This is Fate 7 January 2022: Preeta and Karan are in the room when he asks what she was about to reveal, Preeta exclaims how he is now going outside so they will talk when he will come back, karan pulling her closer exclaims how he would not go if she doesnot want to and he really feels nice when she says that she misses him a lot, Sameer then comes from behind and asking Karan if they can leave for the office now, karan exclaims where did they have to go, Preeta then mentions how he doesnot want to leave, Karan once again comes back saying how he would not leave if she doesnot want him to because he knows she wants to reveal what si in her heart and that he has a plan which would ensure that she doesnot miss him so he would call her every half an hour and the first time he calls she should reveal what is in her heart, he is really not ready to go to the office however leaves after thinking that he has all the responsibilities now that Rishab is also not present, he presents her the gift mentioning how he brought them all and the blue Sarree is his favourite so she should wear it, Preeta then gets nervous.

Karan and Sameer are in the car, Sameer is laughing which worries Karan who asks the reason he explains how he saw Karan smile after a long time and knows that it was because of Preeta, Karan also does not deny it but does not exclaim it openly and when Sameer teases him he threatens to throw him out of the car after which he would have to walk to reach the office, Sameer asks him to just accept that what he is saying is the truth which Karan also accepts.

Preeta wears the sarree which Karan brought for her, she gets really nervous remembering all the moments spent with Karan and how he even tried to kiss her but she ran away, she starts laughing then even picks up the rose which he brought for her because she felt really loved and even Karan is smiling in the car, Preeta starts to play with his ball remembering the first time she threw the ball at him however then she hurts herself, just then there is a call and she immediately picks it stopping the person to not even say a word as she thinks that it is Karan, Preeta exclaims how she has started to love him and she did not like that his female fans waved at him however she also feels the same for him now and she loves him a lot, prithvi also exclaims how he also loves her and that she is going to be his valentine, Preeta is shocked to see that it is Prithvi, she gets worried asking what is he saying because she did not know it was him and was saying all those things to Karan, prithvi exclaims how Karan came in between them even before and is still ruining their relation because he was not able to live without her and is now coming for her because he knows she also feels the same.

Karan reaches his office and after sitting on the chair realizes how he has forgotten to call Preeta, he is shocked when her mobile is busy then gets angry thinking why is he not answering the call even when he asked her to attend his calls.

Preeta gets mad at Prithvi saying how he does not talk to her like this and she would not show him what she feels because she thought that he was Karan, Prithvi then ends the call which irritates Preeta.

Karan is sitting in the office when Sameer comes asking what the matter is, Karan explains how he is irritated because he asked Preeta to answer his call but she is busy and he was not at first able to express his feelings however now when he wants to she is not answering, Sameer laughs mentioning how some days ago Karan was not even ready to listen to her name and now is dying to talk with her, Sameer exclaims how they should first finish the meeting and leave for the house after which he can meet Preeta.

Preeta is in her room when she gets another call, she answers it and is worried but then asks why did he call her again even when she informed him that she does not want to even talk with him, Prithvi explains how he cannot even think of living without her so he is coming to meet her in exactly half an hour because when he has loved her then there is no worry and he is not even scared of any Luthra.

Karan explains in the meeting how is not a businessman and Rishab has always attended the meeting while he is a cricketer so was loved by his fans and the cheerleaders, he retracts from his comment saying how he is now a married man but the company requires the signature of a Luthra so he will only fill the formality relating to the signatures and they should all work to further the company, he leaves asking Sameer to take care of the rest, Sameer tries to stop him then thinks how excited he was to meet Preeta and then Sameer mentions how he would take It from here then explains how they have the targets and should work to meet them.

Preeta is in her room when she gets a call then after taking sight of relief she answers the call of Shrishti mentioning how she is relaxed that it is her, Shrishti then asks who was irritating her, Preeta explains that it was Prithvi who threatened to come to the Luthra house and her life once again, Shrishti mentions how she knows what Prithvi is thinking because he is trying to ruin the first Valentines day of them as a couple, Preeta, however, explains how she felt that Prithvi was saying the truth because of the way in which he was talking.

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