This is Fate 31 December 2021: Akshay exclaims how he cannot marry her, Kritika asks him to trust him, he exclaims that even if Karina is with him and she also loves him however she would transfer this habit to her and it will create a lot of problems to the married life, he is about to walk away when Karina and Rakhi both try to stop him however he exclaims how he cannot bear the blame which Preeta put on him and now has ended the marriage which would cause troubles for Kritika as everyone would then say that there was some fault in the girl, Karan takes him by his neck warning him to realize that he is talking of his sister, Akshay, however, pushes his hands away and leaves.

Kritika kneels on the ground in despair when Preeta runs after Akshay stopping him mentioning how he has wronged everyone and even deceived them and is saying wrong to Kritika, Akshay exclaims how the wedding has ended and Kritika is also broken so the heinous act which she made has caused her to end the entire respect which she had in the family as now Karina would hate her even more and even Kritika would also hate her including her husband Karan, Preeta exclaims how she was not thinking of winning but only to save the life of Kritika so does not care what happens to her, she then orders Akshay to leave their house.

Preeta runs back inside when Akshay’s parents also leave, she tries to go to Kritika when Karina yells at her ordering her to stop coming into the house mentioning how she has ruined the life of her daughter, Preeta tries to explain her however Karina does not listen asking Preeta to look at Kritika as she has ruined her life and should be happy, Dadi also asks Preeta what she has done because she knows how much Kritika loved him, Preeta tries to explain how Akshay was not the right choice for Kritika to which she mentions how Preeta should have let her decide what was right for her, Karina asks Preeta to get away from her.

Preeta once again tries to explain when Sarla comes to stop her asking how much she wants to explain, Sarla mentions how no one trusts her saying that she tried to inform them that Akshay was not the right choice for Kritika however they do not want to believe her because they feel that he is a good and honest person so why is she trying to meddle in their matters and should have remained quiet.

Karina exclaims how she is also creating a scene like Preeta, Sarla exclaims how they are not creating a scene as Preeta is also a member of their family, Sherlin also comes shouting at Sarla exclaiming how she has spoken from her heart and wants to explain how Preeta is also a member of the Luthra family, Sarla asks Sanjana to hold back her daughter otherwise she would do something which she does not want to, Karina shouts at Sarla asking how did she dare because Sherlin is the daughter in law of their house, Sarla exclaims that Preeta is also a daughter in law so how did she dare raise questions on her, Karan gets frustrated so shouts at them pleading that they remain calm as there are a lot of guests in the house.

Preeta tries to calm Sarla however she exclaims how she should remain quiet when everyone is blaming her for her trust, Karina asks what has she done because Preeta caused the marriage to break and has ruined their lives, Sarla exclaims how nothing wrong has happened and it is for the better that Akshay left Kritika in the Mandap as he was not worthy for her, she exclaims how Kritika is like her daughter and she would never think wrong of her, Karina asks her to not compare her daughter with Preeta as there has not even been an issue in her life, Karan pleads with Karina to calm down as she has been talking in front of the guests, Rakhi also asks them to not create any scene as there are guests in their house.

Karina exclaims how she is not creating any scene and orders Preeta to get out of their house, Karan exclaims how he would also leave with Preeta asking what she wants because she is always ready to throw her out of the house, Karina mentions how he stopped Preeta because of which Kritika’s marriage has been ruined so he would not interfere, she once again orders Preeta to get out from her house.

Sarla asks who is she to say such a thing because she would take her even before that Sarla mentions how no one trusts her in the house so if no one trusts her then she would not live in the house, Karan tries to explain however Sarla does not listen, she explains how Preeta came to fight for her right and this is why she is also fighting for Kritika however no one in the family believes her and every time she tries to help them they all instead blame her for the wrong, Sarla even starts crying, Karan exclaims how he does not have any reason to believe Preeta when Sarla takes her away saying that if this is the case then she would take Preeta away.

Janki in the house exclaims how Preeta has done the right thing after coming back and then asks them to change her clothes meanwhile she would make the dinner, however, Preeta leaves mentioning how she does not want to eat anything, she goes to her room.

Sarla comes asking about her medicine when she is not able to find the box then Janki mentions how she brought Preeta back however she is still in her in-law’s house, Sarla exclaims that it would be better and Preeta would only go back if they come to take her with respect otherwise, she would be happy in her own house.

Karan enters his room in anger then remembers what Sarla said that relationships are made because of trust and if it is not amongst them both then relations cannot survive.

Shrishti is sitting when Janki comes asking what has happened to which Shrishti explains that she does not feel nice when Preeta is hurt.

Karan is packing her clothes when Sameer comes asking what he is doing however Karan exclaims how he would do what he feels like so he must not interfere.

Preeta is looking for her clothes when Shrishti explains how they are on the bottom shelf, Preeta then sits down when Shrishti bring water for her, she tries to calm her down however Preeta mentions how she does not know what is happening because if Karan trusted her then would not have left her as he does not care for her which she has realized then there is no point in holding on the relationship, Shrishti exclaims how she knows that Karan loves her and would call him however when she calls him and explains how she has gotten used to living alone so does not know how he would sleep with Preeta, Karan exclaims how he knows what she is saying as Preeta irritates a person so he needs a break and has packed her clothes which he would send when he gets a time.

Preeta leaves saying how she wants to sleep when Shrishti wonders what she has done as could have also waited till the morning, Karan is also in his room wondering why Preeta took such a step, he even orders Sameer to leave explaining how Karina bua was calling him.

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