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This is Fate 8 October 2021: This is Fate update Friday 8th October 2021 Sanjana exclaims that Sherlin should not also say that she has a relation with Maira, Ramona comes from behind mentioning that she never felt that Sanjana would have said all those things as she has come to know who pretends to care for their benefit, Sanjana turns to Sherlin exclaiming that she does not want that her daughter ruins her life as Maira is a steep hill and if she stays on the side of Maira she will ruin her reputation in the Luthra family, Maira comes out of the bathroom and after the conversation between Sanjana and Sherlin leaves the room, while both Ramona and Sherlin run after her.

Preeta is meeting with the guests, Karan is standing when Rishab comes to him, he tries to make Karan drink some water so that he can calm himself down but Karan refuses to accept that he has any feelings for Preeta explaining that the dance was just the responsibility which he had to fulfill, then Karan mentions that he cannot see after looking into the eyes of Preeta, he makes an excuse mentioning that she wears a lot of Kajal and so he cannot look away from her eyes.

Sarla praises Preeta mentioning that she looks really nice to Karan then the police inspector comes asking how she hurt her head, she mentions that she got injured while working for the function, the inspector says that she is only a phone call away so if she needs her help then should call her, then she leaves mentioning that she has a lot of work in the police station.

Shrishti asks that why did she not tell the inspector about the truth relating to Maira, Preeta mentions that she did not have any proof so would wait to search for the truth, Karan comes mentioning that she has something to discuss with Preeta.

He inquires why did she leave the function and where did she go, Preeta says that this means that he was missing her when she was not present so they start the discussion, Preeta even takes the hand of Karan when he exclaims that he knew that she was not the one dancing with him when he took the hand of Maira, they both are talking when Maira gets angry and is about to leave so Karan asks what it was, he once again demands her where she had gone, Karina and Dadi also inquire her, she explains that she was feeling suffocated in the house so had left because she gets uncomfortable when Maira is around her, Rakhi mentions that this means Sarla was right about Preeta’s feelings, she then goes to the stage announcing that they were not able to fulfil the rituals of their family so they would perform the functions once again tomorrow, she explains that they would be wondering that they have seen her face but there is also a ritual where the bride and groom have to find the rings so they would hold the function once again.

Maira after hearing the news goes to Karan exclaiming that he has wronged her, Karan goes after her mentioning that he has not told anything to Preeta about the letter because he knows that it was not her handwriting so she should step away and let the things work as they are at the moment.

Sarla says to Preeta that she is about to leave and she must remain honest and fight Sherlin and Maira with all the strength because she will not be able to live without any problem so must remain calm, then Sameer comes saying that the cab has come so they should go, Preeta advises Sameer to not say anything about what has happened, he also promises her.

Rishab is on the phone with Karan who comes behind him in the room of Sameer, Karan mentions that he cannot understand what Preeta is doing because she is taking over all of his room so he cannot understand how he will control her, Rishab says that women are involved in every matter of the man so they should let them as if they try to stop women then they would come back and ruin their lives however this cannot be the case, Rishab asks him if Preeta told where she was, Karan mentions that he asked her but she mentioned that she went out as she was not feeling well in the house but not informed him, karan says that he knows Maira had something to do with it because she as wearing a sarree that was the same as Preeta but did not belong to Preeta so he doesnot know what happened, Sameer comes and jokes that he might have come into some other room, Rishab and Karan both ask him about what had happened with Preeta as he is constantly In touch with Shrishti so would know what had happened with Preeta however Sameer refuses saying that he doesnot know anything but cannot look them in the eyes.

Sherlin is saying that she made a plan and even had an opportunity to make sure that Preeta does not stand in her way but this could not be possible as she came back, Preeta comes from behind saying that she was worried how Maira could make such an elaborate plan when she does not know anything about Prithvi and her relation, she threatens that had it been any other girl she would have her sent to jail but cannot do the same with Sherlin as she is the member of the Luthra family, Sherlin answers that she has also gotten a lot of attitude after marrying Karan, Preeta responds that it is the family because they all are really lovable so she cannot bear that anything wrong happens to them, she would do all that she can to protect her family from any wrong action.

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