This is Fate 28 August 2020: Sanjana sees Prithvi and gets worried thinking that he might be doing something wrong, she acts as if she is getting dizzy, everyone turns to her and ask her to sit down, she sits, Prithvi wonder if all this was on purpose and Sanjana did this to protect him.

Rishab asks Preeta what she was saying, she explains that she has to meet Karan and must do it immediately, Prithvi wonders that he loves Preeta with all his heart but it is her stubbornness to save the Luthra family that he is forced to hurt her because he has to save himself and Sherlin because he has to take revenge, when she runs to meet Karan she will slip o the oil and fall, being like Janki and will be in come, he wonders and asks for her apology.

Karan gets frustrated saying that it cannot be so and yells, Dadi asks what the matter is, she came late and is not even in the wedding clothes so what is the problem, a sound comes and they all look for the source, Preeta runs towards Karan s room and is about to slip when Rishab runs and saves her from falling, she thanks him for not letting her fall, she feels ashamed for not being able to save him, Preeta goes upstairs, Rishab seeing the oil gets furious, calling the servant she asks what the matter is and who spilled the oil, he orders that he find the source.
Preeta reaches Karan’s room and immediately hugs him, she starts to cry apologizing to him, he says that he thought that she will never come and has ran from the city, she also explains that’s he thought that she will not be able to come and will never e babel to see him, he does not listen and says that there will be no more stories.
Karna asks her to stop bringing their sweets asking her to eat them as the wedding has completed and now she must eat them,
Rishab is very angry with the servants asking why there is oil on the stairs, Rakhi asks him to calm down but he does not listen saying that it could have been the cause of someone’s injury, Prithvi thinks that Rishab is very angry and will find out the person behind the spill, he tries to escape, Sanjana sees him and wonders that he could have done it with some other technique, but then thinks that he might have come to kill Preeta, she gets scared.

Karina pulls Rishab aside asking him to stop because he is ruining the environment, Rishab however explains that he is doing this for everyone, Prithvi finds a way and just he is about to run away, Sherlin comes pulling him aside, she asks if he was successful in killing Preeta but he warns that they have to run because he was not able to kill her, he tried to do it but Rishab saved [Preeta and spoiled their plan, Sherlin gets angry and hits him,. he also hits her back.
Preeta ask him to forgive her but he is constantly giving her sweets, when she tries to explain he already knows it, she ask him to stop because she is against this wedding from the start, they were trying to sae Rishab but she was not able to come and they know that she is pregnant, he explains that they both were trying to save Rishab however she didn’t come and he was left waiting for her while his brother got married to a person he never liked, he was humiliated by Sherlin in front of his family but was not able to do anything and got embarrassed.

She tries to hug him but he asks her to stay away because he is very angry with her, she says that she can understand but he pays no heed, he says that she does not understand and it hurts a lot when the one you trust the most is the one who deceives you, he explains that he trusted her the most and she always broke her trust, and she did it a lot of times, when they were in the hospital and she was not able to find Sherlin which resulted in the doctor getting hurt, he tries to blame her saying that everyone in their family trusts her, Rishab is so innocent and trusted her with all his heart because when he said to Rishab to not marry Sherlin and said everything even that Sherlin is pregnant, he then went to the terrace even than he said to Rishab that she went to get something that will save him so he immediately said that he will back out because Rishab trusted her however eh got married to Sherlin because of her and she is even worse than Sherlin.

Prithvi tries to explain to Sherlin that they have to run away because they have no more techniques and have to run, Sherlin however calls her a coward saying that they cannot leave and it might be that she has hidden agenda and might have done it so he must go to Karan room and listen to his conversation, he does not want to go but she forces him and he goes away.

Preeta says that he doesn’t understand what has happened with her, it was not only that her auto broke, Karna however says that it is not the truth and a story which he made, Preeta is not able to believe what he is saying, he says that this is true because he knows her from years before, she explains that he does not know her otherwise he would not charge her with such heinous acts, he doesn’t let her speak saying that they trusted her and believed that she would come with proof and stop the wedding, he also thought that good people come to those who are good but she proved him wrong, he is not able tyo believe that he trusted a girl who was not trustworthy, she is the reason that he lost.
Preeta explain that he is talking like the same way Karan does she would not stop her and let him say anything which he wishes, she tries to say that she came to him to show the reports and had them in her hands but Sherlin came, he doesn’t listen and gets angry saying that she got sold out and took money from her. He tries to leave but she says that when she came to the house, Sherlin stopped her saying that she has kidnapped her mother and if she tries to say anything to Karan than she will and her killed, so she also kidnapped her and closed her in her own house, she also ran form there and came to him but stopped because Sherlin had her men all around the Luthras so she was not able to do anything even when she wanted, Prithvi thinks that now Karan will kill them and runs away.
Prithvi comes to Sherlin saying that he listened to her but however they must run away,, Sherlin asks him what happened he says that he is a businessman and makes a plan before executing them and now they must run away, Sherlin again asks him what happened he says that she told him the entire truth and now they will come.

Sherlin explains that till now Karan has not said anything so they must see what happens, however Prithvi says that Karan will surely believe Preeta and come after them with all his might, Sherlin however explains that it can also happen that he does not believe her.
Preeta tries to explain that she was facing a lot of difficulties, Karan does not believe her saying that he is not some sort of idiot, she tries to make him believe that she was in the wedding wearing a veil, trying to come to him very often, he says that he knows because he took a selfie with her, saying that it was not her. He mentions that she is working with Sherlin and she might have told him because he said this to her very rudely.
He mentions that she is a master in making stories, Preeta mentions that he no longer trust her, he mentions that it is because of the same truest that he is in this condition, she says that she could not say anything because Sherlin had her men in the wedding, she also had a bomb planted in the purse of Rakhi which she took, he does not believe her saying that she must remain quiet. He says that they all thought that she was the well-wisher of their family however she is not a god person, Karan says that she is not a good person and because of her decisions his brother life got ruined, she took money from Sherlin and if she wanted any sort of help she could have asked him, Preeta gets furious, landing a slap on his face.

Preeta says that she knows that they had to stop the wedding and it might be because of her that the wedding happened but he has no right to say these things to her, she has even risked her life to stop the wedding so he cannot say anything to her because she never takes bribes, Karan says that she felt sorry and goes to show her something.
Karina wonders why Rishab was so over reacting and what was the reason, she wonders what happened and why someone would try to kill her, Karina mentions that she is a friend Karna and would go to apologize to him and after that everyone else. Karan shows her photos where she is taking money from Sherlin.

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