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This is Fate update Saturday 25th September 2021: This is Fate 25 September 2021, Maira takes a glass from the waiter and drinks, this stuns everyone as they do not know what is she doing, Dadi exclaims that Preeta is drinking and would now create a scene, Kartika exclaims that Preeta has become used to create a scene.

Rishab is also worried so asks what has happened to Preeta as she is drinking, Karna answers that it is not really Preeta. Karina is also tensed mentioning that she is fed-up with Preeta creating this scene and so desires to slap her because it is a matter of their respect, Ramona warns her to stop as it is a matter of their reputation, then Rakhi goes to warn Sarla about the behavior of Preeta, Rakhi says to Sarla that she always said that Preeta cared for their reputation but she is drinking even when Rakhi warned her to not do anything wrong, Sarla disagrees mentioning that she knows that something is wrong as Preeta would never do anything of the sort, Rakhi asks her the reason she is denying as it happening before their eyes.

She starts dancing and lifts the veil which shocks everyone as she is really Maira then, she starts dancing with Karan and everyone is forced to stand still without doing anything, they dance continuous and everyone is ashamed of what she is doing when the dance ends they come to know that it is really Maira who is behind everything, she exclaims that she is the wife of Karan and the daughter in law of the Luthra family however Karan refutes her statement mentioning that she is not his wife.

Sarla exclaims that she knows that it was not her daughter under the veil, she asks Maira to tell her where Preeta is, Maira inquires if everyone has seen the newspaper where it was written that she was engaged with Karan and she is the same person and has married Karan so is now their wife. She answers that Preeta is a liar so they will have her arrested, Rishab diverts everyone to go and get the food that has been served while ordering Ganesh to look after the guests.

Shrishti wakes up calling out the name of Preeta, the doctor is relieved that she has woken up, the doctor explains where she is however Shrishti says that she has to go and save her sister who is in trouble, she does not listen to the warnings of the doctor relating to her health.

Gochu brings the Malla then Pawan asks him to give it to the Pandit, who orders them to bring the groom, Pawan exclaims that he will be the one to bring his brother, he turns exclaiming to Preeta that since their childhood they have done everything together so because of her when his brother is getting married he is with him, Preeta tries to break free however is not able to, she wonders what will be happening in the Luthra house and if everyone has come to know that it is really Maira behind the veil.
Rishab warns Maira that she should not have done this as it is their house, Sarla asks Maira how she is wearing the sarree of Preeta but Maira refuses to answer, Rishab says that it is not true because Sarla is their elder and she must not talk like this to her, Rishab is also really angry with her behavior, Maira goes to everyone and try to explain that she was promised to marry Karan but is now being refused her right.

Maira says that Preeta had also sent them a notice however Sarla responds that her daughter had never sent any notice demanding their alimony, Sherlin comes in between saying that Sarla should stop pretending that her daughter has always cared for the Luthra family as she has done a lot of bad things, Sarla threatens that she will expose what Sherlin has done, Sherlin explains that she is the one who is wrong and should not target Preeta, Sarla tries to expose Sherlin when she asks why Preeta married Karan behind the veil, Sherlin gets nervous then Maira steps In between saying that she is only demanding what was promised to her because Karan said that he would marry her, she tries to call Preeta and explains that the reason she is not in the house is that she has run away with Prithvi, Sarla gets mad and slaps her in the face.

Shrishti reaches the house where she sees that a guy is standing on the ground floor, guarding someone, she attains some courage so runs into the house.

Ramona and Karina both question why Sarla slapped Maira, Sarla answers that she slapped her because of what she was saying about her daughter because they all were standing without saying anything, Sarla answers that Preeta is their daughter in law however Karina refuses explaining that she married Karan with deception, Sarla answers that Sherlin is right as Preeta had only come to watch the wedding and instead married Karan but he also married her when he came to her wedding.

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  • We are disappointed about Twist of Fate because we couldn’t see the proper ending and the last episode we witnessed Abhi was at the hospital with Pragya, Rhea fainted and that was the last episode. Please bring Twist of Fate back. We also don’t know what happened between Prachi & Ranbir.

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