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This is Fate 15 November 2020: This is Fate update Sunday 15th November 2020, Janki is looking for the knife, Shristhi mentions that she brought the knife for the apples and it is with her, she asks that they should forgive her as she is blamed for each and everything that happens in the house, they can beat her but should stop scolding her.

Shristhi goes to Preeta exclaiming that she should rest and not do so much work because otherwise she would get tired, Preeta mentions that she is not thinking of anyone, Shrishti forces her to exclaim that she is thinking of Karan than Preeta goes away, Shristhi mentions that Preeta still cares or her and is thinking about him, Preeta exclaims that she is only thinking how bad of a person he is and what he has done to her, She turns to find Sarla standing there, she is really happy that her daughter has finally realized that he is not a good person for her, she asks if her mother is happy that she has finally realized that Karan is not a good boy for her.

This is Fate 15 November 2020: Shrishti is scolded by both her sister and her mother, Preeta closes the door than thinks whys he is not able to forget Karan when he is marrying someone else,
Shrishti goes to Janki asking if she is also acting like her mother and sister, Janki mentions that she is not doing anything of the sort and is happy that Karan is marrying someone else because if he will not marry Maira he would always be there to hurt her which would not be beneficial for any of them, she knows that Preeta would be happy without him, Shristhi exclaims that she is thinking he still cares for Preeta, the only thing is that he has to realize what place Preeta has in his life than everything will be okay, she prays to god that Karan come to their house to take Preeta.

Karan than comes to their house which shocks her, Karan yells for Preeta who at first is not able to understand that he has really come, than Preeta also comes out, he looks at her taking her hand than demanding that she come with him, she asks for what he is taking her, than he mentions that he wants her to see that he is marrying Maira and see the entire function because only than will she realize that he does not care for her and is marrying someone else, as than he tries to force her, Janki stops him mentioning that she will not go with him, he claims that only those who have something to hide will do anything like this, than he thinks that he should formally invite her so brings an invitation card before leaving, Shristhi goes after him, Preeta heads back into the room and closes the door before lying on the bed and crying.
Shristhi wonders how hurt Preeta would be than they decide to stay be with her, they knock on the door, but she does not open the door, Janki threatens to call her mother.

Sarla is walking in the market, when a thief snatches her purse, Karan sees him and so runs after him, Sarla is not able to understand what he is doing here.
Preeta sits up in the bed than thinks of what Karan said that he is marrying someone else and desires that she be present at his wedding,
Shristhi thinks if Preeta has done something when she does not open the door, they both break the lock, Janki pleads with her to say something because they both were scared when she was not saying anything, they had really bad feeling about it. Janki exclaims that they are a family and the sorrow which is going through is also their to bear, Preeta says that she knows that they all mean a lot to her so she would never do anything to hurt her family.
Preeta mentions that she was not feeling anything and wanted to remain alone for some time, than Preeta wipes off her tears mentioning that Shrishti should not cry because of her, than promises that they should not cry, she leaves as her mother would be worried, than says that their mother has gone for quite some time so they should call her, Preeta asks them to not say anything to Dadi, she would get worried because of her.

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