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This is Fate 7 November 2020: This is Fate update Saturday 7th November 2020, Maira is worried about what Preeta will do to stop her wedding, she plans to take care of her, She then thinks of what Sherlin is doing as she did not even come to meet her.

Sanjana, along with Karina and Ramona are practicing the songs when Rakhi comes in asking if they have prepared for the wedding, they start to discuss about the performance which they had when they were In the collage and it was at the party where everyone thought that Karina was a superstar, Sherlin is walking past then when they stop her asking her to come and dance with them, but she insists that she has some work to do, they then ask about Risahb but she lies explaining that she ahs talked to him and he will come very soon, she reaches the stairs then thinks that she lied because otherwise they would have called Rishab which would have only created problems for Prithvi.

Sameer comes out of the bathroom and does not see Karan then he comes out bumping into Maira who starts to have a fight with him, he lies saying that Karan is in the bathroom, and shje can go in, then thinks the treason she is fighting with him, he thinks that karan might have used the window to leave and it might be because of Preeta.

Karna is in the car thinking that if Preeta had informed him earlier then he would have been able to save his brother and thanks to Shrishti who informed him but thinks that it was not her but Sameer.

Rishab wakes up and he is tied in the chair but he also sees Preeta and says to yell at the kidnapper asking him to not touch Preeta otherwise Risahb would not think before harming him, the kidnapper gets mad saying that he has really been frustrated since he kidnapped him became Preeta came after them, he locks both of the doors.

Shrishti is calling Sameer and it connects they both are on the video call, Sherlin is beside the door and listens to their entire conversation, Shrishti explains that it was because of her that Karan came to know everything and now he has gone to save them both because Preeta saw that someone kidnapped Rishab, Sherlin gets worried then runs to call him.

She is in her room thinking that he does not listen to her and always does what he likes which would land him in trouble, she tries to call him, but he declines then she calls him with the landline.

Prithvi is in his car he thinks that he will force Rishab to sign the property papers as if he will not listen then he will threaten to kill him, he is really sure that Risahb will sign the papers for him,

This is Fate update Saturday 7 November 2020: He gets a call from the landline then answering it comes to know that it is Sherlin, she asks him to hand over Rishab as otherwise it would create a lot of problem for them both, they both get into an argument and he ends the call, she realizes that she was not able to inform him that Karan has come to know of his kidnapping, she again tries to call him but he declines.

Preeta wakes up and tries to break free but is not able to before that the kidnapper comes in and asks her to see that Risahb is also really worried for her, he says that the rooms are sound free so no one would be able to listen to them, Rishab asks her why ahs she come to help him as he can take care of himself. The kidnapper shouts at them before closing the door.

Sameer is trying to call Karan but he doesn’t answer, he thinks of a reason which would have prompted them to kidnap Rishab, he also thinks that if Preeta knew than why did she not call him, he thinks of what he can do but Rakhi hears it and drops the tray, she immediately runs back to the others.

Sherlin walks down from the stairs when Maira comes asking her why did she not come to the terrace but before they both are able to complete their conversation then Rakhi comes in shock, she informs then that Rishab has been kidnapped and he will not come back. She then faints right in front of them.

Karan reaches the compound where Prithvi also teaches at the same time then he hides from karan, he thinks of hitting karan but is not able to make him unconscious then runs to bring a grenade which he throws at karan but it does not kill him, then he hides karan.

Sherlin reaches the kitchen thinking that she is not able to get out off the house even after trying, Maira also comes to her and is adamant that Maira has kidnapped Risahb but Sherlin does not say anything and leaves.

Sarla enters the house where she sees Sherlin she asks her where Preeta is and what has happened to her, Sherlin tries to tease her but then explains that if Preeta was in the Luthra mansion then it would not be so calm, Sarla leaves the house.

The kidnapper is waiting for his boss who arrives and asks why is he still wearing the helmet to which he says that it is not because of choice but he cannot remove it, Prithvi helps him, they decide to keep him with Preeta as he is still unconscious. He goes to meet Risahb.

Sameer is trying to help Shrishti break free because Sarla has locked her inside, he is nearly about to open it when Sarla also comes back, they are about to open the window when Sarla enters the room, it is very hard for them to cover it up to which Shrishti mentions that Preeta is with Anuraga and she knew about it, and they both work together and might be having coffee.

She apologizes to Sarla saying that she will come after taking a power nap to which Sarla also agrees, she pleads with Sarla to not lock her again.

This is Fate 7 November 2020: The kidnapper brings karan to the room with Preeta and also ties him before leaving, Preeta wakes up and is not able to make up for what has happened she thinks that she might be daydreaming of him and why is he seeing karan when she was with Risahb, she realizes that it is really karan and tries to wake him, she tries to wake him by hitting him in the feet to which he asks why is she hitting him, Preeta asks the reason he came to which he angrily explains he came to save her, they both remember the moments which they had spent together helping each other in times of need.

Prithvi enters the room where Rishab is held captive, he places a knife on his neck to which he explains that they can talk, Prithvi takes the knife then thinks that if he says anything then Rishab would come to know that it is Prithvi , he leaves the room which makes Rishab suspicious.

Preeta says that he came to save her but karan mentions that he came to save his brother from her, they both start to quarrel, Preeta is adamant that he does not have any mistake which she has made, he explains that she could have called him, but he tries to make an excuse before explaining that he was busy with his Mehndi function, they both stop as it creates a weird moment.

Prithvi comes to the kidnapper asking him to give him the supari which he had given him, then he slaps him, the kidnapper explains that his sister in law has woken up after which Prithvi ment6ions that he is the first person to call her with that name.

He takes it then heads to the room with Preeta. He heads into the room and karan is shocked they both quarrel and he say that he kidnapped him but Preeta mentions that it is not the person who kidnapped them both.

Preeta sees the knife then calls him closer, but karan starts yelling, she thinks that if he remains quite only then will she be able to take his knife, when she is about to take it he takes a step back and says Preeta Jee, they both are not able to think of what has happened, he immediately runs back after saying that it is not nice to take it out.,

Prithvi runs back thinking that the only reason he is safe is because of Preeta, Prithvi decides to look for Rana who is in a conversation with Sherlin, she takes Prithvi then heads back inside.

This is Fate 7 November 2020 written update: Someone comes in the house where she hears Prithvi and Sherlin talking about the kidnapping of the Luthra brothers and Preeta, Sherlin asks if he thinks that it is a joke but Prithvi says that he will not stop as he has made a lot of plans for this day and would do anything he can to take their property as himself.

Shrishti and Sameer think of where they are as otherwise, they would not be able to find them, she calls them both saying that they must have find them all, Shrishti and Sameer thank her before she leaves.

Preeta and karan get into a fight saying over who is looking who, he says that he is a superstar, Preeta start to yell saying that he must take her from the room as otherwise she would not be able to live in the room, Karan says that she really likes the masked man, he also blames her for the kidnapping because she called Shrishti who called Sameer but he answered it, they both try to break free and she breaks loose.

Prithvi enters the room where Sherlin says that he should not have kidnapped Karan as now the entire Luthra family will come, she mentions that Preeta is really clever and will help them.

Prithvi says that he has kept them aside, he goes to fulfil his plan, Rana comes in, Sherlin slaps him.

Prithvi once again comes back to the room where Rishab is who is shocked to see him. Prithvi says that he really likes him this day as he will be the cause of him becoming rich, Rishab assures that he will make sure that nothing wrong happens to him and he will give him a lot of money.

This is Fate update Saturday 7 November 2020: Maira starts yelling at Sherlin asking where she is , Maira constantly complains that Preeta is the one behind the kidnapping, she asks her to say something, Sherlin sees both Sameer and Shrishti coming she then hides, Maira wonders what she can do now. Sherlin thinks what she must do now as his plan would otherwise fail as she wants him to have what he wants.

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