Sherlin replies she got really happy after knowing Preeta would not be able to become a mother as then the family would start hating her, Prithvi explains what is happening, they used to think Preeta belongs to a middle class family so would no be able to adjust as a member of the Luthra family however she has ruined the reputation of Sherlin, she used to think they were both at the same levels but Preeta is now at a much higher position, Sherlin replies she did not come to hear his taunts, he gets angry when she accepts they should not fight, she sitting down thinks she must shake hands with Preeta, Prithvi starts smiling questioning her what does she mean, Sherlin standing mentions they do not have any other choice because a child came into her life at Jamashtri and even when Karan made such a big mistake no one considers it wrong, they both hear Kritika coming, Shelrin immediately hides.

Kritika places the dress of Prithvi on the bed mentioning he selected it herself, she asks if he met the child because she is really cute, prithvi asks if he can change his dress.

Karina questions Sameer what is taking so long, he replies he is just about done when Mahesh explains they have given him some duty which he will fulfil, Karina questions where Pihu is, Kritika replies she is attaching the ring of the peacock, Dadi also asks about Pihu when Rakhi explains she is just about to come.

Prithvi coming exclaims that this is really a good scene as the little child as changed the emotions of the entire family, Kritika coming beside him agrees, she starts correcting his dress, Sherlin gets really mad seeing her, she thinks it is better for Kritika to not come before her as she is always roaming the house, she thinks of killing her if she comes too close to her Punu baby.

Sarla and Shristhi walk through the door, Kritika immediately goes to hug her when Sarla after wishing everyone asks about her granddaughter, Dadi mentions she is correcting her peacock feather, they see her coming, Sarla and Shristhi are really joyed seeing her.

Pihu immediately goes to try and break the pot however she is not able to reach, she decides to push the sofa but is not able to, the entire family starts praising her so she manages to push it, Sarla asks her to come close but Pihu looks to Preeta who signals her to go, she showers her with a lot of love. Sarla asks if Pihu knows who she is, Sarla then clarifies she is the mother of Preeta which implies she is the Grandmother of Pihu, Sarla asks if she knows what gifts she has brought, and Sarla explains she has brought kheer and oil which she made herself, Sarla offers her some, Pihu asks who is the tall girl, pointing towards Shrishti, everyone shares an immense laugh, Shrishti going to her asks if she does not know then explains she is the younger sister of Preeta, meaning she is her aunt.

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