This is Fate 20 December 2021: Sarla comes out of the room with the Parshad and gives it to Janki so sits on the table, Janki asks what the matter is because he looks worried, Sarla mentions she is worried because of Preeta because she thinks that something might happen which she cannot bear, Janki also says that she is worried so asks Sarla to call her and ask that she should come to the house, Sarla explains how Janki is mad because just last night Preeta suffered so much even when she thought that Akshay’s true face would be revealed in the entire family but he instead accused Shrishti she then thinks of video calling Preeta because then she would feel nice.

Preeta is in the room when she gets a video call from Sarla, she immediately asks her mother what has happened then Sarla explains how she should not do anything of the sort as otherwise she would be questioned and then her relationship would be ruined which cannot happen, Preeta then says that she should not worry because she is really clever and would be able to fight with everyone.

Sarla sees that Shrishti is trying to leave however stops her from asking where she is going, Shrishti tries to make an excuse of going to the market but Sarla explains how she is aware of her desires but she would not be permitted to go to the Luthra house as then Preeta would be worried about her wellbeing so she should not go there, Shrishti explains how if they both are together then would be able to deal with everything a lot better however Sarla does not listen to anything that she has to say and sends her into her room, Janki also explains how she feels Shrishti is telling the truth.

Sarla asks her to come and stand in the front as she would explain her once again, Sarla mentions how if Preeta is alone then would deal with everyone however if Shrishti is with her then she would instead look after her which is why he got the chance to place such a heinous act on her as if Preeta is alone then she would take care of everything, she orders her to leave and go into the kitchen and not worry about Preeta.

Shrishti in the room wonders why her mother is not letting her go as she has to see the face of Akshay as they have gathered the proof against him so now he would not be able to deny anything and she desires to see what the Luthra family would do to him after knowing the truth, she thinks of running from the window mentioning that she would not stay in her room because of the truth which they have to reveal, Shrishti thinks of closing the door first before as then Sarla would think she is still in her room, Shrishti then walks out of the window.

Karina exclaims how every function is happening without any problem, Akshay’s mother explains that he told her and that there is nothing to worry about because under the circumstance it is better to have the functions in the house.

Rakhi asks Karina if she has sent the Haldi to the mandir to which she mentions how Mahira has taken it, Preeta thinks of how it would be better if the proof reached before the Haldi as then they would know the true face of Akshay.

Preeta calls Sameer asking if all the preparations have been made after which she ends the call, Karan comes saying that he desires nothing wrong should happen in the function because of her, Karan goes to Kritika mentioning how he is really going to miss her after she is married, Karan then leaves after getting a call.

Kritika goes to Preeta mentioning how she wants to know if Preeta is still angry with her, but she mentions that is not at all angry, Kritika mentions how Karina told her to not talk with her which is why she was not able to but Akshay gets mad so takes her away from Preeta.

Janki is about to add the oil when Sarla comes saying that she should use the Himani immunity booster oil because the oil would be able to improve their health and even provide them with the health which they need because they do not even look after their health which is why she brought it then she takes the vegetables and even starts making them say that she has also asked Preeta to take it in the kitchen of her own house.

Akshay brings Kritika to the room when she asks him to leave her hand as he has held It a lot tightly when he says that he did not realize it because he has the grip of a man, Kritika gets tensed saying that it is true because he might not have realized then Akshay says how he desires to talk with her because then mentions how he feels she loves Preeta more then him and he feels that if she does not end her friendship with Preeta then she would end their relationship as a husband and wife, he leaves the room while Kritika gets really tensed.

Preeta is trying to call Sameer when Akshay knocks on the door of the room mentioning how his parents have always taught him to have some manners which she does not have as she came into his room without knocking and also that he felt really bad however then Preeta also says that she felt bad when he blamed Shrishti, she mentions how he does not have any character so should not act, Akshay mentions that he is grateful because one person knows the entire truth about him, Preeta threatens how she would reveal the truth about him in the function, Akshay explains how he has accepted her challenge, Karan calls from behind asking what challenges they are talking about.

Karan comes into the room, Preeta mentions that Akshay is challenging her, he immediately says that she is challenging him about the dance which they have to perform in the function, Preeta says how it is not the case when Akshay says how he will now say the truth and she was apologizing for the actions in the bachelor party. Karan orders that he go downstairs as it is his function.

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