This is Fate 4 December 2020: This is Fate update Friday 4th December 2020, Maira threatens to take out the eyes of Preeta if she doesnot stop staring, Preeta looks away and tries to leave but Maira stops her, Preeta asks her to leave as she wants to go to her mother, Preeta calls out to Shrishti however Maira mentions that she should cry and watch her as she wants to see her cry because after what she has done to her this is what she deserves, Preeta sits down and cries.

Karan comes to Rishab asking if he is also shocked, Rishab mentions that he is shocked but still believes that Preeta is not guilty, Karan asks him why he still thinks this because Karan married her and knows it was wrong but he did it because he knew she was the one behind the accident of their father, Rishab exclaims that what they see might be wrong and he still feels that Preeta might be true and honest however Karan doesnot believe him, Dadi also says that she has ordered the security to throw Preeta out if she is seen around the house, Karan exclaims that Dadi also sees how Preeta is but Rishab cannot see it, Karan leaves and Dadi also says that Rishab is like Rakhi and cannot see the wrong because they are really good, She leaves, Rishab mentions that he is like Rakhi who has also left Preeta to stand alone.
Maira mentions that she has married Karan but he will never accept her as his wife so she must go back to her house and take off the clothes because she will never be accepted in the Luthra family, she again threatens Preeta to leave the town otherwise she will push him so hard that Preeta will not even able to stand straight, she also threatens that she will kill her if Preeta ever comes near their house.

This is Fate 4 December 2020: Maira is threatening Preeta that she must leave the town and settle with some otyher rich guy just as she tried to settle with karan and whenever she will try to do it will always be thrown out by girls like Maira, Preeta exclaims that she should stop talking however Maira says that she must listen to what she has to say, Sherlin also comes from behind exclaiming that Maira is true to force Preeta to listen.
Prithvi exclaims that he is right however Sarla and Janki refuse to believe him explaining that they know their daughter and she will never do anything like that, Janki also tries to confirm it, Prithvi exclaims that she must not believe him but will listen to what Janki will say, she says that she talked with Ganesh, however Sarla still refuses to believe him, Prithvi tries exclaiming that Preeta has once again married Karan but he along with his family still refused to accept her as their daughter in law and have kicked her out of the house, he exclaims that the entire world will consider Preeta has a mental patient because she has married Karan while being in disguise and has given a chance to the world to say awful things about her just as when they did when Karan married her and will still believe the same things so he knows that the world will believe that she has been left twice but he will accept her as he knows that she is a person with a good character but this is not what the world believes, Sarla slaps him after he mentions that the world believes that Preeta is character less.

Sherlin exclaims that Preeta is worthy of their praise, she helps her sit on the wooden chair exclaiming that she has married karan and should be with him in his bedroom but is instead thrown out of the house, she mentions that Preeta knows her and even knows her what she is capable of and can do for her agenda, Preeta is the one who knows that she wanted to ruin the Luthra family and was the one behind the accident of Mahesh Luthra but Preeta was not able to do anything, she also says that she cannot do anything against them, Sherlin also exclaims that the one who kidnapped Rishab was the father of her son, she mentions that the only reason she told her is that so she knows who is the one behind everything but is never able to do anything, she also exclaims that Preeta should go back to her society and cry on the lap of her mother as this is what she is capable off.

Sherlin exclaims that she wanted to make sure that Sherlin is thrown out of the house but instead she is the one who is thrown out, she mentions that a women who is so intelligent like Preeta should not do anything like this. Sherlin mentions that if Preeta had listened to her then she would have lived happily but she did not do it, Maira threatens that if she has a courage she should do something, Sherlin mentions that she was not able to do anything even when Sherlin destroyed the Luthra family, Maira exclaims that if she had the strength she would have saved her father, Preeta starts crying.

Zee world This is Fate 4 December 2020: Sherlin orders that she leave the house and go back to her mother, Maira also throws her out, Shrishti comes and after pushing both of them away takes Preeta in the auto, Sherlin and Maira say that they both should cry with her mother, Shrishti pleads with her sister to not cry as they once again leave the Luthra Mansion.

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