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This is Fate 7 December 2020: This is Fate update Monday 7th December 2020, Sarla asks Preeta why did she not think even once of the reason she married karan, Sarla explains that she loves the family a lot and so even when she prohibited her she risked her life to save the Luthra family then what happened that when they both said a few things to her she came back running to her mother, Sarla exclaims that she cannot end her marriage with Karan as Preeta loves them a lot so how can she be so scared, she must realize that she can do anything if she wants to, Sarla says that nothing that Sherlin and Maira say can mean anything, she also mentions that she cannot trust Karan as he is not a good person but she has married him because of the danger his father is in and also to protect the entire family.

This is Fate 7 December 2020: Prithvi is in the car thinking of the slap from Sarla, he shouts that she cannot stand even before him and has slapped him but now he will take revenge and it will happen tonight so he starts driving faster to come and take revenge for his respect.
Sarla mentions that she should not have come back as she can become bad for the good cause and it is not something to be ashamed off as she knows from her soul that she is a good person but will know from her inside that she is not doing anything wrong, she exclaims that one has to take care of respect by one own self as no one can stand beside her but she has to be ready, she knows that a child always has to stand behind her mother and do each and everything by her grace but some fights have to be fought with patience so she must fight, she will always stand by her daughter whenever she needs her she only has to call and she will come running to her, but they have to fight and take what is their with force, she knows that her daughter has the strength to fight the entire family, Preeta also agrees mentioning that now she has the strength to fight this war as her mother is with her so she can do anything, she will make sure to fight against evil as she is not weak, they both hug each other and start weeping seeing which Janki and Shrishti also cry.

Karan is in his room remembering how Preeta was the one with him when he lifted the veil, he also thinks of how she was thrown out of the house, he takes the bottle of alcohol exclaiming that nothing that Preeta wants will happen as he will not be able to forgive her.

The entire Luthra family is in the hall, Dadi asks Ramona to not worry as Maira will be a member of their family, Ramona mentions that Rakhi should be the one to accept it as only then will Karan be ready, Rakhi comes asking what has happened, Dadi mentions that she has made a decision which she will have to oblige with, Karina mentions that Karan and Maira will be married the next morning. Dadi also says that she has sent Kartika to bring Karan when he comes, Maira mentions that they both will be married tomorrow, he looks at Rishab who says that it is not him who is being asked, Karan exclaims that he has no problems with it.

Prithvi rings the bell at the Aurora house, Sarla and Janki wonder who it might be as Preeta has left for the Luthra house, Janki mentions that she would have just reached the Luthra Mansion and now there will be an argument there with some exchange of words indicating the start of a war. She opens the door to find Prithvi, he comes in even when Janki mentions that he should leave, Prithvi goes to Sarla while being drunk, she orders him to leave as he is not in his senses but he says that he was her son and was going to marry Preeta but Karan came and sat at the Mandap after deceiving them all stil she accepted him as her son In law while he was asked to leave, Prithvi demands the reason while shouting forcing Sarla to cover her ears.

The bell rings at the Luthra Mansion, Rishab asks Ganesh to open the door while everyone is still rejoicing, the door open and Preeta is standing at the gate, the entire Luthra family is shocked to see her stranding there, she takes up her suitcase and comes into the house, Rishab along with the entire family can do nothing but to see her, Maira asks that they threw her out of the house, Preeta mentions that guests leave however she is a member of the family, Sherlin shouts at her asking how can she talk like this to Maira, Preeta mentions that she is the wife of karan Luthra, he asks her to stop.

This is Fate 7 December 2020 zee world: Prithvi looses his control and starts thrashing the house saying that karan left Preeta on the road, Sarla apologizes to him however he says that he doesnot need her apology as he was ridiculed in the society and they mentioned that his family members and friends started making fun of him which he could not bear, he also says that Karan challenged him and he lost but still Karan did not accept Preeta as his wife, Sarla gets angry asking Janki to throw Prithvi out of the house, he is not ready to leave saying that if she doesnot stop she will once again gets hurt.

Karan comes to Preet asking the reason she came to their house, the members of the NGO also enter the house, the entire Luthra family is shocked and come to stand beside Karan, Preeta says that they protect the rights of the women of the society so she came to take her right of being the wife of karan and the daughter in law of their family. Rakhi is happy with her decision while everyone else is angry.

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