This is Fate 6 December 2021: Preeta asks Kritika that she has not told them one thing and it is how she met Akshay and how did it all happen, Kritika explains that it is a long story however she will tell them and it is that he was called Ranbir Kapoor and he also felt really proud for it but he did not have any girlfriend and did not even talk with any other girl, Preeta asks how did they both meet as it might be because of a common friend however Kritika mentions that it is not the case as he would not even talk with any other girl, Kritika then says that she got really scared when Akshay was in Dubai because he would not even talk with her nor attend her calls which worried her as she thought that he might end the relation, Preeta tries to console her by saying that she can be married to the original Ranbir Kapoor at which Kritika explains that she only desires to marry her own Ranbir Kapoor.

Kritika mentions that they met in front of the library where they bumped into each other and he tried to leave without even apologizing after which she said this to him and he remarked that a girl who is so weak should stay back in her house which really worried her so she felt bad and then she saw that Akshay was standing beside her car after the collage and then he had roses for her which he tried to present to her but she declined and now she is marrying him, Shrishti thinks of why is Preeta asking such questions to Kritika as it is really awkward.

Sherlin enters the room when she screams after seeing Mahira, Sherlin asks what is she doing in her room and that she has a gossip for her, Sherlin explains how she saw Akshay and Preeta together on the road because she was inquiring why he was with another girl, Sherlin mentions how she handled the situation but Mahira mentions that she should not have done this, however, her actions would be beneficial for them, Sherlin mentions that they would blame Preeta for ruining the marriage of Kritika as then she would also start to hate Preeta and even Karan would be against her which would fulfill their dreams of ruining their marriage.

Preeta is walking when she stumbles on a ball and is about to fall but Karan catches her, he asks why does she always come to her hands, and then Preeta mentions that she was about to fall because of his own ball, Preeta mentions that she knows he would always protect her so should promise, Karan, inquires why is she not thanking him for saving her at this moment, Preeta responds how she was about to fall because of his own ball, Karan sees Karina so leaves as he is nervous, Karina then warns how they never do such things in their family because of a reputation which they have to protect and she should never do this, Preeta asks her to not think like this because Karan was only saving her, Karina says that she should not make any excuse as she herself asked for the responsibility of arranging the functions because if she is not interested then Mahira would be given this as she knows how she would fulfill the duties with full attention.

This is Fate update Monday 6th December 2021: Preeta calls Sarla then after reaching the house explains the entire situation also seeking advice, Sarla asks what she would do after which Preeta says that she has no idea because she knows Kritika is a really nice girl and just like a sister to her, Shrishti gets jealous and leaves them, Preeta leaves after her and in the room explains how she should not be angry because she is her sister and no one can ever take her place, Preeta requests her to talk with her because she cannot stay for the entire day, Shrishti explains that she feels jealous when Sarla exclaims that she loves Preeta a lot because she loves the same person whom she loves however she would not be able to bear that Preeta calls someone as her sister, Preeta pleads with her to stop crying because she knows Shrishti is jealous at which Shrishti mentions that she is not jealous but cannot say that she is possessive about her because Preeta has always been there for her and raised her like a father and mother because she cannot share her love with anyone, Preeta exclaims then how did she get so angry because even for her she is the most important person and mentions how she explained Kritika as her sister because she would have to understand this because now they are even close, Preeta mentions how she would also be the same for her.

Shrishti asks Preeta to promise that they would work together to save Kritika from Akshay, Preeta exclaims how they would have to first find out about the intentions of Akshay because they are not sure however they must find out and if it is true then they would save her from his.

Akshay is waiting for her Ruchika when she comes, he explains how he has got all the desired belongings for her and she should check, he asks if she would like to have something, Ruchika sees Kritika so immediately hides, Kritika after seeing him immediately rushes to him and getting in the car asks what he is doing here. She sits in the car asking what he bought, Akshay explains that his mother asked him to buy some groceries, Kritika mentions how sweet she is and so he immediately asks if he should drop her off, Kritika asks why he is looking so tense but he says that it is just the tension from the business.

Preeta brings Shrishti, Sarla asks what has happened however Shrishti declines that anything has happened, Sarla explains how Preeta should not talk with Kritika with anyone as if she would go to Karina then she would not believe her and even if she goes to Rakhi then it would not mean anything as it would ruin her reputation in the family, Sarla explains how Preeta should be sure first hundred percent sure about Akshay as otherwise, it would ruin everything, Preeta exclaims how she is true but now she must leave for home.
Sarla says to Shrishti how she always loves her the most, they both hug each other.

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