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This is Fate 16 August 2020: This is Fate update sunday 16th August 2020, Sherlin comes to the party, Sanjana stops her asking where she was, she threatens her to not talk in her affairs and leave her alone, she goes to the washroom.

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Mahesh comes informing Rishab that storm is coming to hit their family, he explains that his mother and Dadi saw Sameer with Tanvi in compromising condition, Karan explains that it was not like that and they are mistaken, Samer also begs him to help him, Rishab ask them the reason they always ask him to solve the most difficult situations.
He goes to the ladies and leaning towards them asks them why they are so angry saying that if they announce his wedding then it would be the end for him, they all at first do not listen but then when Rishab insists they give in, he goes to Samer who is very tensed, he tells him the good news and they both hug each other.

Shrishti is crying, Preeta is sitting beside her and trying to calm her down but she does not listen to anything that Preeta is saying because she is adamant that Sameer cheated on her with Tanvi, Shrishti doesn’t believe her but Preeta is sure that Samer is an innocent person so will not do such a thing, she also advises that Shrishti go and first talk with him to clear the situation, Shrishti however pays no heed mentioning her anger and that she wants to hit Sameer, Preeta says that she tried to explain what was right to her but it is up to her to believe and she must think it out.
Preeta walks outside when she bumps into Sherlin, she gets very angry and they both stare each other, Preeta asks her where she was because she feel that she has been to a place where there was water, she sees the mud on her clothes and asks where she was , Sherlin tries to leave but is stopped by Preeta, Prithvi also comes and says that Sherlin was in the party and he met her some time ago on the dance floor, Karan comes from behind Preeta taking Prithvi by his collar asking where he was.

Prithvi tries to make an excuse but Karan catches him after he sees the mud on his clothes, he as him where they both were, Preeta also gets shocked asking him where he was with Sherlin.
Sarla is bounded by ropes in a Godown, she thinks that her daughters do not even know that she has been kidnapped, she also thinks of how cruel and bad Sherlin is also thinking that she was cheating on Rishab with some other guy whom she was about to be marry, she gets really worried thinking what she must do to escape.
Karan taunts Prithvi that he must explain himself as they do not have all day, Prithvi says that he is not answerable to anyone but is only explaining because Preeta asked him, he explains that he got a call from his mother and as there was lot of music in the party he went outside to talk to her, that is where he saw that some goons were misbehaving with Sherlin, she started to call for help and as there was no other person in the vicinity but him he ran for help, they did not stop it even when he was standing in front of them, this lead to some fighting which is what might have caused the mud to come on his clothes, he also believes that this is the same thing which might have caused Sherlin cloths to have mud.

Karan however does not believe anything which Prithvi is saying asking how did his clothes get wet, Prithvi explains that he told them that the goons were drinking and so it might be the reason that his clothes got wet, Rakhi calls Preeta and she leaves.
Samer is standing with some guests when he sees Shrishti walking away, he immediately runs to her pleading that she must give him a chance to explain his actions if she does not trust him anymore. He explains that he has told her before that no other women can take her place and today what happened with him is the same which they witnessed with Rishab and Sherlin, she also saw what the world wanted and even when they had nothing she still believes that he has something with Tanvi which is not the case.
Karan warns Prithvi that he should stop playing games because no one will believe him, he would make sure that the wedding does not take place and he along with Sherlin never get what they want.

Samer makes Shrishti feel assured that there was nothing between him and Tanvi, he explains that Tanvi came to him to open a bottle which he did but then unit spilled on his clothes and so she took of his clothes. Shrishti gets angry saying that she will hurt Tanvi now, Mahesh comes calling him to announce the chance.

He goes on the stage and mentions that Rishab will now dance to further improve the party, Sherlin starts to walk, Samer stops mentioning that it is a bachelors party so Rishab will dance with someone else and it is Preeta. she goes on the stage seeing this both Prithvi and Sherlin get really jealous seeing how they both are so close to each other, however Karan is really enjoying the party and their dance, Rishab is with Preeta when Sherlin comes from behind asking that Preeta go and dance with Prithvi, she mentions that she wants to break the rule also that she did not like that Preeta was with Rishab as he is only for her.
Prithvi seeing the opportunity say that it is rue blaming hat if Sherlin is possessive about her husband then he also feels the same way regarding Preeta because he sees her with those eyes and knows that she is a good dancer.
They both start the dance with the couples and it quickly turns into a competition, all four of them are really dancing well making it very entertaining for the people who are in the party, Preeta faces off Sherlin however she gist unconscious and feels on the floor, they all rush towards her an d take her into the room.
Prithvi thinks that he has to keep an eye on her, however Karan stops her saying that he must not go because there are already allot of people with her so there is no need for him, and Prithvi thinks that he cannot go to the room and now hopes that everything will be fine.

Rishab puts Sherlin on the bed, Preeta comes with the box and putting it beside her says that they all must wait outside as there is no need for them also that it is better if there are less people with the patient, Rishab takes them outside and she quickly takes the syringe and takes some blood from her hand. Preeta call Karan who is coming she says that he must hide as she has something important to tell him, he comes to her asking what the matter is, she says that she has done what they were trying to so for so long and has taken the sample, she says that she has talked with a clinic who will give them the reports after 15 hours, she says that they can stop the wedding before it happens.
Preeta comes Prithvi stops her saying that it is not right because the Luthras have made her their personal doctor which he does not like at all, he ask her if Sherlin is alright when he repeats the question, Shrishti gets really shocked asking why is he so curious, he explains that he is only asking this because whenever there is any problem the entire responsibility comes on the shoulders of Preeta which he doesn’t like, Preeta answers that she is completely fine and it was just case of acidity.

He says that it is not just of tension but rather of eating habits, Shrishti says that he is observing a lot of things which he says that he observes everyone. Prithvi asks her where is Sarla, Preeta says that she had to got to the wedding of her friend and so she left without talking to them, she also tells that she is upset with Sarla but cannot say anything because she is their mother and knows what is right and what is wrong.
Preeta opens the wallet and seeing the vile thinks that she will be the one to end Sherlin’s chapter.
It is the wedding day and Karina along with Rakhi are really frustrated for the preparations also they are not able to take control of the adjustments, Karan comes to the party, Karina comes with the monogram of the wedding asking if he likes it, he abruptly mentions that he does not like it at all, When she leaves, he asks Rakhi if she is happy because he is not, she asks him what he is doing and what is more important than his bothers wedding, he says that it is to break it.

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