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This is Fate 14 November 2020: This is Fate update Saturday 14th November 2020, Shrishti asks how does Sarla know everything about it and did someone call her, Sarla mentions that she does not need any phone call but she is their mother and knows how they both are, she even knows those people and is aware when they will disrespect someone. Sarla mentions that she feels pain when they all blame her for each and everything wrong that happened to them both because she knows what they are capable off, Sarla asks how can she make such a mistake because she believes that Preeta has some sense which she cannot expect from Shrishti, Preeta takes her away then pleads with Sarla to sit and stop crying because she has something to tell her.

Maira mentions that she feels Sherlin is responsible for the things that have happened to them as if she had kept her friend at bay than nothing of the sort would have happened, Maira tries to threaten her but Sherlin explains that she should change her focus towards karan as otherwise she would not get married, she should also try to change her attention towards Rishab and Rakhi, otherwise she would not get married to karan, Sherlin says that she promises nothing wrong would happen, Karina comes from behind asking what is they are talking about.

Preeta mentions that she should understand that when they came to her, it was Rishab who gave her the first job and he has helped her in every matter, he was the one who stood by her when she was blamed for stealing and also when Shrishti was in jail, he came forward to help them so why can she not help her friend who was with her in every wrong matter.
Sarla is not able to control her emotions she mentions that she always desires to tell everyone that she is the most honest and lovely women who always cares for others but she should understand that bad things only happens to those who are true and honest, she should understand that nothing like this should happen as she is really good towards others.
Maira explains that she si worried because Preeta even kidnapped Rishab to stop their wedding but she is worried about what would happen as Rakhi even now cares for Preeta, Karina promises that she is sure Preeta would not come and nothing wrong would happen at her wedding.

Janki taunts Shrishti mentioning that she should learn something from her sister who knows how to handle each and every situation, Shrishti explains that it is nothing like this and everyone has a different way of convincing which cannot be same, she also exclaims that it is because of her that they are safe because she called Karan, Preeta pulls her ears inquiring why she did so, she explains that she did not know it was karan as she called Sameer, but he answered it and did not even say anything, she should therefor should not have pulled her ears, Shrishti leaves, Preeta also follows her.
Preeta seeing the rain from her window remembers all the moments that were spent with karan and how happy they both were, she thinks how they both were the best of friends and he even proposed to her for marriage, karan starts crying, Preeta is also crying, he wipes off his tears asking Maira what is happening and does she have something to say to him, she asks if he will marry her, he assures her and she hugs him exclaiming that she is really tensed, because she fears that he might not marry her when Rakhi and Rishab will talk to him and convince him that Preeta is better than Maira, he pushes her away assuring that he will marry her and no one can do anything to change his mind, he assures her that he will marry her, then he says that he will rest now so she must go, she turns back thinking that she came to get the promise and is leaving with it, Karan stands in front of the window when Sameer comes asking if he can rest in his room as his own bed has gotten wet, karan is not able to believe him than asks what has happened, Sameer mentions that he left his window open which got his bed wet.
Shrishti comes to the room asking Preeta to come with her so that they can enjoy the rain, Preeta refuses to let her open it but he opens it, mentioning that she feels Preeta is worried that she might start remembering karan.

Sameer is with karan when he wakes up, Sameer mentions that he was missing Preeta a lot and was even speaking her name, he feels that karan is worried and does not want to marry Maira, Sameer leaves the room ordering that he remain quiet and not speak anything relating to Preeta.
Preeta and Shrishti are both doing the household chores when Shrishti seeing Preeta thinks that she knows her sister is thinking of karan and how he will marry Maira the next day but she would not let anyone believe that it is the case. Preeta thinks that when karan will marry Maira the next day she would make sure to never see his face again.

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