This is Fate 8 August 2020: This is Fate update saturday 8th August 2020, Prithvi tries to his best to calm down Sherlin, however she says that she will not marry Rishab and will now end her engagement and marriage with him.
Preeta comes saying that there is a letter for her, bio jee asks for what the letter is, she says that it is a n invitation of marriage, Shrishti comes and praises her for the meal, Sarla opens the card and says that it is of her daughters marriage and they have gotten the invite, Shrishti asks that if she was her best friend then why did she not come to her, Sarla explains that she has gone to Puna, when she opens the invitation she takes a phot of Deepika, Shrishti thinks that she is the mother of Deepika’s however Sarla explains that her daughter wanted the same dress so she sent the photo, Preeta informs her of a shop where she will find the exact same dress.

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Rishab is ion his room thinking of how Prithvi was with [Preeta, he thinks that why is he not feeling good when he sees Preeta with Prithvi and why cannot he handle this feeling, Karan is also thinking the same thing and has a jealous feeling.
Preeta assures Sherlin that he loves her but she does not believe a word and says that he should go and tell this to Preeta, he explains that her only loves her and that as the same from the collage days however he says that he still loves her, they were about to get married when the police took him and that is the same reason for which she also wants to take revenge from him, they both go into a time lapse and think of what he has done.

Prithvi makes her realize that they both have done a lot to get into this position and must do everything to get their revenge form him, he asks her to think and remember if she has forgotten anything, she explains that she remembers everything and asked him to take the renege because she knows that he will not take rest before he has taken the revenge, he says that she is going to be married to Rishab, however he tries to explain that she has to marry Rishab first but she insist that she wants to marry him first, She still insists on marrying and he asks her whys eh is saying this.
She explains that she wants to be able to tell her child that she wants to tell her child that he his father son, she explains that Karina came and told her mother and they want a child from her so she wants to marry him because according to law once a couple is married then they will not be married again until they are dead, he however does not pay head to her words, she gets frustrated and then says that if he does not marry her then she will not be a part of his plan, he says that she must go but Sherlin refuses anything that she will first marry him then attend any function.
Preeta is with Dadi and massaging her feet, she ask her what happens in this Bachelors party and then they talk of it just then Karan comes and says that he wants to take Preeta , Dadi however scolds him asking that she remain with her but Karan forcefully takes her away which really angers dadi.

Karna is pulling Preeta but she says that she has to be with dadi, however Karan says that he needs her, She explains that she has not done her full work and this will mean that she will get half the pay and they still get on with fighting, he ask her to stop because he has some respect, she insults him by saying that he has no respect, no-one is worse than him, he ask her to calm down by placing a finger on her lip.
He explains that there is a bachelors party and he does not want Rishab to marry Sherlin, they both want to prove that Sherlin is not about to become the mother of Rishab s child and they will prove it, She asks her to remove Prithvi from this however he says that he is sure that Sherlin was with Prithvi, Karan agrees that she will only help him in proving that Sherlin is not the right choice for Rishab, she leaves, Karan laughs saying that now he will prove that Prithvi is not the right choice for Preeta.

Rakhi explains that Dadi is not able to select her Sari and she is really confused, Karan comes from behind and ask her to send Preeta back if dadi selects her dress quickly.

Sherlin bursts on the shop owner saying that she heard that their Shop had all the designs and was the best however she cannot find anything good, Prithvi wonders that If he does not say that it is beautiful then she will be there till the night, he praises one of the saris so she takes it and goes to try it.

Sarla enters the shop asking the shop owner to show her the latest and most beautiful designs, they also take images iof the dress just then she gets a call from Preeta.

Sherlin comes out and is dressed in the same outfit, Prithvi asks her why is she in the same clothes she explains that she doesn’t like it and throwing it at the helping girl leaves.

Preeta says that she has taken out the dress which she has to wear in the party according to the dress code, Sarla however argues that she will wear the same dress which she likes, Sherlin comes and sees the dress so she pulls it from her hand, and Sarla gets really angry. When she ends the call, Her friend finalizes the dress which is the same one which she has taken, she goes to stand outside the try room , there Prithvi is also standing and waiting for Sherlin, the owner comes out and asks her to come with him,. She explains that her friend has decided the dress and she only wants it, he takes her and taking the measurements of the dress leaves to get it altered. Sarla is sitting and looking at the sari wonders how good Preeta will look in it, she gets joyed with the intention, she decides to call Prithvi and then she asks him if he is coming to the party and also request that he come with his mother because she has to talk with her about the date of the wedding,, he agrees jut then drops a manikin in excitement, she gets nervous and then ask him to be ready.

Shrishti enters the kitchen and sees Samer, he offers her a juice but she declines saying that she will drink juice however he doesn’t let her so she ends up drinking the juice, they both starts a conversation and end up getting into another quarrel, she leaves making him wonder what he has done wrong and also what needs to be done in order to relax her mood, he decides to surprise her in the party.

Sarla sees Sherlin in the shop and wonders that she is really anxious for her wedding, Sherlin is wearing he Lehnga and the worker asks if she wants them to pack it, she explains that she will wear the same dress and they must hang the other dress, she is talking with Prithvi on the phone and they both decide the flower for their wedding, Sarla sees everything from behind the rack, she realizes that Sherlin will no longer be a Bachelor in her own party , she is planning to marry someone else.

Sherlin wonders that they have the best plan as no one will be able to understand that she is already married and so whatever happens she will not be loyal to Rishab.

Preeta is walking and sees Rishab in the hall she wonders that it is Karan and calls him, he assures that he is Rishab, just then Karan comes and they both starts to complement each other on their clothes, Preeta laughs, they both seeing this say that they  must take a selfie, Rishab ask her to not hide her smile as she looks really good in it, Preeta leaves, Karan says that he wonders if they both have loved the same person, Sanjana hears what they both are saying from  behind the corner.

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