This is Fate 4 December 2021: Sarla exclaims that Preeta has the ability to always win the hearts of everyone with her good character, Sarla prays that Preeta should always remain happy in her house, Shrishti asks why is she not praying for her, Sarla mentions that she is frequently praying for her in the hearts however would never tell her, she leaves to get something, Janki then asks Shrishti if she should talk with Sarla about her marriage, Shrishti does not understand, Janki responds how she is talking of her marriage with Sameer, Shrishti leaves to wash her hands, Janki thinks of her opportune it would be if she is also in the same house with Preeta as then they both would never be alone.

Kritika is talking with her friends, she is confused about the plan then Preeta comes from behind asking if she needs her help, Kritika explains that her friends were pressurizing her for a bachelorate party which cannot happen now as the functions have been arranged, Preeta mentions that she has taken the responsibility of her marriage and so they would surely have the party as she should remember how much they enjoyed when it was the party at the time of Rishab’s marriage.

Karan sees Preeta sitting in the room, he comes asking if she is trying to steal anything, Preeta stands asking why does he not steal someone’s else tongue so that he would not be able to irritate her, Karan says that she is talking very foolish, he asks if she has any degree, Preeta responds that she has become like this because of being with him she feels that she is getting the punishment for her wrongdoings in the past life, Karan gives her the credit card explaining how she should not worry about the price of anything which Kritika desires to buy as she is his sister and this should be the duty of Mahesh however he is not well.

Karan inquires where Kritika is, Preeta says that she has gone to fix her makeup, Karan inquires why does she not have to fix her makeup, Preeta mentions that she does not do so much makeup and that is why she does not have to do it, Karan mentions how he knows it because he saw her makeup kit just lying there in the drawer, Preeta gets irritated explaining how she knew her belongings would not be safe in the room because he should have just left it there, Karan responds that she has come into his room and taken his belongings forcefully, Preeta gets mad, Karan finally apologizes to her, Kritika coming from behind inquires if they should leave, Preeta rushes out of the bedroom exclaiming how they cannot waste even a moment, Kritika questions Karan who responds that he made feel Preeta irritated, Kritika asks why does he do this even when Preeta is so nice to them, Karan scolds her ordering how she should not instruct him just like Ganesh, she should only go for shopping.

Karina is sitting, Rakhi comes asking the reason for her happiness, Karina exclaims that it had been a year since Kritika’s engagement and now she is finally getting married, Rakhi teases her by saying that she should tell Kritika how happy her mother is that she is leaving this house, Karina asks Rakhi about why does she always have to joke,, adding that the best part is Akshay’s entire family is coming to their city so she would be able to meet her daughter at any given time. Preeta standing from behind wonders how happy Karina is, she realizes how being a mother she would be excited on the wedding of her only daughter.

Preeta comes saying how she is taking Kritika for shopping, Karina mentions that she should not worry about the prices and should take her card, Preeta after smiling exclaims that Karan also said the same thing and even gave her the card, Karina asks Karan why he gave his card. Karan questions Preeta on why she was not able to hide it, Preeta responds that she only told her about the card after she sought permission from her.

Karan exclaims that Kritika is his sister so he would make sure she gets anything that she desires, Kritika says that she would taken his card even if he had not given it, Karan says that he knew it but had the obligation as a brother, they all laugh, Preeta thinks of how a mother is not poor or rich as whenever her daughter gets married, she would bless her with everything that she has.

Preeta says to Karina that when she came to the house as a doctor, she became friends with Kritika when Akshay’s family came to meet her for the first time, Kritika explains how she was about to fall because of her dupatta but thankfully Preeta came to save her and even corrected her dress, which opened the doors for their friendship, Kritika exclaims how they should leave because they have a lot of belongings to buy and they should leave, Karina sees Mahira standing on the balcony, Karan leaves explaining how he would back.

Shristhi is walking on the road when she is about to come under a car, Shristhi asks the driver to come out and is shocked to see that it is Akshay, he greets her apologizing how he was on the mobile because of the wedding, Shristhi gets shocked to realize how his marriage has been fixed with Kritika and they all are also invited as a family, then he asks her to send him a message on the email so he would send her the invitation, Shristhi plans to teach Kritika a lesson as she did not tell her however her mobile has no network she therefor leaves after stopping an auto.

Karan knocks on the door of Mahira’s room seeking permission to come in when she is talking with a caterer about the function, Karan asks why is she doing all this however Mahira doesn’t understand, Karan questions what she was doing in Manali, Karina comes from behind mentioning how she took Sherlin there because of her illness as the doctor told her to relax on some hill station, Karan questions why did Mahira not tell him this, Sherlin hearing this from the outside gets really worried so takes Mahira away after mentioning Rakhi is calling her.

Karina inquires why was Karan talking to her in such a rude manner, Karan says that Mahira would have to leave this house and he will ask her to leave, Karina mentions that she herself asked her to leave but allowed her since she is also the childhood friend of Kritika so should be allowed to stay till the marriage, karan exclaims how Mahira would have to leave after the marriage and he will himself order her to leave, Karina thinks that Preeta might have not said anything about her involvement in what had happened.

Preeta along with Kritika reach the mall, they are attended by the manager who explains how they have opened recently and would show them both the new collection, Kritika calls Akshay requesting him to also come to the mall as then they would be able to shop together, Akshay says that he would not be able to come because of some business meetings, he asks her to be happy because they have seen really worse situations together and she should be happy because he cannot postpone the meeting because a lot of business delegates are coming so he to work, Kritika explains how she can understand and that work comes first. Preeta is really eager however is shocked to see that she is tense, Preeta asks her to not worry as if Akshay was not able to come she is with her to accompany with the shopping.

Kritika calls Shrishti, immediately scolding her for not attending her call because she had news, Shrishti mentions how she came to know of her marriage from Akshay, Kritika mentions how she was not able to meet him as he had a conference which he had to attend, Shrishti thinks of how Akshay said that he was going to the same mall, then says to Kritika that someone might come to surprise her, Kritika asks her to come as soon as possible, she does not know that Akshay is standing just behind her.

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