This is Fate 17 October 2020: This is Fate Saturday 17th October 2020 update, The Episode starts with Sherlyn asking her mum for eyedrops. She says mummy ji, Kareena Bua, you here, you know Rishabh doesn’t trust me, he doesn’t value our relation. She cries. Rakhi says he values, he trusts you, tell me one thing, every house has fights, you are our bahu, you have a responsibility too, you have to do everything, come home, I will explain Rishabh, he never refuses to me, we elders came to take you, please. Kareena says we are with you, you know Rishabh will need time, he won’t say sorry, if you want to stay in Maayke then… Sherlyn says no, I m ready, because my mom asked me to respect family, I m ready to come to my home. Rakhi says thanks. Sherlyn hugs and says don’t say thanks, I m ready but I have a condition, I want one of you to explain Rishabh that a wife needs respect from a husband, he compared me with Preeta, he got angry when I refused to give phone, I gave the video and Preeta got arrested.

Kareena says its good Preeta got arrested. She shows the video. They get shocked. Rakhi asks did Preeta do this. Sherlyn says yes, I didn’t want Preeta to hurt Mahira again, just you can explain Rishabh, he listens to you. Sherlyn says you have seen the video yourself. Kareena says I knew Preeta is such a girl, will you come with us. Sherlyn says yes. She hugs Kareena and winks. Rakhi says I will explain Rishabh, come home. Sanjana thinks my daughter is a drama queen. Mahira thinks of Karan’s words. Ramona comes. Mahira asks why are Rishabh, kritika and Sameer behaving like this and taking Preeta’s side. Ramona says Karan is taking Preeta’s side, think about it. Mahira says the people won’t love me. Ramona says I think even Karan won’t love you. Mahira says help me out. Ramona says I request you to think again. Mahira goes. Ramona thinks her dad will know everything, when he knows about Karan’s marriage, we will face his anger, none knows about his anger.

Karan asks did you understand the case. Lawyer says yes, you want to save Preeta, why are you so tensed, its a simple case. Lawyer says ask Mahira to withdraw the case, then the entire case will end. Ramona comes and says your dad isn’t feeling well. Mahira sees Sherlyn, Rakhi and Kareena. She says I understood how bad you felt, Sherlyn you came back, and you both are best to get Sherlyn back. Karan and Rishabh run. Rishabh says dad isn’t fine. They rush. Sherlyn thinks I think the dose effect started. FB shows Sherlyn going to Mahesh’s room and shutting the door. She says I m Luthras bahu and deserve respect, everyone talks of Preeta, you used to support her, so I did this with you, Karan blames me, I m sure that I will make his state worse, you are alive, you don’t feel pain but he will feel pain, Rishabh won’t see that and die, their pride will shatter, why am I telling this to you, I will do acting to leave the house, I will be back, doctor told me about two injections, we shouldn’t mix it, I asked him what to do if mistake happens, doctor gave me antidote, I will make plan to snatch your breath and then save your life, what a plan. She injects him. FB ends. Sherlyn smiles and goes to see Mahesh.

Kareena, Rakhi and everyone worry. Rishabh calls the doctor. Sherlyn thinks doctor isn’t here, its amazing feeling. Karan also calls for a doctor and asks what, are you out of India. Sherlyn says I told Rakhi that doctor is out of India, I called doctor when dad got such attack, doctor gave me antidote, he will be fine now. She injects Mahesh. Mahesh’s breath gets normal. Rakhi holds Sherlyn’s hand and thanks. Sherlyn says Rishabh is my husband, his dad is my dad, I m glad he will be fine. She hugs Rakhi. She asks Dadi and Kareena not to cry. Kareena says thanks a lot. Sherlyn asks Ramona to cut the cake, its her birthday, she will get a fresh cake fast, they will celebrate with family. She goes. Mahira looks on. Sherlyn thinks I will also celebrate my happiness, I m amazing, I need a partner, yes, she is the best partner, Preeta Arora….

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