This is Fate 22 August 2022: Rakhi going to Sherlin says she can also understand her, the reason she wanted to know elders to know what Karan and Preeta were hiding but the statement which she used that Preeta can never become a mother was not correct, Rakhi says that she is the elder daughter in law of the Luthra family but is also a woman so how can she say such a thing for another woman, Preeta is younger then her so she should have protected her, Sherlin is the women of modern society but this is what she thinks, she is the choice of Karina and is the reason she is the wife of Rishab, today even if someone cannot have a child they can still become parents, Rakhi exclaims today Sherlin has not disappointed them but is Sherlin because she has twisted the facts to explain them, she turning to Preeta asks her to not be worried because she is always going to be with her and they soon would be able to become parents to a child while a young one would be present in their house.

Rakhi exclaims she needs to rest, Kritika offers to take her, and Karina also leaves asking Sherlin to follow them, Mahesh wipes off his tears when he comes to hug Preeta, he then leaves, Karan sees Shristhi standing so informs Preeta, Shristhi then comes to hug them both.

Sherlin asks if she can ask Dadi a question saying that she needs to talk with them, she explains she cannot understand that why is she always proven wrong even when she is right, they do not believe her, Sherlin explains that when she told Karina, she warned that if her suspicion is wrong then she would not leave her, Sherlin explains even today in the morning when she told them, they all scolded her so they both should tell her clearly that if they don’t want her in the house then she would stay in some corner, Dadi says that she must not think like this because today she is right while Preeta is wrong and for this she would never be forgiven, Karina explains that she is not like this and even Sherlin should not think because she started to develop a soft corner for Preeta but after what happened today she would not trust her ever again, Dadi exclaims that Preeta is wrong because she first showed them big dreams after which she crushed them all, they would not forgive Preeta, Sherlin thinks that she is glad as now even Dadi is against Preeta along with Karina, she apologizes saying she came to hurt them but was not able to control anything, she leaves when Kritika pulls her.

Shristhi asks Preeta what is the reason she is still worried because everything is fine now because even Rakhi is with her, she has made sure everything is fine, Preeta replies she still feels they should have told everyone before, Karan mentions he believes everything happened at the right time because he doesnot know how Maa would react if they have revealed the news before but now she stood with Preeta, Shristhi asks what is to worry when even Karan is with her and Rakhi aunti loves her a lot, Karan says she knows Rakhi loves her a lot but misses the fights between mother in law and daughter in law, he thought that they both would talk with him so he would have make them both but there is nothing of the sort.

Sherlin questions Kritika what this behaviour is as why is she pulling her from one room to another, she warns Kritika to do it to Preeta but she asks Sherlin why is she trying to instigate Karina and Dadi against Preeta, Sherlin questions why does she always act like the sister of Preeta even when she has deceived them all, Kritika says Preeta did this for the sake of the family but why would Sherlin understand anything of the sort, how would she see the goodness in someone then asks why she doesnot call him Bhabhi, Kritika says that the reason she came out with a smile was because both Karina and Dadi were tensed, they were crying because their dreams were crushed so she must not smile, Sherlin says it was because of Preeta because she said she will be a mother when they know she can never be one, Sherlin says that Kritika is not of their family, she asks what does Sherlin mean so she replies that even when her husband is staying in the Luthra house she would still have to leave, Sherlin mentions she would give a free advice as when one gets married then they tend to leave for their own house, if she wants to take care then should go and take care of her own house and not interfere in her matters, Kritika is left worried.

Sarla in her house thinks Shristhi really loves her sister so how bad she would have left after finding out that her sister is not pregnant, Shristhi comes in calling Maa, she mentions that Preeta is fine and really happy, even Karan is the best jiju so Sarla replies she also knows this, Shristhi explains even Rakhi is with Preeta, Sarla doesnot understand, Shristhi replies that everyone got to know about her pregnancy but Rakhi stood with her, even when Karina and Dadi said a lot of bad things, Sarla assures her to not be worried because Preeta would win back their hearts, Shristhi explains she was glad to see Rakhi stood by Preeta and was just like her mother, she asks if Sarla remembers that when Sarla said Rakhi will love Preeta like a mother this means that she would take care of everything, Shristhi mentions that she is now getting jealous, Sarla says there is no need for her to be jealous and till the time she doesnot get married, Sarla would give her the love of both the mother and mother in law.

Prithvi enters the room when he is shocked to see Kritika so wonders what is she doing as if Sherlin sees her then might get angry, he asks what is she doing as he feels she is tensed, Kritika replies that she is tensed, Prithvi asks why is she tensed because they could not have done anything as Karan was wrong when Kritika replies that both Karan and Preeta were wrong so why was Sherlin only blaming Preeta, Prithvi says she is right because Sherlin is always going after Preeta and tries to hurt her, prithvi thinks Preeta only made a mistake by not leaving Karan even when he flirted with Sonakshi before the marriage, Kritika asks when is his mother coming back, prithvi questions why does she suddenly care for her, Kritika explains that after marriage his house is really her own house, prithvi in anger questions what is she saying.

Rakhi is in her room when she receives a call from Sarla, who apologizes for calling so late when Sarla explains Shristhi told her how everyone was angry with Preeta but she always stood by her side, Sarla requests her to not be angry with Preeta as she would have told them the truth in Lonavla but she herself asked Preeta to stay quiet, Rakhi replies she is not angry or hurt because Preeta has a big heart, and even she is rally a courageous women as hiding such a news means there would be a storm of mixed emotions going on in her body, Rakhi replies she knows the reason Preeta did not want to reveal the news in Lonavla was because they would get hurt, Preeta is her daughter and really cares for her, she knows Preeta would be really hurt for which she is grateful for Sarla as Preeta even attended the functions in Lonavla. Rakhi explains she is not even just a mother but a woman, for her the news is that if a girl cannot be a mother, then it is not her fault and today the medical science has advanced so now Preeta would surely have a child.

Sarla explains that she is really grateful but was worried that there might be something in her heart so this is why she called her, Rakhi exclaims such people are idiots who start to blame their daughter in laws, but she would surely take care of Preeta, Sarla asks Rakhi to not be worried as she would end the call and is sure that their family would once again get a good news.

Rakhi is sitting when Mahesh comes to sit with her, Rakhi exclaims that when a dream is broken it hurts a lot so how can she lie that she is not hurt, she starts to cry, Mahesh then tries to pacify her.

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