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This is Fate 29 August 2020: Rishab asks Ganesh if he knows who the one behind spilling the oil was, he explains that when he came back he saw Prithvi putting back the bottle of oil but he did not know what he was doing, Rishab thinks why he would try to no such a thing and harm Preeta.

This is Fate update Friday 28 August 2020 on zee world

Preeta tries to explain that it is no0t her in the photo and she would never take money from her, Karan however says that he has the proof and if she knew than she would try to act as if she is honest but she is not and she broke his trust and is the reason he would not trust her because he told her everything that was important in his life, she repeatedly asks him for a chance to explain herself but he says that she is sold out and orders her to get lost from his room and house.
Prithvi asks her what she has done, she asks if he would stop calling her names, she says that she made Karan believe that Preeta has been sold by her because she knew that Sherlin was pregnant and would have brought her, he gets stunned and asks why did she want her to get killed, because she says that she was not sure that the detective would be able to get to Karan so she has a second plan, he thinks what made her b3elie that she was being followed, she explains that she heard them talking in the bachelors party and heard that they have hired someone to follow her, so she after a few days went to his office, threatening him and then hired him to follow Preeta, so she made a deal with him.
She gave him money, asking him to give him proof against Preeta, they secured Preeta exit from Luthra and also were able to destroy Karan’s friendship with her, they planned to frame Preeta, she hire4d a girl with the same height as Preeta and portrayed like she was giving Preeta money,. Prithvi takes out money and circles it against her.

Preeta begs Karan to not blame, he demands her to explain the photos, she however says that she does not know and was the one who told everything to him, he explains that she did it because she was planning everything from the start, he trusted her and when she was to come she was nowhere to be found, she explains that’s he will take him to her mother and her mother if he trusts her, he however says that he will not go because he doesn’t trust her anymore and will not stand by her anymore, she however says that she is not a deceiver and will not listen to anything of the sort, he orders her to stop yelling, because he has the proof and they cannot be a lie, she explains that he is getting caught in a trap set by Sherlin, he says that he is okay because she is his enemy but Preeta deceived him by portraying as a friend and then stabbed him in the back.
Sarla slams against the door, she yells but no one comes to her aid, Sarla starts to cry, she thinks if Sherlin came to harm Preeta but she locked him in the room so when she came it was Sherlin in the room, Sarla prays for Preeta’s well being.
Preeta asks Karan to put any sort of blame that he wishes but at least listen to her for one thing, she explains that he knows she will not hurt him, he says that he knows her now and has learned that she is a deceiver and is not honest, he orders her to leave but she refuses saying that she will only leave after proving herself as innocent, he says that she no longer ah s any ;place in his heart and the heart of huis family and also the house because she was the one who brought Sherlin into his family, so the doors of the house will always be closed for her.
Shrishti wakes up in the bed, she tries to remember what happened, she picks up the phone and gets stunned seeing the time, she gets up but is dizzy, she thinks that she drank the juice and it might have been spiked because fell asleep after it, so he might have been hired by Sherlin, she runs for Preeta.

Karan is pulling Preeta she tries to explain that he is believing in the wrong people, Sherlin and Prithvi are hugging, she explains that they must see the finale of the story which began is now having the ending which they must see, Prithvi however say hat he has to hide because they believe that he ash left the house.
Karan refuses to listen to anything that Preeta has to say.

Shrishti reaches the door but gets tensed finding it locked, Sarla thinks that it might be Sherlin Shrishti is also worried of why there room is locked, Sarla is about to be hit Shrishti when she enters, She asks of the whereabouts of Preeta, Sarla mentions the whole incident and they decide to go to the Luthra mansion because Sherlin can do anything.

Karan is pulling Preeta who is not willing to come, Sanjana wonders what has happened and she thought that they will all throw Sherlin out of their house but she cannot believe what is happening.

Sherlin also comes form behind she thinks that now they will not ask her for the Par shad and will see the drama, Kartika and Rishab both try to stop him dadi asks him what he is doing, he does not listen to anyone and even when Preeta falls he pulls her which angers Rishab and he asks Karan to leave Preeta hand, dadi ask him what has happened and he has never fought such fiercely with Preeta Karan however throws her out of the house and slams the door in her face without giving her a chance to even say anything in her defense, warning her to stay away from the house and forget that they even met and were the best of friends after which he closes the door, Rishab is left confused seeing what he has done, Preeta starts to cry standing on the other side of the door before leaving.
Rakhi goes to him and slaps him asking what he ash done, why did he insult her to the extent that’s he feels it is not her values which she gave him, why did he do this, he knows that Preeta has always stood by their family whenever they needed her, he pulled her even when she did not want to come, he was the one who was pulling Preeta but they were all ashamed. He says that if she wants him to stay in their family than Preeta will never come otherwise he will leave the house.

He walks away but Rishab pulls him asking why did he threw Preeta out of the house and why did he do it himself because they still have elders to take the decision, he would not have stood if it was any other girl but it was Preeta, he starts to scold him when Sherlin comes from behind asking that he at least opt what Karan has to say, she knows that he is wrong but they all know that he has never done this and he must have a reason. She asks him what happened, he says that he has put forward his condition and will leave the house if Preeta comes back.
Karina asks him what was the reason because he knows how to treat a girl, she does not ask him the reason but says that all scolded him but did not ask him the reason, he is their son and she is an outsider, Rakhi tries to take the side of Preeta but Karina mentions that they should not scold him to the point that he doesn’t feel any shame and never thought that they should not have done it and must not worry because she is with him.

Dadi asks her what it is, she mentions that it is her love because no one sees anything else besides Preeta, she doesn’t want to talk about it because Rishab has been married with Sherlin and they should focus on her forgetting Preeta.

Sherlin looks at Prithvi but Kartika sees her and sees looks at the curtains but Sherlin moves ahead.
Rishab is standing wondering why Karan do such a heinous acted with Preeta and what was the reason behind it,

Preeta is walking in a dark alley way, remembering all the moments spent with Karan, she doesn’t know how to overcome the feeling that she can no longer meet him, She thinks of what he said that he can no longer trust her, she is broken and again starts to cry, thinking of how she was thrown out of the Luthra Mansion, she calms herself down again starting to walk.

Sarla and Shrishti are looking and wondering whether Preeta is alright, they decide to call Karan and tell him everything that has happened with them, she calls but it is Samer who picks and when they say that they are coming, he asks them to not come as there is no need, they both than decide to return to their own house.

Preeta comes to her house, Bi jee and Janki get tensed seeing her condition and inquire of her health and why did she not come to the wedding, Shrishti and Sarla also come and hug her, she turns to Sarla who is also very tensed, she mentions that she got very scared and is happy that she is okay.

Preeta runs to her room, Bi jee asks Sarla what happened because she went to her friend’s wedding and is wearing the same clothes, Shrishti informs them that Preeta is crying, they all plead her to open the door but she is sitting in the room and is constantly crying.

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