This is Fate 12 October 2020: This is Fate update Monday 12th October 2020, Preeta takes a sip of the tea and gets suspicious after seeing Shrishti depicting a grim, she asks her what she wants to ask but Shrishti denies it, then Preeta pulls her ears after which she asks what was she thinking and how was she so sure that he will call her, she explains that she believed in Rishab as he always tells the truth, she takes her cup and is about to spill it, Shrishti then threatens to tease her after which Preeta says that she has a feeling that karan will not think of her like before, Shsihti also hopes for the same but is curious about Maira’s intentions.

This is Fate update Monday 12 October 2020: Maira wonders what she must do then calls Sherlin, she is at her home then wonders what she wants, Maira again calls her then immediately explains that everything has ruined, Sherlin asks what she means then she says that Maira has gotten her bail Sherlin asks what she means and who was the one behind it, she explains that it was Rishab who was the one behind everything, Maira taunts her for not taking care of her husband then suddenly karan enters so she ends the call so when Karan asks the reason she explains that it is because it is her mother’s birthday and she cannot do anything, he assures her for celebrating her birthday and will be the one to take her home, he leaves after tucking her in then she wonders that she can gain her sympathies if not love.
Rishab is in his room, Rkahi knocks the door after which he asks why is she knocking and should come in straight away, she tries to defend herself that she tried to do all that she could to help Sarla as she was locked in the room, Rakhi explains that she used to do this to karina along with Dadi when she tried to interfere in their conversations but what happened today was not the same and it did not had the belongingness that existed between them as the relation between them is like this but she now feels that she does not belong in the house, he explains that everything is situational and there is nothing to worry as even karina would be feeling bad after doing this to her.

She asks if her way of thinking is wrong, he assures her then she asks if she can do what she wants, when he asks she explains that she wants to meet Sarla right away, he gives her the car keys but when she asks if she can drive then he takes the keys also promising to have coffee with her, she is thankful as now she is feels that she belongs to the Luthra family, he asks if she needs to apply more makeup, she hits him then they both leave for the Aurora family.
Sherlin is in her house, she wonders what can she do as the entire plan has backfired because she thought that she will kill Preeta yet she survived and even got out of the jail because of Risahb, she gets out of control then wonders what she can do to keep her in jail, she thinks of what she can do to stop her fom coming back to the Luthra house which is why she was supporting Karan and Maira’s marriage and had even made a video to support the plan and keep Maira at bay, she sees the video but there is nothing that she can do to then she asks a contact to edit the video which she will forward soon.

This is Fate Monday 12 October 2020: Karina comes out and is shocked to see Ramona standing there who is apologizing as she feels responsible for the mis understandings that have occurred between them both, Karina explains that there is nothing to worry as the bond between them both is really strong and so she doesnot have to worry but she explains that she feels Rakhi is not happy with her as she did not wish her the birthday at which Karina gets overlyoyed and then they both go to check where Rakhi is.
Sarla along with her two daughters are scolding Janki for taking the cough syrup as it has severe medication which causes everyone to loose their senses, then when they are scolding her there is a bell on the door, Shrishti opens it to find Rishab standing who asks what has happened, she is about to explain each and everything then sees Rakhi and immediately asks them to come inside, she sits on the couch where they gets curious to see Janki all smiles, Shrishti goes to make tea, Rakhi apologizes for not being to help her when she came to their house, Sarla explains that it was not her fault even then her son came to help them, she also apologizes on behalf of Karina.

Ramona asks Karina where Rakhi is as she is not in her room, karina is also confused so decides to call her. Shrishti seeing her call declines it, karina wonders that Ramona might be right as Rakhi is angry with them all, Shrishti plans to decline all the calls which Karina makes Rakhi.
Rishab after seeing Janki smiling asks her why ahs she placed her finger on the lips, Shrishti explains that it is because she is not in her senses as she had a drink after preeta came home, Sarla also mentions that she had some cough syrup which has affected her and so she was scolded by Sarla, janki explains that she felt really nice and even offers some to Risahb who politely declines.
They both then leave after which janki asks if they also want some syrup, they all are hugging so wonder what they will do.
Karan is completing the paperwork for the discharge of Maira, there are nurses who have a conversation amongst themselves and are blaming Preeta for the condition of Maira, Karan gets really mad at them defending Preeta by saying that she comes near her patients because she wants to treat them as family, they both leave after which Karan wonders what has happened with him.
Dadi is with Maira at the table, they both inquire about each other’s health, Karan is about to leave but dadi stops him asking why is trying to leave without having breakfast. Rakhi calls Maira to request her to take back the case which she has filed against Preeta as she is sure that Preeta can never take someone’s life. Maira is still confused.

This is Fate Monday 12 October 2020: Karina arrives to the hall and immediately makes an announcement that she has organized a party in the evening because of an important event, everyone is confused about the event but understand when Maira wishes Ramona happy birthday, they all wish her on the special occasion. Rakhi calls everyone to the table for breakfast, karan tries to leave but is stopped by Dadi, he is still thinking about Preeta and how restless he is without talking to her, he wonders why he went to the police station after her, he stands up after taking an apple.
Rishab goes after him explaining that he should go and talk to Preeta as he will feel relaxed, he is worried for her and she is also looking forward to meeting him, she believes that he was not aware of the entire situation that developed so he must not fight with her, Karan denies saying that he will go on his practice, Rishab wishes him luck, karan gets confused then mentions that he will not go to Preeta’s house and will practice.
Sarla warns Shrishti to start work and clean the house but Shrishti explains that she is cleaning the sofa to sleep so when she lies on the sofa, Preeta pours water on her which irritates her, and she assures that she will wake up.
Janki comes explaining that she made a mistake the previous night and it was Bi jee who forced her to drink which is why she got drunk, Sarla demands that she tell the truth as Bi jee would not have tied her and made her drink the cough syrup, janki then explains that it was her idea as she wanted to celebrate at which Preeta explains that there are other ways to celebrate and they can make a cake, janki explains that she will make it but also needs their help, Preeta agrees but when Sarla says that she can also help them, Janki denies that she needs her help.

Karan reaches his camp, he sees Preeta’s office and is standing in front of it when Shiv comes asking if there is a problem between Preeta and her husband, He explains that there is nothing between them and he also explains that they both are planning a second honeymoon.
Sherlin enters the police station asking for the inspector, she explains that she was worried that they might arrest her for withholding evidence regarding Preeta’s case she then shows him the video in which it shows that Preeta was the one behind the accident.
Karan comes to Preetas house but is not able to ring the bell as he wonders what he is doing, he then makes up his mind and presses the bell, Preeta along with Janki are making the cake, Sarla is on the phone she says that she will open the door, she is shocked to see that it is Karan, he is about to take her praise but she denies him the right, he explains that he came to give her the cheque for the treatment which she gave to Dadi, he explains that he does not have a pen, Sarla goes to get the pen.
Karan comes inside the house, Preeta asks why he did not come to meet her, he lies to her mentioning that he did not knew about the arrest and came as soon as he heard, Preeta says that the dupatta which she has was the one which he gifted to her, he explains that she has some wheat on her hairs, he tries to clean it at which janki closes the window, Preeta immediately leaves for the washroom, Karan sits and wonders why is sitting outside as he came to meet Preeta.
Sherlin comes to Maira’s room and is happy, she explains that she has the ability to write anyone’s future, she explains that she had recorded a video and in it they can see that Preeta pushed her in front of the truck, Maira is not able to control her happiness, so starts praising Sherlin for her superb plans, she then explains that she had to edit some scenes and also had to shoot a new scene but was able to make a proof against Preeta. She leaves the room then after standing outside she wonders how stupid Maira is as she did not ask her why she had the video when their original plan was to push preeta, but she is happy when he plan will work.

This is Fate 12 October 2020 update: Karan gets tired of waiting so heads into Preetas room he calls her but there is no answer so he peeks into the washroom where she is drying her hair, she turns them which causes some water to spill on Karan and he gets shocked, Preeta starts to make fun of him, he gets mad sop tries to catch her but she runs into the bathroom, where he opens the shower which causes Preeta to get wet, then she also pulls him into the shower, they both hug each other while not being able to control the emotions that they are feeling. Preeta tries to leave but is about to fall, Karan however catches her which makes them share a romantic moment, Shrishti comes into the room but is not able to find Preeta she runs into the bathroom only to see them both so close to each other, she is shocked and happy to see the romantic moment that is between them both so she closes the door and also the room, when Sarla asks about karan, janki explains that she saw him going into Preetas room but Shrishti says that she saw him going to the terrace, Sarla explains that she thought that he came to take Preeta with him but she is wrong to think that anything like that would ever happen.
Preeta and Karan snap from their moment after which Preeta immediately runs away, Karan also tries to walk but slips and falls, Sarla knows that it is karan, they are shocked to hear his voice as Shrishti told them that he went to the terrace , Janki is adamant to check, Shrishti however jumps in front of the door stopping them from entering the room, Sarla asks why is she stopping them.
Preeta comes to karan asking how he fell, she after seeing the injury asks him to come with her.

Sarla again asks Shrishti the reason she is stopping them from entering the room, Shrishti demands that they sit together and chat like friends, Sarla gets mad at her, janki enters the room after pushing her away, they are shocked to see that Preeta s helping karan, she asks what happened to them, Karan explains that he slipped and fell so injured his head, Sarla then seeks the answer to the question about them being wet, both of them are not able to say anything then Preeta explains that they have to take care of Karan as he is not well.
Karina shows Ramona the list of the songs which will be played on her birthday, Ramona is so tensed and upon asking she says that it is because Preeta is free, Karina explains that it is nothing that should concern her as preeta has just gotten out on bail, Ramona explains that she feels Maira is also mentally stressed, they see Sherlin coming, who immediately wishes Ramona, she is standing when Rishab comes asking her to come with him as there is something which he needs to talk about, she tries to make an excuse but he forcefully takes her into the room.

This is Fate Monday update 12 October 2020: Shrishti points that Sarla should make tea for karan, she asks Shrishti to do it herself but she asks Janki to prepare each and everything then when Sarla is about to leave, Karan demands black coffee to which Sarla agrees, Preeta sits beside him, she warns him of burning sensation when she will apply the mixture which they have prepared as it will be helpful, she is applying it but it is really painful, she tries to make sure karan feels minimal pain, when she is finished he asks the reason she is doing all this for him, she responds that he is still her husband, Karan remembers that he married her with all the rituals.

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