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This is Fate 7 August 2020: This is Fate update Friday 7th August 2020, The inspector comes and says that if they are finished talking then they can take Karan home but first there are some formalities that have to filled Karan comes out of the cell.

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Sherlin gets ca call form Rishab and is tensed to see that it is him, she wonders what he thinks of her and if he knows that she was with Prithvi, he asks the inspector to do what he wants to do because she is not picking up the phone and will come herself to take back the complaint, they all make him realize that it was nothing but a misunderstanding and she will come. Sherlin says that she is fine however Rishab says that she does not sound fine and she must be at home, she says that she is at her house, he says that he is coming to meet her and she must remain there. Karan disagrees saying that she has done something wrong.

Sherlin thinks that Rishab was very nice to her and she can continue her acting as he still is calm, she think of further doing this act. Karan and Preeta are in the car, she is very angry and is not talking to him. he asks her to talk she says that he must stop the car and when she gets out she starts to yell at him for doing such a thing, she blames that he doesn’t care for his family members and has no interest for their fillings, they gets really tensed when he goes to prison, she even does not let him explain and starts to cry, Karan seeing her concern hugs her apologizing for his actions explaining that he didn’t k now that he will get stuck into it like this, they are still hugging and when he backs out she is till crying and even does not stop, he vows that he will ask Prithvi and make him tell the truth, Preeta asks him to stop but he says that he will go to him immediately and asks him to speak the truth, Preeta says that he will not talk to him and it will be her but he says that he will do it. When they are going he is heading towards Sherlin’s house which angers her and she says that he will be at his own house, he disagrees saying that they will go to her house when he is not at his own house, they both argue over it and Karan says that they will be just waiting time.

Rishab and Sherlin are walking when he heads back to her house, he gets confused asking what she is doing, she thinks that she will not do it and Karan has done something wrong with her the same way she did it with Manisha, and she says that he might also do it with her. Rishab gets really angry and is about to hit her, he says that he knows his brother really well and is disappointed that she believes that he did this when she knows that Manisha was lying, he says that he will not marry her because she does not support his family, he also says that he is ready to face any charges for the thing which she believes happened with them on the night.
Karan and Preeta reach Prithvi’s house. They both are arguing over if Prithvi will be at his house or not, she says that she will prove him wrong and go to talk with hi, they’re at the door, she rings the bell a couple of times and he does not answer, Karan taunts her saying that he is not here, he also rings it but none comes and then she decides to call him, he picks up the phone saying says that he is in the hospital and Karan is holding Prithvi from his neck, Preeta pulls him back and says that’s he will talk with him, Prithvi asks her what happened, he says that he saw him leave with Sherlin from his house and can also prove it.

Prithvi says that he is right and Sherlin was really with him but only because he gave her a lift as a gentleman would do, he also points that she also travels with Karan which makes him angry and he says that his intentions are not like him, Prithvi also says that he lied to Karina only because his wounds were hurting a lot and did not want to wait for the doctor to come, also because he has no right over anyone of them and only her so he did not want to take their help in any situation. Karan gets really angry, Prithvi says that at that time she was with Rishab in the police station, he did not want to disturb her, he went out and saw Sherlin waiting for a cab and dropped her at her hose, Karan doesn’t believe him saying that he is a liar and making things up. Preeta asks him stop, Prithvi shows them his admitting card and time stamp on it saying that he was in the hospital at 9: 40 after leaving the house at 9: 00.

Karan accuses Prithvi of lying saying that everything that he is doing is fake, preeta requests that she tell him what he ash to do to make him realize because he cannot understand what Karan has against him. Karan and him gets into a fight and starts to accuse each other of being bad for Preeta, Karan gets really frustrated and starts to beat Prithvi he asks Preeta to take Karan away, she tries to do it however Karan is angry and comes back to hit him, when they leave Prithvi laughs saying that he double crossed Karan and got him trapped in his own plan, he wonders that all that they have to wait for now is that Sherlin marries Rishab and he can marry Preeta.

Preeta comes out and says that they agreed she would talk to him, he explain that he had to jump in when he was not saying anything against him, she says that anything wrong could only be said for a person who is wrong but Prithvi is not that person, Karan tries to make her realize that it is Prithvi but she disagrees saying that it cannot be Prithvi but some other guy, Karan says that it is Prithvi however Preeta says that’s the will prove that Sherlin has some affair and will prove it but it will not be Prithvi.
Karan leaves, Prithvi from behind the door thinks that Preeta really cares for him and it will hurt her when she realizes that it was him, then he along with Sherlin will be thrown out.
Rishab and Sherlin are with the inspector, he asks if she really wants to take her complain back, she says that she got confused because there was darkness and she mistook him for a robber, Rishab is thinking how could she think like this of Karan, he leaves, she also thinks that he will be thinking of Karan but she is only happy that she and Prithvi are now safe.
Preeta calls Rishab informing him that she will not be coming as Prithvi is hurt, he asks her to not be tensed as it was just a small cut, he says that he will come to her to the hospital, Sherlin says that she will also come with him as she wants to be there for Preeta.

Karina gets a call and breaks the news that Sherlin has taken the complaint back, they all praise Sherlin saying that how caring she is and how support did she provide ot them even before their marriage, Rakhi praises that she has no regret that she tried to marry her sons in such a hurry but is worried how will they be able to take care of such preparations, Kartika says that she doesn’t have to worry, Mahesh adds that they also have to throw a bachelor party for him because he is such an innocent person, the party will also create a moment of joy..
Prithvi is in the room with Preeta , he does all hat eh can to make her come closer to him, he acts as if he is falling Preeta help him, just then Rishab comes s asking what happened, she explains the incident he ask Prithvi to be strong as he believed him to be a fit person. Karna offers to help him but h refuses Saying that he is not experienced and must leave because he is not a doctor, Karan and Rishab both gets mad at him, he says that he has to drink, Rishab tries to taunt him for taking water, Both the Luthras are mad at him for making Preeta do such things. Rishab still; taunts Prithvi for his pain, Prithvi sees Sherlin wondering that she is trying o do something wrong and he must stop Sherlin, so he does this and then Sherlin gets a call and asks Rishab for his car keys before she leaves she gives Prithvi a nasty look and leaves, she is driving and is really frustrated taking out his anger on the other drivers, she is thinking of what Prithvi was trying to make Preeta do and in that she is about to get into an accident but just before slamming she stops the car. Sherlin starts to blame Preeta for all the things and vows to make Prithvi realize what he has done is wrong.

The nurse comes in saying that the doctor has replaced the medicine because he was feeling drowsy from the firs medicine, Prithvi seeing Karan and Rishab says that they are both getting jealous seeing Preeta take care of him.

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