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This is Fate update saturday 25 July 2020: Karan breaks the news to Preeta that the Pandit said if Rishab is not married then he will not be married for 6 months, he ends the call that makes Preeta angry so she gets a call from him, they both start to talk in a video call and they are both are making fun when he says that he wants a kiss, which makes it awkward. He explains that he wanted to ask where she purchased the ear rings from as he wanted to gift them to Kartika, she hears Sarla then ends the call

This is Fate update saturday 25 July 2020: Karan gets angry, Kartika comes in asking him to take her for the ear rings, he denies this and says that he only said this to convince Preeta. Kartika asks him if he has feelings for Preeta and she wanted to tell him that Rakhi is going to Preeta’s house. He calls her fat and leaves.
Sherlin enters the room and seeing Prithvi shouts, her mother immediately hears this and come inside forcing him to hide, Sherlin is not able to make an excuse and her mother starts to look around, she again shouts saying that it was a muse who went out her mother leaves and as soon as that he comes out and immidealty asks Sherlin what the Luthra said, she says that they have refused and after 6 months she will have a bad day and they will not marry him to her so she will then marry him, he asks her to calm down and he will take care for everything.

This is Fate update saturday 25 July 2020: Shrishti comes with tea while Bi jee and Janki are sitting, they all start to talk, Bi jee says that it was mentioned in the newspaper that a boy and girl who loved each other ran to marry, Sarla comes and is angry ieht Shrishti, she is about to scold her when Preeta enters and is worried about the continuous higher prices of the vegetables, she seeing the situation asks Sarla to continue the scolding and they all will hear what the matter is. Sarla assures that’s he wanted to talk in private but is forced to buy the actions of Shrishti, Shrishti fearing her secret will come out and so says that she burned her favorite Dupatta and hid it with her clothes, this angers Sarla who is about to hit her, just then there is knock on the door and when she opens it Rakhi is standing there.
She comes inside, Preeta looks for Karan who scares her first, she asks him to not act like this, he comes in a and Bi jee is angry with him, he clams her down and then is very happy but Preeta had to talk with her so she signals him and hitting him take her inside the room making everyone believe that he is hurt and she is taking him to apply the ointment which will make him feel better.
She brings him inside the room and they both start the argument, he continuously makes fun of her which irritates her, she is about to hit him but instead slips and falls on him, she says that she will slap him but he says that he will also retaliate, she asks him what he will do, he replies that if she slaps him then he will take her into his arms and kiss her and have a little fun. Preeta gets angry warning that he stop this kind of talks with her as she does not like this.

She asks if all of these talks are fun for him, he says that he says this when he wants to be saved from the girls, Preeta however says that there will be some girls who would want exactly these kinds of things, he taunts her that she is curious mentioning that he handles those girls differently and she gets angry when he tease her.

Lies of the Heart update Thursday 23rd July 2020 on zee world

He says that he says that he will make those girls his sisters which makes those girls really angry, she asks him to stop talking nonsense as she has something important to tell him, she says that she has a gynecology friend and she want to bring her as well to their house the next day for the Pooja, he says that he has no interest in doctors, she says that she wants her to come to say the truth of Sherlin’s pregnancy.

Karan asks Preeta what her friend will do on the Shrivastri, he does not understand, she explains that it is celebrated because they were saved by Shave when he protected the poison, so they will sue the food and drug her after that they will end the story of Sherlin.
He is very happy to hear her plan and then starts to tease her, she however starts hitting him and he runs away.

This is Fate update saturday 25 July 2020: Sherlin asks Prithvi to go away because she is sleepy, she starts to taunt him that he is not able to do anything that will be fruitful for both of them, he agrees that he will make sure she gets married to Rishab in fifteen days and this is a very good opportunity, just then there is a knock on the door, Prithvi ask her to go and check, her mother brings a dress for her , she orders her to take rest because there is swelling on her face and if this continues then she will seem pregnant, she gets tensed and ask her mother to leave.
Prithvi comes asking where she is going, she says that she is going to the Luthra house for the Pooja, he says that he isgoing to make sure that she gets married to Rishab in fifteen days and they both will sue the Shrivatri to its best, she will do it and then tell the entire plan to her.
She wants him to remain close to her but is worried that he will not be invited, Prithvi tells her that it is not a problem and wh will come to the function with Sarla.

Mahesh is talking with someone on the phone, both Rishab and Karan and sa soon as they arrive they starts to tease him, Rakhi also comes and starts to scold Mahesh ordering that there must not be any dot of drug and he agrees. Bi jee is shouting asking everyone to come early so they should leave, Sarla gets very tensed saying that she calls everyone, As soon as they are about to leave Prithvi comes and starts to act as if he is the nicest person on earth, Bi jee ask him to drop them to the Luthra a, even when everyone disagrees, he is able to go with them, thinking that he should be able to fulfill his plan. Sanjana comes with Sherlin and is greeted by everyone, she is little tensed while talking with Rakhi, just then someone comes leaving everyone wondering who she is, Rakhi greets her also hugging her, she introduces her to the family, telling that her name is Tanvi who is the daughter of her relative, Karan takes her to the room to get fresh.

This is Fate 25 July 2020: Prithvi brings everyone to the Luthra mansion, he helps Bi jee from getting out from the car, Sarla thanks him for his help, then they all walk towards the house, he thinks that this is not just the case and they should invite him inside, Sarla comes back, he wonders if she came to invite him but she asks for the sweets that he brought from the Mandir and leaves.
He sees another couple coming and thinks of making them his next victim, but they also pay no heed and when he is about to get into the car, Rakhi comes asking if he is going somewhere he however says that he just came to drop his in laws and is leavening because they never invited him, she however ask hat she is inviting him now and he must come to her house, she requests that he go inside as he will come after receiving her guests.
Shrishti is looking for someone but bumps into Sanjana, she pays no heed and is about to leave but Shrishti ask her why she is acting like this, she says that Shrishti tried to break her daughters marriage, Shrishti however says that she has no hand in this.
Prithvi comes, Sarla ask him how he came back,. He tells hat eh was stopped by Rakhi when he was just about to leave.

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