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This is Fate 6 November 2021: Janki runs to Preeta and Shrishti exclaiming that police has arrested Sarla, the entire family gets shocked when she breaks the news, Preeta inquires why did they take her, Shrishti asks why crime has she committed, Janki mentions that this is what she has come to ask these people as Sherlin brought the police to their house and had Sarla arrested, Janki takes her hand saying that she should come with her at the moment and take back the complaint, she warns her to not look at her in this manner, Mahira also tries to stop Janki.

Rishab asks Janki to stop, he inquires why Sherlin had her arrested, he once again forces her to answer, She explains that this is the reason she refused to inform him about the pregnancy because he does not trust her, she responds that she got ill after eating the ladoo which Sarla brought as she tried to kill their child, Sherlin tries to plead with them saying that they refuse to accept the fact that Sarla purposefully brought the ladoo with poison.

She mentions that even Dadi refused to accept that Sarla is the culprit, Shrishti also agrees to say that her mother cannot do such a thing, Karan also comes forward explaining that she had poison in her body but it was not because of Sarla, Mahira mentions that she believes Sherlin but she should have brought the poof first, Sherlin explains how Preeta got ill and then the cat died when she drank the milk with the ladoo, Sherlin starts crying mentioning that she ate two ladoo and got ill, Janki says that she is stupid as how can a mother send ladoo that is mixed with poison as Sarghi.

Sherlin starts crying when they all refuse to accept her story, Karina comes forward exclaiming that she trusts her even when they are not by her side she will stand for what is wrong and the only reason she refused to say anything was that Dadi forced her to wait for the report but Sherlin should never believe that she is alone in their house.

Shrishti blames Sherlin mentioning that she has gotten ill as she did this with a plan because her mother can never do such a thing as she is not like that, Sherlin, however, is adamant, Karina scolds Shrishti inquiring why do they have to make such a scene every time when there is a function in their house, it is because they are not happy that the Luthra family should live peacefully, Shrishti once again starts lashing out at Sherlin, she says that Sherlin is just acting and took the entire step because of a plan which she has made.

Preeta standing there thinks that her mother would need her so she goes outside the house but because of the pain she is not able to walk however upon reaching the door she calls an auto and moves towards the police station, Mahira standing there thinks that she is the reason for whatever is happening with her, she thinks that she has sent her away for a short period but will really soon make sure she is permanently thrown out of the Luthra house so that she goes back to her mother’s house.

Mahira receives a call from her mother, she mentions that Sarla is in jail and Preeta has also gone after her, Ramona exclaims that there Is the last step that will fulfill their plan so she should just be patient.

Preeta enters the police station, she bursts while seeing Sarla in the lockup, she goes to her when Sarla asks why did she come because she is keeping the fast, Sarla mentions that she is her mother and always feels better when they are together she mentions that they would get out of this situation as they are the ones who are telling the truth, Sarla asks why did she come and should go back because she has to fulfil the rituals, she inquires if Preeta has performed the pooja, Preeta says that she was about to but came when she heard her mother is in jail, Sarla mentions that she ahs to fulfil all the rituals of the pooja, she wants that her daughter drink water after seeing the moon as if she is not able to then Sarla would feel that it is because of her she was not able to fulfil the first rituals in her family so she leave, Sarla mentions how Sherlin came to threaten her then mentions that she is relaxed Preeta married Karan as he is a really nice human being so she must leave as otherwise Mahira and Sherlin would create a lot of scene, both of them are crying when Preeta leaves.

Sherlin inquires why Rishab is not saying anything because they are blaming her, Janki asks why is she not saying anything here now as what she said to them in their house that they all would cry for their entire lives, Shrishti however says that she is telling a lie because her mother can never do anything of the sort, Mahira comes inquiring where Preeta is because she has gone to her mother, she heard her saying that her plan of mixing the poison in the ladoo has been successful, Shrishti once again challenges them, Sherlin calls the doctor inquiring about the report, she mentions that the reports have been dispatched and she felt that they are calling after reviewing them, she explains how she even tried calling Rishab but he was not able to attend her call.

Rishab takes the phone apologizing then inquires what was in the reports, the doctor answers that they came back positive and poison was mixed in the ladoo, hearing this news everyone is shocked.

Sherlin leaves the hall while crying exclaiming how she was telling the truth, Mahira also mentions that they all should have believed her, and now she might do something to herself so she would go and check her.

Rishab and Karan both exclaim that there is something that is not right because Sarla can never do anything like this, Karina gets mad she asks how they can say this when it has been proven, she orders both Janki and Shrishti to leave their house and go to Sarla where they should inform her of severe consequences.

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