This is Fate 27 December 2021: Megha asks if Akshay is serious to which he says that he is serious and knows that she is not the type of girl who stays with anyone in the night however he has decided to end the marriage with Kritika so desires a hug and then mentions how he was only marrying Kritika because his parents think that she is a nice girl so would be good for their family, however, he can no longer bear it so has decided to end it all, Megha asks what he desires from her, Akshay replies that he only wants to relax and she can make it happen, she inquires what gift he has brought for her, Akshay takes out a packet from the wardrobe, Megha asks what has he brought for her to which she opens the box, however, is shocked but agrees when Akshay insists to she agrees to wear it for him, Akshay sits when the room service knocks on the door, he asks him to also bring the alcohol and ice, Sameer also immediately hides so that Akshay does not see him.

Sherlin is driving the car when she worries about what is happening as she is fed up then advises Karina to first call and confirm from Akshay and she agrees however Akshay explains how he is leaving with his family so she should not send anyone with the Shugun, Karina believes his lies however Preeta says that she knows Akshay is in the room of the hotel, Karina explains how she knows that Akshay is a nice person.

Sameer is looking in the hotel room when the manager sees him and then coming to him, inquires what he is doing looking in the room, Sameer gets worried so asks him to talk lightly otherwise the guests would be troubled, the manager gets mad so threatens to call the police if he doesn’t come without any trouble, Sameer then goes with him leaving Akshay in the room.

Preeta along with the family reach the hotel, she immediately says to the receptionist that they desire to head to room number 101, the receptionist explains how she is mistaken as the room is empty, Preeta gets worried asking her to check once again as the matter is really important for them because she knows Akshay has checked in the room with a girl even when he is about to be married to Kritika so if she does not help them then it would ruin the life of Kritika, Karina stops her saying how she should not create a scene because she has a lot of work so would go back to their house even if she decides to stay, they all turn back when the receptionist calls them, she apologizes mentioning how she mistakenly checked room 110 which is empty and Akshay has indeed checked in the room 101 with a girl, Kritika is not able to bear the news so she immediately runs towards the room.

Kritika and Preeta both constantly knock on the door, Akshay is shocked to see them standing in the hall, Preeta inquires if he would not ask Kritika to come inside even when she came to meet him, Akshay comes out of the room explaining how he would come with them as his room is all messed up because he does not want them to see his room, Preeta rushes into the room when Akshay asks what she is doing, Kritika also questions where the girl is.

Kritika also taking up the glass asks why did he start drinking even when he promised to never drink, Preeta starts searching the room when Akshay turns to Karina mentioning how she trusts him and should not suspect him now as he needs her trust the most, he explains how he did not say anything even when Preeta accused him but this has gotten way out of hand and he can no longer bear the shame, Preeta shouts at him asking him to not lie because they know that a girl checked in the hotel with him because the receptionist told them, she questions where he has hidden the girl when they hear someone in the washroom.

Preeta immediately rushes to the washroom asking the person inside to come out however Akshay tries to defend himself by saying that he is alone, Kritika pleads with him to not lie because they know he was with someone, she asks him to accept the truth as his lies have started to torture him mentally which she cannot bear anymore, Rakhi exclaims that they will end the relationship at this given moment because they cannot marry Kritika with someone like him, Rakhi explains how they have come to know that he is not a good person, Rakhi explains how they have come to know that he is with a girl in the hotel and acts but he is not really a good person, Akshay asks her to trust him and should not blame him, Karina asks Rakhi to not blame Akshay as he is not been proven guilty till now.

Rakhi mentions how she is not the mother of Kritika but has loved her just like a mother so they cannot let Kritika marry someone who is a liar, Sherlin asks her to not be so judgmental as they should first see who is in the washroom, Preeta asks the room service to come and open the washroom and they open the washroom mentioning how it gets jammed.

Shrishti reaches the hotel when the receptionist seeing the manager explains that he mentioned his girlfriend would come so she will allow her to go into his cabin.

Preeta enters the washroom with the family however they are not able to find any girl there, Akshay exclaims how he mentioned that he was alone but still they refused to believe him, Preeta asks him to not lie as she knows he was with a girl in the hotel room, Akshay’s parents also come to the room and his mother immediately blames Preeta saying how she started to trust her however with what she is doing now they believe that the relation cannot survive, Karina gets tensed so she immediately rushes to them apologizing for their mistake exclaiming how they had been mistaken.

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