This is Fate 27 August 2022: Shrishti mentions she is her aunt as she is the younger sister of her mother, her name is Shrishti, Pihu replies she does not like her, Shrishti questions why does she not like her as she is the favorite one, Pihu replies it is because she is not dressed like Radha, Shristhi mentions it is because she doesnot have any clothes like her, Shristhi even explains she doesnot have anyone who would be her Krishan as Preeta has Karan, Pihu looking around brings Sameer mentioning he would be her Krishan, Shristhi still says she doesnot have any clothes, Kritika assures there is nothing to be worried about as she would help her, Kritika takes Shrishih with her.

Pihu then brings Preeta with her asking her to feed her, Sarla goes to stand with Karan, Dadi exclaims that now in this house everything would happen according to the desires of Pihu, Rakhi also mentions this is the true, Sarla exclaims that she is glad to see the smiles on the face of everyone and prays they never leave the house, Rakhi explains nothing wrong would happen to their family and it all happened because Karina as she suggested to adopt a child, Karina explains even if some people think she is not a good person she always thinks the best for her family, Sarla also smiles.

Shristhi comes with Kritika, Pihu exclaims the heighted Radha came so she goes to exclaim she likes her, Shristhi forces to exclaim she loves her, Sameer also comes dressed as Krishan, Pihu goes to Sherlin requesting her to play the song, Dadi corrects her explaining she must call her as aunt.

Shristhi starts the performance, Karina is not at all happy to see her, Sameer also enjoys a lot performing with her, they both perform making everyone enjoy it, Pihu is also watching while sitting with Sarla and Preeta, after performing for a while they bring Preeta and Karan who come to dance on the stage, prithvi however gets frustrated to see them both dancing together, Karan and Preeta then bring Pihu with them, giving her a haar of flowers, Karan picks her up while the entire family joins them all, Pihu then starts playing the violin flute while they end the performance.
After a while Pihu exclaims that she danced a lot, Sarla replies that she is the reason everyone was dancing and would remain like this because of her, Shristhi comes to her mentioning that she even dressed as Radha for her so now she must call her as aunt, Pihu calls her aunt, she then questions at what time will they break the pot, Sarla replies she cannot break it at her well as they would only do it after the Krishan Janam, Rakhi explains that the birth occurred at midnight so after performing the pooja, they would break the pot, Mahesh mentions they can perform it before midnight however Pihu disagrees, Mahesh agrees exclaiming she is just like Karan in her attitude, Pihu replies it is since her birth.

Preeta mentions that it is twelve so they can perform the pooja, Pihu then holds the hand of Preeta, Karan coming explains she wanted to hold his hand however Preeta came first but then they start arguing, Pihu questions why they have both started fighting once again as she is the one who is young, Sarla explains she must not worry about them as they both are even more young than her, they start the pooja.

Preeta and Karan are performing the pooja with Pihu, they also swing the swing with her, she enjoys a lot, Preeta is also really happy as her dream fulfilled, Rakhi hands the thali of the pooja to Karina and Shristhi, so they perform the ritual, Prithvi along with Kritika come after her when they hand it to Sarla and Shristhi.

The Pandit jee performs the final rituals, they all start praying and then chant the slogans taking the blessings from the fire, Sarla prays that she prays both Karan and Preeta always remain like this in happiness, Rakhi also prays that the happiness which they have gotten today should remain like this and nothing wrong must happen in their family a lot.

Karan asks Pihu if she wants to break the pot, she goes with Karan and tries to break the pot however she is not able to so Karan helps her, the entire family rejoices wishing her when Pihu exclaims she wants to sleep, Preeta asks her to come but Karan says she wants to stay with him, they both start arguing when Pihu makes them remember they are fighting once again, Pihu then goes to Preeta who takes her upstairs, Sarla exclaims that Preeta is intelligent but with Karan she also acts like a child, they then take their leave as it has gotten really late.

Pihu comes out of the room, she is all dressed up when both Karan and Preeta are standing asking her to come, they both fight over who has the most right over the child, Pihu gets really tensed but then Preeta makes her wear the socks even when Pihu replies that she is not feeling cold, Preeta explains even she feels cold in the night, Karan decides to call Mahesh asking if the only right of a father is that he should earn or play cricket, Mahesh answering the call asks if this is what she said then Rakhi taking the mobile replies she does not if it is right but that Preeta is never wrong, Mahesh after the call is ended questions what is she doing as she knows that this is not right, Rakhi explains she is only saying what is the truth but this angers Mahesh who tries to reason with her.

Preeta is with Pihu on the bed, Karan questions what is happening as Pihu would come and sleep with him, Preeta replies she is really comfortable with her and is just about to sleep however Karan insists that she come and sleep with him, Pihu makes them both statue then comes in the middle of them saying that she will sleep in between them both, Karan asks Preeta to not fight with him, she says he is the one to start the fight.

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