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This is Fate 1 November 2021: Mahira is walking angrily., she thinks that they have made her mad to the extent that she even forgot her own room, she thinks as to why they have not accepted her as the daughter in law and even thinks that they have not accepted Preeta as a member of the society, she remembers how they all started caring for her when she got hurt, then thinks why they are caring for her even when they said that they do not have feelings for her, she thinks that she understands when Rakhi cares for her but cannot seem to comprehend why Dadi is doing the same, Mahira is standing when Karan is walking beside her. He drops his cell, she stops him mentioning that he looks worried, Karan refuses to explain that there is nothing of the sort, she mentions that she can see when he is worried, he responds that when she mentioned that she would also keep the fast for him he thought that she was just joking however when her mother came to their house that is when he understood that she was serious, Mahira exclaims that she is always serious when it comes to him as she loves him dearly, she tries to get close however he backs up but then when he is against the wall.

Karan pushing her hands away, walks towards the hall exclaiming that he was not able to breathe as she got really close, she comes mentioning that she has to get close to him because they both are husband and wife, Karan thinks that it is only in her madness but she cannot be his wife, as he desires to say that she can not be close to him however he is not able to say anything because she might once again try the suicide which would ruin the reputation of his entire family, she even still comes closer to him, he tries to make excuses however she is not leaving his hand, he exclaims that she is also forcing him to dance.

Mahira mentions that she is feeling that he is trying to send her away, she mentions that he also mentioned that he likes her at the Sarghi, he mentions that he was just trying to make Preeta jealous, then he exclaims that he has a lot of female fans but has never taken advantage of anyone so desires that she just gets healthy and takes care of herself, Mahira wonders that this is why she loves him even more because he has never taken advantage of anyone so she starts to love him even more.

Sherlin is in the room thinking that Prithvi has even got angry with her even when she mentioned him the news however he does not care for her, she thinks that it might be because they are not living together however very soon they would be able to fulfill their revenge from the Luthra’s after which she would be able to be with Prithvi.

Mahira is in the room and cannot control her hunger, she thinks that she would break the fast but then exclaims that she is the real wife of Karan so would not take such a step as the fast is for his long life, she walks into Sherlin’s room when she is about to eat an orange, Mahira tries to take the last slice however is not able to, she explains that she desired the last bite which is now in Sherlin’s stomach as she cannot control it, Sherlin tries to make her realize that she has kept the fast where she cannot even drink water which is necessary as she is the real wife of Karan, Mahira explains that the women who would be with Karan will be his wife and if she dies of hunger then what is the point so she must help her, Sherlin advises Mahira to come with her to the kitchen where she can eat anything and no one would even know about it, Mahira agrees that she should come with her as she cannot control her hunger.

Rishab is standing thinking about how Sherlin mentioned that she is pregnant, Sameer and Karan are both playing and when the ball goes to Rishab he throws the ball however they both try to indulge Rishab but he gets angry so yells at them both, Karan mentions that they were just trying to stop him from worrying, Rishab calls him closer then hugging them both mentions that he was angry and took it out on them both, Sameer makes him remember their bet then Rishab points out that Preeta is not well so Karan runs to her, Sameer takes money from Rishab for his bet Rishab mentions that he would get rich by taking money from him, Rishab says that he would rest so Sameer has to go and do some work which is left.

Preeta is not able to control her hunger then is holding her stomach, Karan seeing her asks her to come and sit on the bed, he makes her sit. He asks her if she believes in this ritual, Preeta explains that she has complete trust in the entire ritual and when she fulfills them then would be sure that his life would be long, Karan advises her to eat something because he does not believe in anything of the sort so she can eat it and he would not tell anyone, she, however, refuses to eat. Sarla calls her, Karan picks the phone then threatens to inform Sarla of her health at which Preeta stops him, Karan leaves the room.

Sherlin and Mahira enter the kitchen, Sherlin seeing the fridge says that there is nothing to eat even when there is food in the fridge, Mahira wonders how she would be able to quench her hunger, Ganesh comes to the kitchen when Mahira starts questioning him about what has been made for those who have kept the fast because she has to check the food, Ganesh is not able to say anything then responds that there is still some extra food in the fridge.

Sherlin immediately tries to cover herself explaining that Mahira and her family care for them a lot which is why she wanted to check the food, Sherlin orders Ganesh to leave as she would ask Mahira to serve the food to those who require it, Ganesh thinks that there might be a big fight so he would ask Dadi to come and control the situation.

Mahira inquires why Sherlin lied to her at which she says that it was just a prank, then Mahira bursts at her saying that she needs something to eat, Mahira takes out the paratha, she is about to eat it however Dadi and Karina both enter the kitchen.

Karina exclaims that she came to them requesting permission to keep the fast for Karan, they were not the ones who forced her however she is now eating the food, Dadi orders her to be witness that Preeta has kept the fast following all the rituals even when she is not well.

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