This is Fate 25 December 2021: Akshay exclaims how Preeta is saying to him that he is not a good person and has been trying to prove it in front of the entire family however has not been able to and every time has suffered defeat, Akshay exclaims that in order to take such hard steps she has to have a big heart but why does she do this and does not stop, Preeta responds by saying that she is only doing this because there are people like him and she would always work to reveal his true face, she then tries to walk away however he asks if she does not want to know how the photographs changed.

Preeta turns back, Akshay exclaims that when she was coming to the Mehandi function with his photographs she met with an accident where Shrishti was trying to wake her up, he mentions that it was when his workers changed the photographs and also restarted the mobile so that they do not have any proof, he exclaims how she should believe him when he says that she has not seen a worse enemy than him and should also believe him when he explains that he is the real devil, he brings the photos from his car asking him to see them, he explains that when she was on the ground his men took the photos and also changed the pen drive, he explains how she should try to prove his true face because he has revealed his truth in front of her so she should try and convince the family members.

Preeta threatens to show the photos to the family however Akshay takes them from her and throws them to his men who take them away. Akshay starts to confess his crimes in front of her when Preeta mentions how she would expose him, Akshay explains how she thinks that he is involved with Ruchika when Preeta says that she is sure, Akshay explains that he is involved with Ruchika however she would never harm Kritika but she does not know anything about Ruchika, he explains how it all started when she saw him in the mall, he mentions how he would not harm Kritika if she gets him married to both Shrishti and Kritika, Preeta gets really mad and slaps him.

Akshay gets mad then threatens her to not slap him ever again because if she slaps him then he would do the same with Kritika after he gets married and he would take revenge of her slap by slapping Kritika on the first night and his fingerprints would be on her face so that the entire Luthra family can but would not be able to do anything. Preeta warns him to not even think of doing something so heinous as it would not be fruitful for him, Kritika comes with the milkshake explaining how she got late but it was because she dropped the first glass and then had to make another one, Akshay takes her hand as if he is really concerned, Preeta shouts at him then take Kritika inside the house.

Preeta pulls Kritika to her room mentioning how she should not go out as it is not right, Kritika is worried as she is not able to understand anything, Preeta then explains how it is said that the bride should not even go out of the house before the first night of the wedding, Kritika laughs then assures Preeta how she would not out because she is saying this, Preeta mentions that she is sure whatever happens would be best for her so leaves after advising her to rest.

Shrishti comes out of her room in the night explaining how she is really hungry so prays to god that there be something good in the fridge however she is not able to find what she was looking for, she gets a call from Sameer then plans to scold him for turning off his mobile. She ends the call when Sameer is eating the sandwich and explains how he was really hungry so came to the kitchen.

Preeta comes to the kitchen and starts talking with Shrishti, she explains how Akshay came to the house even when she refused to meet with him and he was taunting her because they had lost the battle, Shrishti asks her to let him celebrate but is confused as to how they changed the photographs, Preeta explains that Akshay revealed it himself and it all happened after the accident because the truck which hit their auto was sent by him and his men then took the cover of the aftermath changed the proof while also erasing the data, they all get worried because they do not have much time as Kritika is to be married the very next day.

In the morning everyone is preparing for the Rasam when Karina asks where the thali of milk is too which Rakhi says that she has asked Preeta to bring it however would also check however then Preeta comes with Ganesh, Rakhi orders her to first purify everything with the milk as it is the ritual, Sherlin also comes apologizing for being late explaining that she got ill last night.

Preeta is performing the ritual when Karan also comes, Preeta takes the thali to the family members who all pray for the better life of Kritika after the marriage, Preeta then places the thali so Karan makes Kritika wear them after taking the blessings of Mahesh, everyone gets emotional while Karan is performing the rites of the uncle, they prepare Kritika for her wedding after making her wear all the jewelry and also eating the sweets for the celebration, Rakhi explains how she is glad because Mahesh fulfilled the ritual, Karina explains how it cannot have been any other way and her daughter is blessed to get the blessings of her uncle.

Rakhi then asks Karina to come with her as they have to go to the Mandir, Karan explains how he would not be able to go with them, Dadi asks how there is no need because Karina would be accompanied by the daughters-in-law of the family and Rakhi, Sherlin and Preeta would go to the Mandir.

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