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This is Fate 23 November 2020: This is Fate update Monday 23rd November 2020, Rishab mentions that karan has the ability to listen to his heart which he does not have and if he had he would not have married Sherlin, Sanjana asks what he meant by his statement, Rakhi apologizes to Sanjana exclaiming that both of them had a fight and maybe it was because of that incident he said it, Rakhi says to him that he must not take it to his heart as these kind of problems happen between husband and wife, He assures her that nothing like this would happen as he is no longer angry with her, they all rejoice, he thinks that he can stop being angry but he knows that Sherlin si not the kind of girl he wanted to marry.
Sherlin is waiting for Maira when she comes out and is hiding something, Sherlin forces her to revel it but then is shocked to see that it is liquor, She asks Maira what she meant to which she replies that she is marrying Karan and will be able to see that Preeta looses so needs to celebrate.

Preeta is wondering when the wedding will end, Kartika comes exclaiming that she is feeling really bad for her, Preeta says that she doesnot know what she means then when Kartika says hat she should not have been present at the wedding, Preeta mentions that she is really happy as she has been called to the wedding of Karan who is a star while she is nothing but a normal person, karan also comes mentioning that she should have been a lucky person who came, Kartika and Preeta both try to leave but he stops her from leaving mentioning that she is at his wedding and so must not leave before attending the functions, then he points to the ear ring on her right ear, she thinks that she might have left it at the room of Mahesh uncle so goes there, after exclaiming that she doesnot feel anything relating to his marriage.
Sherlin and Maira are standing when she hears someone coming and they both hide in the room of Mahesh uncle, Maira sees him then gets startled and is not able to understand what might happen, she says that she cannot forget the day when he was looking in her eyes and she pushed him, they both do not know what will happen If he wakes up, Sherlin mentions that it will never happen, she tries waking him but he doesnot move, she also introduces Maira to him exclaiming that she will marry Karan instead of Preeta, who is outside listening to their conversation.

Sameer enters the room and finds the cloth, when he is about to leave Shrishti angrily enters the room asking why did he not say anything when she asked him to help her and since then he has been ignoring her, she gets really angry saying that he is really a coward who doesnot do anything, Shrishti explains that Karan himself said he is doing all this in anger and still has feelings for Preeta, Sameer agrees to her idea but when he asks for the plan she mentions that there is no plan, he gets scared then sits down exclaiming that whenever he listens to her always ends in trouble, she starts scolding him, he mentions that he will come back after giving the cloth and they will finalize a plan.
Sherlin mentions that she wants to get rid of the fear, Maira asks what she means she explains that she has dreams of him when he tells everyone of her truth, she mentions that she feels what she will do as he knows who was the one to push him off the stairs and also the one who had made sure that the accident happen, but then they plan to kill him the same night after her marriage with Karan, Maira however plans that they would do it after some time as otherwise everything would be ruined, she says that she must not stop thinking of any plan as they first should get Karan and Maira married.

Ramona is with Sanjana and Karina, they all are having fun and are talking about how they both were friends and now are relatives after the marriage of Rishab and Sherlin, Ramona also mentions that she was friends with Rakhi and they both are also about to become relatives, Ramona mentions that she feels both of them are better friends than Rakhi ever was.
Preeta enters the room of Mahesh, she is really tensed and wonders what she can do to help him as both Sherlin and Maira have gone far ahead in their fight with her. She cannot believe that they are planning to kill him, but she wonders what she can do as no one would believe her. Karan comes from behind exclaiming that he told her to not leave him as he would start missing her which he doesnot want.

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