This is Fate 3 January 2022: Karan leaves from the balcony, Mahira comes out in excitement thinking how she would finally have a chance to start her love story in which she would be the heroine and Karan would be the hero, she thinks of how tomorrow the valentine’s day and she is would be the someone special for Karan so would make his day really special, she sees the glass which Karan had left so she drinks from it.

In the night the alarm clock is ringing which wakes up Preeta who gets up and after turning it off thinks why anyone would set the alarm for twelve in the night, she gets angry and plans to scold her however when she realizes that it is Valentine’s day then thinks of how Sarla would scold her so she will ask her in the morning.

Preeta lies down in the bed when she hears someone coming from the window so thinks that it is the thief and then assures of how she would beat him, however when she coves him, he also pulls her and they both fall on the bed, so Karan reveals how it is him, Preeta is shocked to see him.

Janki is sleeping when the phone rings and she gets up wondering how this is what always happens so she answering it is shocked, she hurriedly leaves to inform Sarla as then they would take care of the situation.

Preeta and Karan are both looking at each other, they are not able to live and so hug each other, Karan reveals how he is really angry with her because she came without informing him and he really hates her, Preeta gets shocked so asks if he came all this way just to say this which is when Karan reveals how he hates her because he missed her a lot which also makes Preeta really nervous.

Janki knocks on the door of Sarla when she explains how she is coming, she questions Janki why she knocked on the door to which Janki explains how she was informed that the thief is in their society and he even fought with the people breaking the nose of one of the neighbors.

Karan mentions how he is really angry with her and even came to fight with her however after seeing her he has forgotten all that he had planned to because he really missed her, he sits asking if she knows what day it is, she gets really nervous when he responds of how it is the valentines day so asks her to say what is in her heart for him, Preeta is not able to say anything so says how there is nothing which she would not say in the normal life, Karan gets mad threatening to leave for his house, Preeta asks what he meant, he explains how Mahira is in the house and will have a lot to say for him, Karan then explains how difficult he had to face in order to come to her as the neighbors thought that he was a thief and he had to run away, he explains how he might have also broken the nose.

Sarla opens the door after there is a knock, the guard explains how she must have known about the thief that is roaming their society and Suresh thinks that he has entered the room of Preeta, Sarla immediately runs towards her room.

Karan asks Preeta to say it as they do not have a lot of time, Preeta then is about to say however when she is finally about to say it then Sarla calls her, Preeta explains how she would open the door meanwhile he should wait, Sarla asks her why the window is open, to which Preeta explains how she was feeling suffocated and so opened it then Sarla advises her to lock the window because the-04re is a lot of risks, Janki also asks her to shout as then they would beat the thief and hand him over to the police.

Sarla going to the door explains how there is no one in the room, the guard explains how they saw the thief and he even broke the nose of Suresh so they must all be careful, the lady mentions how they must not worry because Shrishti is more than capable to defend the family, Sarla gets worried because she did not see Shrishti in the room.

Shrishti is with Sameer and they both are worried because they have not been able to mend the relation of Karan and Preeta, Shrishti asks why Karan is so arrogant to which Sameer mentions how he knows his brother and he is not able to express his feelings easily.

Shrishti asks what is the worry because there is only one sentence that needs to be said to resolve all the issues and she thinks how he is a really nice person because even when he is not at fault even then he apologizes, Sameer explains how he says it because he knows that she would otherwise get angry with him, Shrishti mentions how she knows that he doesn’t care for who says sorry but what really matters is their relation, they both say how they have to explain something, Sameer then brings a bouquet when he is about to express than they hear people running saying how there is a thief in Sarla’s house then both of them also run to the house.

Preeta comes asking why did he hide, Karan exclaims why should he come out because they would not be able to explain why he came as he even broke the nose of her neighbors, Preeta inquires why he is always irritated with her, he mentions how he was angry with her so came to fight but after seeing her forget everything and when she was about to express her feelings they were interrupted by Sarla, Preeta then mentions how she was never his fan, Karan asks if she is lying, Preeta orders him to not talk as she is expressing her feelings and he even made her forget everything, Preeta again explains how she was not his fan and did not even like him at the start however he feelings changed with time, she is about to finish when Sarla again knocks, Preeta asks Karan to hide however he refuses, she forces him to hide before opening the door.

Sarla asks about Shrishti, Preeta mentions how she is not in the room and that she does not have any idea, Janki comes out after searching the room when they hear the voice of Shrishti.

Sarla and Janki head out when Shrishti is coming from the front door, Sarla asks where she was however Shrishti is not able to explain, Sameer then explains how he was driving when he saw that she was fighting with someone, Sarla asks what he is saying, Shrishti mentions how he is right, and she saw the someone was entering the window however she went outside and starts beating him which is when Sameer came to help her. Sarla asks if she has thanked him after which she asks him to leave as it has gotten really dark so Sameer leaves, Shrishti goes after him thanking him when he explains how he needs a favor and she must help reunite both Karan and Preeta, Shrishti promises to do it as it is her duty, she is then called inside.

The neighbors ask if she saw the face of the thief however she explains how she did not but then is forced to accept, Janki hears a voice when Karan drops a vase in the room and they all run inside so Karan immediately hides, they are searching the room when Preeta turns off the lights so Karan tries to escape however he is spotted and they start beating him which is when Preeta turns on the lights and they all see that it is actually Karan, Sarla is also really worried when she sees him and then turns to Preeta in anger.

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