This is Fate 10 January 2022: Mahira pleads with Karan so that everything that is between them should go back to the way it was before, she exclaims how she is not just talking about him but including herself and Preeta, so would he not forgive her, Karan exclaims that Preeta was also involved and he knows she is his childhood friend so would be able to forgive her for all that has happened, he mentions that his coach would not forgive him if he is late, she thinks of how her old plan did not work so now she changed it and would use love and become a part of Karan’s life.

Preeta is in her room, Karina comes mentioning how the irony of life is because she always has to involve her in every function, she hands Preeta the wedding photos of Kritika and Prithvi, Karina says how they have been married so the photos would play in the background so that all the guests realize, Karina mentions how she is in charge of the preparations of the functions however she has not even planned anything, Karina informs how she does not like any simple decoration so wants her to make sure that everything is the best, Preeta exclaims how she would do all that she is able to, Karina leaves after saying how she has the answer to each and every question. Preeta wonders what she has said wrong.

Prithvi is in the car with Sherlin exclaiming how he really loves her and would never deceive her, she is not happy then Prithvi explains how he has just come to take revenge on the Luthra family because they had ruined them both, he says how he is always with her, Sherlin exclaims this is not what she desires to hear from him, he then exclaims he really loves her, Sherlin warns him to never deceive her or take any step with her advise otherwise she would not forgive him, Sherlin and Prithvi both hug, Shrishti sees him from the auto, she exclaims that he is Prithvi, the driver thinks that she is talking of the earth however she explains that the name of the man is Prithvi, she orders him to follow the car saying that she is an undercover cop. Shrishti wonder who the girl is, she tries calling Kritika however her mobile is out of reach, she then calls Preeta mentioning how Kritika’s mobile is out of reach and does she have another number, Preeta exclaims how she is standing right in front of her then hands her the mobile, Kritika asks where she is, Shrishti realizes that Prithvi is with another girl, Shrishti then ends the call by acting as if the signals are weak.

Preeta is standing beside the dining table, Karina comes and is really worried about the preparations as Prithvi is coming with his mother, Rakhi advises her to not take such stress as Preeta is going to take care of everything, Karina says that she is the reason of her worries, Kritika hugs her pleading that she should smile and wait while she comes back after changing her dress for the dinner, Rakhi advises Preeta to also call Shrishti as she would be able to help her with the flower decoration. Preeta wonders why did Shrishti not talk with Kritika when she called her.

Shrishti is still following the car, when it stops Shrishti also asks the driver to turn off the auto, she is shocked to see that Prithvi is with Sherlin then recalls that they both are still together when she wonders why is he still waiting, she sees another woman coming to his car then is shocked to see that it is his mother, Shrishti gets out of the car then realizes the reason he met with Sherlin as she would be angry with him when he married Kritika and he would have come out of to meet her, she mentions that they both are really clever when the auto driver also asks if the should leave, Shrishti asks him to go to the Luthra house as she needs to meet her sister.

Kritika is getting ready in her room when Preeta stands at the door, Kritika asks why is she looking tense, Preeta tries to explain how she feels Prithvi might have come to their house for her, Kritika however explains that when Akshay left her in the Mandap she felt hate but was not able to forget him as they had performed some rituals together while she was about to be married to Prithvi so she can understand if she still has feelings for him, Preeta immediately stops her saying that she should never think Preeta has any feelings for him because she only desired to marry Karan and is his wife, Kritika then asks her to forget everything when Ganesh comes from behind calling them both, Kritika leaves so Preeta thinks that she is under the control of Prithvi because he felt that she was not talking with Kritika when Ganesh also comes to call her.

Prithvi’s mother is sitting with Karina and Rakhi, Sherlin is standing with Mahira who says that everything is happening for the better because she knows Sherlin would have told everyone the truth till now but is still quiet because someone might have had a conversation with her.

Dadi comes asking what they both are talking about, Sherlin immediately responds how they were praising Kritika for her beauty. She asks them both to come when Prithvi’s mother exclaims that she never thought they both would be married as she even knows that couples are made in heaven but still did not see that something could happen as they both were going to marry someone else however ended up marrying each other, Rakhi says to Karina that she is going to set the table for dinner, Preeta also seeks to accompany her when Prithvi mentions that he is also coming, everyone is shocked when he says that he considers himself to be a member of the family so would act like one, his mother asks them all to witness how good her son is, Dadi also is happy so says that he has blended with the family which is really nice, Prithvi gives the credit to the Luthra family mentioning that it was possible because of their nice nature, Karina exclaims they all should also wait at the table, they all head for the dining table when Prithvi sees Shrishti entering the house, he still calls her with the same name which worries everyone in the family.

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