This is Fate 26 November 2021: The waiter takes the paper from the feet of the constants, he then brings an even smaller paper on which they both have to dance, Preeta exclaims that she feels he is really angry, but Karan mentions that he is not angry but is really calm, Preeta does not believe him. Mahira is not able to see them dancing together while being so close, Preeta looks at the paper to see if they are really testing the limits, Shrirhsit and Sameer come to sit behind Mahira and Shrishti, Sameer is dressed as a waiter, Shrishti mentions that he is looking really pretty and Sameer also explains how he has started to love the girl behind the mask, they both plan to change their identities after beating Mahira in her master plan.

The paper is cut even further and this is exclaimed to be a challenge for all as it would prove the love which the husband and wife have for each other, Karan and Preeta are dancing while the other contestants are not able to control themselves and so finally are able to be in the final three constants, the host announces that the match would be able to prove who would be the power couple of the night.

Sameer takes the drinks to Sherlin and Mahira they both say that they have not ordered anything but are forced to comply. Mahira starts drinking while Sherlin is still consoling her.

Karan asks Preeta if Raj’s grandfather was her first boyfriend, Preeta mentions that it is the same as her grandmother is his girlfriend, Karan exclaims how he knew what she meant but just desired to confirm it as he thought of something else, they both are talking when Karan tries to change the topic and asks about how the film was, Preeta hugs him after laughing then the host announces that they would be allowed to keep just one leg on the paper, Karan picks up Preeta after which he stands on the paper, they both are looking into each other’s eyes and finally are able to win the competition, Host announces how they both have won the competition, they start the celebration when Karan starts taking photos with his fans, Shrishti signals Preeta to come to meet her, Preeta tries to leave however Karan exclaims that he would come with her and they both leave, Sameer sees that Mahira is not well and she gets unconscious.

Sherlin immediately takes off the mask and tries waking Mahira however she is not conscious, Preeta asks Karan to go into the room while she brings the overcoat, Shrishti and Sameer are enjoying when Preeta asks how did they do it, Preeta realizes how he is dressed as a waiter, Shrishti explains that they spiked the drink of Mahira and she would now not be able to fulfill her plan which she has made for Karan, they ask her to enjoy her honeymoon, Preeta is walking when Mahira comes infront of her, Preeta asks her why did she come to the resort as she should not have tried to ruin her honeymoon. Sherlin hits her from behind with a vase and she gets unconscious.

Sherlin and Mahira take her into the storeroom, Mahira explains that she thought that Mahira has gotten unconscious and the plan of Sameer was successful however she does not know that Sherlin saw them both and knew about their plan, Sherlin explains that she thought Mahira was being paranoid but when she herself heard the voice of Shrishti only then was she able to understand what they were up to because she saw Sameer in the outfit of the waiter, Mahira exclaims how she is relieved because Karina sent Sherlin with her otherwise she would not have been able to take care of their entire plan, Mahira mentions that if she would have drunk the spiked drink then Preeta and Karan would have made the honeymoon, Sherlin explains that she should now go after Karan because he is in his room and when he tries to search for Preeta he would go to the dance floor where the goons would tease her, Mahira ask how would she recognize them, Sherlin explains that she has showed them her photo and they will tease her, while she would take care of Sameer and Shrishti.

Mahira reaches the hall where the goons start to tease her but she says that they should do it when Karan comes, Karan prepares a drink wondering where Preeta has gone and so he goes outside, Mahira starts the act and Karan immediately rescues her but when he is about to go after them Mahira stops him, Karan seeing the injury takes her into the room, he inquires what she is doing in the same resort but when he has any more questions, Mahira acts as if she is hurting a lot then Karan informs how he would bring the ointment from the reception.

Mahira is joyed then closing the door she sits on the bed exclaiming that Karan would become her husband after the night, she gets shocked after seeing her clothes then takes out the clothes so that she can celebrate the honeymoon, Mahira calls Sherlin explaining that she did not consider bringing the clothes but it is not the matter of concern.

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