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This is Fate 5 September 2020: Update on This is Fate Saturday 5th September 2020, Pandit explains that they have brought the wedding proposal of Prithvi and preeta, the marriage must happen within 4 days otherwise they will not be able to marry each other and even if they do then they will not be able to live together so they must marry.

This is Fate update Saturday 5 September 2020: Karan is in his room thinking what Preeta said to him, he keeps on punching the bag, Samer sees him and tries to stop him but he hits him and then asks that he does not want him to lecture him and just leave however Karan does not listen and again tries to hit him, he says that he Karan has to meet or talk with Preeta otherwise he will remain like this and his anger will only increase, Karan however does not listen and leaves.
Shrishti says that she does not understand this setting of the date and feels that they are trying to blackmail them, they however say that it is Kundli Bhagya and not something wrong, She asks who they all are, Prithvi again introduces them, Sarla asks her to stop saying that they have brought the proposal, Janki is sent to bring food for the guests, Shrishti again tries to raise her voice against Prithvi but is stopped by Sarla, she thinks of Karan wondering that if both Preeta and him were not fighting then she would have asked him to come and stop this marriage but she cannot do it now, she cannot also talk with Preeta about it.

Preeta is sleeping, Karan enters her room and sits by her, she asks him what he is doing here, he says that he has to ask something but will say it only she forgives him, she gets up saying that she will not forgive him because he has hurt her to the extent that apology cannot be accepted, Karan explains she knows it is difficult for him to apologize , he sits on his knees saying that he will apologize till he forgives him, she explains that it is not so easy to ask for apology and says that eh has to go back but will not be forgiven, she eventually gives in and forgives him saying that she only likes the old Karan who is always fighting with her and not crying, she remembers that he has to say something asking what it is, he pulls her closer to him, after placing her hand on his heart asks if she can feel his heart beating intensely, explains that it is only beating for her, She gets nervous and tries to leave but he pulls her saying that he told her repeatedly that she should break the marriage with Prithvi because he has someone better and it is him, he finally says what is in his heart, I LOVE YOU, he asks her to marry him because he cannot live without her, she asks him what he is saying, he asks her to marry leave the entire world and marry him.

This is Fate 5 September 2020: Preeta is sleeping, Shrishti comes waking her up, she mentions that Karan was in their room and apologizing to her, he also proposed to her, Shrishti says that this was because she was seeing only what was in her heart and that she only saw what was in her heart and it was love, Shrishti explains that she knows Preeta will not accept it as she never did it before and neither wished do it now, Preeta is left n sheer confusion.
Prithvi request Sarla and bi jee if they felt that he came with the band members, Sarla immediately says that they never felt like this as he only expressed his happiness so they cannot feel annoyed, She asks Bi jee why she is so quiet, she says that she has dealt with something which has left her shocked and she cannot overcome it, Prithvi tries make her happy however she does not pay any heed. Janki comes to Sarla saying that there has been a mistake and she has to come, Sarla leaves with Janki for the kitchen.

They reach the kitchen, Sarla asks what is wrong as she does not see anything wrong, Janki explains that she has made the pakora with wheat and that has also ruined the kheer, Sarla gets angry asking her why did she ruin the food when they have guest in their house, Janki gives the idea that they will give them like it is, who knows they might like it, Sarla agrees mentioning that they are very nice people and might remain quiet but why should they do what they know is wrong, Janki explains that she knows that Preeta is not worthy of Prithvi because he is very bad.
She wants her to get married with Karan.
Shrishti says that she knows Preeta loves Karan, she should have seen it before, she and Samer even planned that both Karan and her get married and even sent her to talk with him.

Sherlin is happy to know that Preeta has accept that she loves Karan, they both look awesome when they are standing together, she thinks of who to tell the awesome news between Kartika, Janki and Sameer. Preeta leaves Shrishti goes to ask what happened and the reason she is tensed, she says that she has feelings,
Prithvi’s mom says that they both will be happy to hearing the news of wedding, Prithvi thinks that it is not that but is of threat. His mom further explains it. Preeta says that it is not love but friendship, Shrishti says that in friendship they hit other but it is love so she should ask her own heart if she does not believe her. Preeta tries to leave Shrishti stops her asking to tell her on the face that she does sot love Karan, she says that she loves him but as a friend.
Shrishti asks her to stop lying asking if Karan did not come to her dream and proposed to her but Preeta does not believe her, she accepts Shrishti is telling the truth because she knows that what they are thinking comes into their dreams, she is thinking because Karan did not stand with her when everyone was against her, she along with their mother risked their lives but he did not care and threw her out of the house.

This is Fate Saturday 5 September 2020 update: Preeta says that she wants Karan to be her friend more than lovers because in this friends are willing to die and love each other’s, Shrishti then says that this means each and every love story is because of being friends, Preeta explains that this means she is an idiot so Shrishti taunts her by saying that she will have no problem in marrying Prithvi in 4 days because he has come to their house with his entire family. Preeta gets shocked saying that she will not happen not because she loves Karan but because she is not in the state of mind of marrying anyone, Shrishti says that she should hear herself because she claimed that she loves Karan.
Sarla says that she should never say anything like this again because she cannot marry Karan, he is just a cricketer for them and a child of a reputed family, they did not believe her instead threw her out of their house, they did not trust her and even when she was kidnapped by the goons it was Preeta who came to save her, she was also drowning but it was because of the fisherman that Sherlin kept her alive. She has seen a lot of things because she has lived her life, she can face anything but cannot see that her daughters are crying, she knows that Preeta has not slept the previous night but she did not go to stop her because she wanted her to cry out everything, she warns her to not think of Preeta and Karan but rather of Prithvi and Preeta because she will not let her marry Karan, she also orders that Janki make Pakora’s of Basin.

Shrishti asks Preeta to hear what she is saying, Preeta however mentions that she should not latch onto words as everything is not meant for a situation, she should strop interrogating her because she is already nervous. Preeta asks her to come with her as then she will be able to say it, Shrishti says that she will say it herself, however Preeta stops her.
This is Fate update Saturday 5 September 2020: Sarla gives the snacks to Prithvi, they all are sitting when Bi jee asks him why did he bring his entire family to set the date of the wedding, he explains that he did this because the elders are able to make better decisions and also because he was scared that they might end the relation so he brought his family so that they can talk to them. Sarla wonders that it is not the right time for his family as she is broken after the event that happened in the Luthra house so she cannot marry her in such a hurry.
Shrishti asks Preeta to say that marriages happen in lifetime so she has to think of what will happen I her life, her own life is not stable so she should refuse ton marry him, if she cannot say it directly then should say that she is not ready to marry him.

This is Fate update Saturday 5th September 2020: Prithvi sees Preeta standing asking her to sit, she sits and greets everyone, Prithvi’s mom introduces her to everyone, his aunt says that Prithvi mentioned she is very beautiful and Prithvi also said the same thing.
Preeta says that she is not ready ton marry so early however his mother says that she wants to bring the barrat on the 3rd day and they also will have to prepare for the wedding, they do not let Preeta say anything and even their servant brings the sweets for the celebration of the wedding.
His mother force Sarla to not refuse as they all are in a hurry to take Prithvi to their own house as it will then increase their happiness, Shrishti thinks that Preeta should say it as soon as possible because if Sarla takes it then they would not be able o delay the wedding, Sarla stops Preeta and takes the sweets, she says that they came in a surprise which was shocking for them but she agrees that they should arrange the wedding as it has been a long time.

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