This is Fate 5 October 2020: This is Fate update Monday 5th October 2020, Karan spots Preeta at the flower shop in the pink dress. He walks to her, both cry watching each other and hug. Karan breaks from his day dream. He was in the car while a pink-dressed fan approached him for a selfie. She presents him with a bouquet of flower.

This is Fate update Monday 5 October 2020: Karan remembers presenting flowers to Preeta. Prithvi hides under the car seat. He spots Preeta at the door. He figures out that Preeta being here means there wasn’t a patch up, and Preeta will now stay back at her mother’s place. Preeta stood at the door, determined to gather her life up soon. She won’t let her mother, Dadi, Janki or Shrishti cry. What Karan thought about her life won’t come true. She walks inside.
Inside, Mama ji convince that tomorrow Karan can do so with any other girl. Preeta comes inside and speaks with conviction, she let Karan do all this. She knew Karan since day first, still she made him a friend and trusted him. She betrayed herself, how couldn’t Karan betray her then. They learnt a huge lesson only because of love; no one can now betray them. She cried last night, but today she wish to laugh and forget her past. She wish to start over her life once again. Mama Ji says she was wronged. Preeta asks if she must wrong them as well; isn’t it better she finds happiness for her family instead. She reminds Shrishti they came to Mumbai to find their mother, they didn’t lose her yet. She wants to find a new way for herself and live her life to the full once again. Aren’t they enough to love each other? Then replies herself, they don’t want Karan’s love at all. Sarla was happy for Preeta.

Rakhi sat in the hall in deep thought. Kareena comes to Rakhi and apologizes for her misbehavior. Rakhi says whatever Kareena said was for Karan’s favor. Karan entered the house from behind and hears the conversation. Rakhi tells Kareena that Karan never speaks his heart out. He had to revenge Preeta, then he must have been happy by now. Still he is upset, and full of rage. Maira consoles Rakhi and says she shouldn’t lose hope. Karan silently thinks that his mother is already sad because of dad, he must stay happy in front of her. He walks to sit with the women happy, he agrees to give Maira an autograph and shares a naughty incident of a Man’s crush over him. Afterwards, he takes leave from the ladies for a shower. Maira touches the autograph loveably.
Shrishti comes out of an auto where Sameer already waited for her. She hits him with a purse and complains that he got Preeta and Karan married, and her sister’s life is ruined. She respects her feelings for Sameer, but she can’t be fooled anymore. Why they broke her sister’s heart. They left her in the middle of the street at midnight. Sameer explains to Shrishti that he also didn’t know what Karan was up to, he isn’t in a state to understand. Even Preeta couldn’t convince him. He apologizes for whatever happened, and he is ready for any punishment. Shrishti cries that Karan did wrong to Preeta. Sameer hugs Shrishti. Shrishti says she was always Karan’s side and loved him crazily, still he… she sobs. Sameer and Shrishti reach home.

This is Fate Monday update 5 October 2020: Shrishti tells Sameer to go from outside, else Maa will be angry. Shrishti gets a call from her mother and tells Sameer that Maa and Bee ji have gone to temple. She receives a message and happily walks inside. Sameer follows her inside to see the reason of her happiness. He inquires Shrishti the reason, she says she received the message from Flipkart. She did shopping and shows him everything she bought. Sameer says she gets selfish when in stress. Shrishti says she did all the shopping and bought everyone gifts to bring a smile at their faces. She shows Sameer the dress and clutch she bought for Preeta. Sameer asks if she didn’t buy anything for him. Shrishti had bought a smart watch and wireless ear buds for him. Sameer was excited to get the gifts. He asks if she didn’t buy anything for Kritika, Shrishti tells him to do all the shoppings for Kritika online through FlipKart. He takes a leave before Sarla arrives.

Karan is looking at his father from the door, he build the courage to go to him and explain that if he was awake then Karan would not have done what he did to Preeta.
Prithvi is thinking that whenever he tries to concentrate on Preeta he gets a call from the one who would always scold him and it is Sherlin, the call gets disconnected and he again calls her making an excuse that he was asleep, she says that she wants him to send her the number of the matchmaker who took his marriage proposal top the Auroras, she explains that she thinks Dadi likes the idea so she would ask the matchmaker to find a suitable proposal which will end Preeta’s entrance to the Luthra house, she says that he was trying to marry Preeta and now is suffering, he also says what she wants but really Does not feel Sherlin has the capability.
Rishab is in his room thinking of how everyone is against Preeta, the things that they said and how Karan refused to marry anyone but he thinks how bad the family will be feeling, he wonders if they would think that he did not tried to call them, he remembers what Karan said then sits back on his bad.
There is a phone call and when Sarla tries to pick it up Preeta mentions that it will be her call, she picks it up saying that she will definitely come, Preeta explains that the one with whom they talked has heard it, they are confused as they never said anything, she mentions that they prayed for her and so she is expecting that they will hire her, Sarla says that she has heard such a good news and is till taunting her, Shrishti Also makes the point but they both get in a fight and Preeta tries to explain the she is the elder however Shrishti does not listen and runs after her.

This is Fate 5 October 2020: Rishab is in his room, Sherlin is constantly getting the call from someone, he calls her but she does not answer, then when he sees that it is her mom, he answers it but it is Prithvi, Rishab gets confused asking who it is, Prithvi tries to act as if he is her mother, then he says that he wants her to tell Sherlin that she is really missing her and wanted her to come and have a lunch with her as she is really missing her, When he ends the call Sherlin arrives, he asks where she was as her mother called and is waiting for her at some hotel, she thinks that her mother will arrive to India at 4 pm so she then sees that it is Prithvi.
When she calls him he asks her to be careful as otherwise their plan will be spoiled, she explains that she will be careful, when he asks her to meet him she refuses saying that Karan is also going to the same hotel so she cannot take any risk. He hearing that Karan will also come to the same hotel end the call saying that he will now take revenge from them, he calls his men to come if they want to get rich.

Shrishti calls Preeta as her auto is waiting, Janki also leaves with her and when they stop at a signal, there is a group of boys who are planning something awful, they throw garbage out of then car which ends up in Preeta’s auto, She gets mad at them advising them to be careful and not do anything of this sort, she turns back then he spits asking Janki how will she pick it up, Janki threatens to send them in jail if they do not mend their ways, this angers them and he comes out with a gun threatening them how can they threaten them if they do not have a weapon.

He orders them to leave, they hear a siren of the police and run away, both Janki and Preeta also sit back and thank god that they did not have to face them, Preeta advises her that it is the reason she asks her to remain calm.
The robbers reach the same place where Karan has arrived, they plan that they have a contact who will help them find the jeweler who is carrying the diamonds. They put the guns in the bag and leave to execute their plan.
They all wear their disguise and plan on how to get in as they have guns in their bad and if they get checked then they will get caught, he plans that they will have a fake fight meanwhile the other two will take the bad inside, they execute it and when are walking they bump into Karan who sees their guns.

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