This is Fate 12 December 2021: Karina exclaims how she is following in the footsteps of her mother because she always comes into their house and starts blaming someone so when she is not here, Preeta has fulfilled the desire of her mother, Karina exclaims that she has been married into the Luthra family and should bring some glass, Karina exclaims of how she has not raised her daughter like this and she should not meddle her life with that of her daughter, Preeta looks towards Rakhi however Karina exclaims that she will also not take her side as she has talked with them.

Karan stops her asking what she is doing as there is no need because he does not know what Preeta would get from destroying the life of Kritika, Karina exclaims that she does not know this just like she does not know why did Preeta push Mahesh and also that why did Karina marry her because even if she is really happy it is not the case and even if she tries to Mendel in harming her daughter then she would do something which Preeta would not even understand, Karina mentions that no one should support her. Even turning to Karan asking if he really loves Kritika to which Karan replies how he does not need to prove his love to anyone after which he leaves the hall.

Karina warns everyone to never support Preeta because if they stand with her then would not be against Karina but would fight with a mother and she would never spare anyone.

Mahira comes to the room where Sherlin is eating and she explains how Karina scolded Preeta and did not even let anyone talk in between, Sherlin exclaims how it is the most opportune for them because they would both instigate Preeta to the extent that she would not be able to live without spying on Akshay and then Karina would scold her to the extent that they would be able to accomplish their plans.

Preeta comes crying into the room where Karan is waiting for her, she comes to stand with him explaining how she is sure of Akshay and is only doing this because of the concern which she for Kritika, Karan exclaims how it is her method that is wrong because there is nothing of the sort and it is only her actions that always cause trouble, Karan exclaims how he is not able to bear anything wrong said against her mentioning that he knows her for some years but has been with Kritika all his life so would never let anything happen to her but whenever someone says something bad to her he is not able to bear it so she must not worry, Preeta inquires if he is angry with her but Karan refuses to even explain that he is angry so says that he thinks that they should sleep as it is getting really late.

Sherlin is constantly wandering in the kitchen when Mahira asks why is she walking like this because it is causing trouble for her, Sherlin explains that she is worried because they have to talk casually and instigate Preeta to the extent that she is not able to resist and does something which angers Karina even more, they start talking after seeing Preeta.

Sherlin asks Mahira why is she doing this because Akshay is not the right person to which she warns her to not be like Preeta because this is what she said and even Karina scolded her, Mahira asks Sherlin how can she be so sure to which she explains how she saw him with a girl and no one even comes to that hotel, Mahira asks how can they be sure to which Sherlin says that they should not meddle in her work because Preeta has taken the responsibility and if she really cares for Kritika then would try to find the truth, Preeta thinks of calling Shrishti so leaves, Mahira asks Sherlin about what would happen to which she explains how Preeta would make a dug for herself after what she is about to do.

Shrishti comes asking what caused Preeta to call her in such hurry, Preeta explains how she tried to talk in the family but no one even desired to listen to her but she heard both Sherlin and Mahira talking and they know about the truth even then donot care that Kritika is marrying such a person however she would not let anything wrong happen, Preeta is worried then explains that Karan said that he has not refused to believe her but that he feels Akshay is not bad and is not even ready to accept that there is anything wrong, Preeta explains that they both know there is something wrong because she saw his mobile and even saw how the girl ran away from the house, Preeta explains how he said that he feels bad when she is scolded and he stood by her when Karina was scolding her even when he was not able to defend her but thinks of how well the entire family is, Preeta explains that they would not be able to stand by watching when Kritika marries someone who is so wrong, Shrishti also vows to prove the truth.

Preeta explains how they both would go to the house of Akshay with an excuse and then take the proof which they were not able to before and also that they should call both Kritika and Sameer and that when they decide to go their house.
In the house of Akshay, his mother and father are talking about the groceries and when he is about to leave, Kritika comes with Sameer, Shrishti, and Preeta.

They all come with the Shugun and then sit, they ask about what they would eat, Preeta thinks of how it would be easy to make any sort of tea but Shrishti and Sameer both ask them to prepare a well-thought breakfast which worries the mother, and she starts preparing the breakfast.

Preeta also asks Kritika to go and help her mother-in-law as when they both become friends for life, Kritika then goes to the kitchen before insisting to help the mother-in-law.

Preeta and Shrishti exclaim how they would not be able to get a better chance as Akshay is taking a shower and his mother and father are also busy, they both ask Sameer to remain in the lounge meanwhile they try to find any sort of proof.

Sherlin is anxiously waiting while Mahira comes explaining that she searched the entire house but Preeta is nowhere to be found so what would happen now, Sherlin explains that no one would believe Preeta and only listen to what Akshay explains is happening.

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