This is Fate 21 November 2021: Karan thanks god, Preeta inquires what he meant, Karan starts to mumble but then mentions that this would imply that he would have the whole of the bed to himself, Preeta also thanks god so when Karan inquires she explains that before a honeymoon both of the individuals should understand the others as it is necessary, Karan mentions that they would first get to know of each other than would have the honeymoon.

Shrishti inquires Sameer what he thinks about, he asks about what, she explains that she is talking of Karan and Preeta, Sameer mentions that he thought she was asking about them, Shrishti inquires what is happening between them because she thought that they both were best friends and Karina doesnot want them to even talk, she knows that Pawan is trying to get closer to her even when he is the brother of Prithvi and even then she would not be with him but he has a lot of strength even when they both are wrong, Sameer exclaims that she is not thinking about what he is going through because Karina has given him the last warning that she would send him back to their village if he is close to her however this is not the case and he is still with her, Shristhi asks him to not be worried as she was just joking with her, he exclaims that he has a lot of feelings but is waiting for the most opportune moment, he then hugs her but gets shocked when Rakhi comes from the back, Sameer exclaims that she should stop crying, Shristhi doesnot understand what he meant.

Rakhi asks why is she crying, Sameer explains that she was missing Preeta and was about to faint so he consoled her and gave her a hug, Shrishti is forced to act as if she is crying, Rakhi hugs her explaining that she should be happy because the differences which they had have been wiped off and now they are living a happy life, Rakhi exclaims that she does not have any tears even when she is crying, Shrishti is forced to make an excuse that she is just sad as her sister is not going to be in the city but is happy and sad both at the same time. Rakhi mentions that she would drop her because then would get a chance to meet with Sarla as it has been a lot of time, she also asks Sameer to come with her, they then get into the car.

Mahira is packing her clothes, Sherlin comes to the room asking her what she is doing at which Mahira exclaims that she is not worried because now Karina Is on their side however Sherlin tries to explain that no one would be able to help them even Karina if they are stopped and that Sameer is loyal to Preeta and would inform her everything so she should hide, Sherlin explains that she would look out for anyone, Mahira mentions that she is just like a sister however Sherlin mentions that she is not a sister but just her crime partner and they just cover the crimes, Mahira inquires how does she have no emotion at which Sherlin mentions that she can make Rishab falls in love with her if she desires, however, would never do this as she only loves one person and would marry him really soon.

Preeta and Karan are driving in the car, Karan starts singing a song and after hearing it Preeta tries to see her lips wondering if they are dry then Karan takes out the lip balm, Preeta inquires how did he get it, Karan starts teasing her explaining that he kept this because if she desires to come close then he would give her the lip balm, Preeta feels cold and takes out the jacket however she also pulls out a nightdress, she immediately explains that it does not belong to her and someone else might have placed it there because she does not have the habit of wearing such clothes and that has no intention, Karan asks her if she would not have mixed feeling upon reaching there because of the dress, then while driving their car breaks down, Karan mentions that he would call the mechanic in Mumbai who would send someone whom he knows and they will have the car fixed, Karan calls the mechanic after which they start to walk towards the local restaurant.

Sarla hands some clothes to Janki ordering her to have them pressed, there is someone on the door an when she opens it, Rakhi is standing there, Sarla immediately asks them to come in then scolds Shrishti for not informing her as she would have taken care of the house otherwise, Rakhi stops her saying that she should not be so formal as they are a single family and there is nothing to worry about, Sarla explains that when she heard Preeta was going to Manali she had taken out the clothes which is when she found some of the other clothes which they do not use and so she thought of having them pressed and given to those who are in need, Sarla exclaims that she started talking about the clothes and forgot to ask them what they would like to have however Rakhi mentions that they have had the breakfast, Janki mentions that she should have the tea made by Shrishti as she makes fine tea, Sarla exclaims that it would have been in their dream as it is not the case, Shrishti goes to make it when Sarla explains that Preeta used to take care of everything but now that she is gone Shrishti is starting to take responsibility but that is why she teases her. 

Rakhi asks why she did not come to meet Preeta, Sarla mentions that she met Preeta just the day before yesterday and Rakhi even allowed Preeta to come with her, they had a lot of time to talk with each other, she, therefore, decided to meet with Preeta when she comes back. Rakhi ads that she should have come as Preeta was going out of town but Sarla is not able to answer, Rakhi mentions that she did not come because of some members of their family, Rakhi explains that they are not those who cannot take care of their daughter in law even when there are some people who have a different opinion of the society, but it is something that prevails in every household.

Mahira is packing her clothes when Sherlin comes asking her to come as they are ready, Mahira inquires about her suitcase at which Sherlin mentions that it is already in the car, Mahira gets a call from the mechanic Jadav who explains that the car broke down just as they planned and both of them are in front of him walking towards the resort, he explains how he assured them that the car would break down after reaching the bypass, he mentions that he would send the account number so they can transfer the money, Mahira exclaims that it was the right plan to call Jadav and spoil the car, Sherlin exclaims that she must not forget who made the plan before stating that now they would make sure that everything happens according to their plan and the countdown begins.

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