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This is Fate 23 August 2020: On zee world This is Fate update sunday 23rd August 2020 Janki takes Shrishti away from Sameer and says they must now meet after marriage. Rakhi meets Janki and Shrishti in the corridor and asks them to join wedding rituals. Shrishti asks Janki not to tell anyone about her, before she tells her mother. Preeta hears this. She comes to hug Shrishti but leaves. Janki asks who she was. Shrishti replies she must be a super fan of hers.

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This is Fate update sunday 23 August 2020: Rakhi notices the girl in the veil was following her, she was suspicious and takes a round to check. Sanjana observes this. She wonders why Rakhi is taking circles. Preeta reaches Rakhi. Sanjana also comes there. Rakhi blames Preeta to be trying to snatch her purse. Preeta thinks she is extremely confused if Sanjana is innocent or is as cunning as Sherlin. She requests Rakhi to come to a corner and show this purse to her mother by herself. Rakhi wasn’t convinced and leaves with Sanjana.

Preeta now comes to Karan, and in a changed voice she asks Karan to come to a corner. Karan cautiously clears his throat, and says she otherwise takes a veil. Preeta argues in a changed voice. After Karan has walked away, Sanjana comes to ask Preeta who invited her here. Preeta points to the goon, keeping an eye over her, and claims to be his sister. She lies that his wife sent her from village to keep an eye over him. Sanjana looks away, Preeta takes a flee.
In the corridor, Prithvi gets a call from the goons. They say Preeta might not be well for long, because she is continuously crying and screaming in the room. Preeta spots him and comes towards him. Prithvi holds his hand and feels as if its Preeta’s hand. Karan comes there and strictly tells him leave the hands of this veiled lady. He now takes a selfie with her in veil.

Rishab and Sherlin sat in the Mandap. Kritika asks Mahesh why Rishab is upset. Mahesh says Rishab doesn’t want this to happen. Kareena reminds Mahesh that Rishab didn’t want to take care of his business, but after his heart attack Rishab took their business to new heights. There, Bee ji asks Shrishti why Rishab is so nice.

This is Fate sunday update 23 August 2020: Preeta finds Rakhi’s purse on floor and wonders if Sherlin lied to her, because the bomb didn’t blast when it fall. Another lady comes to take her purse from Preeta. She now gets an idea to exchange the two purse, and run with Rakhi’s. Near the dinner table, Preeta sits on the opposite side of the table and grabs the purse of other lady. Karan spots her. He gets beneath the table to catch Preeta, but she was nowhere to be seen. She comes from the opposite direction. While passing by, Preeta hits Prithvi’s arm. Before Prithvi could speak, Karan reaches there. He forbids Prithvi to be seen either with his family or fan.

Prithvi comes to meet Preeta. He appreciates his goons for taking care of Preeta for so long. He comes to the room in a mask, but Preeta wasn’t there.
In the wedding, Sherlin thinks after marrying she will get Kratika’s wedding fixed to her lover and find a good solution for Karan as well. She smirks that Rishab will continue to feel the guilt. Karan thinks he can’t get defeated in hands of this shrewd lady. He will protect his brother, and won’t spare that Preeta.
Preeta brings the purse to a lake. The bomb blasts in water body. Preeta was relieved. She then looks into Sherlin’s phone. The call log had been deleted and there was no message record. But Preeta finds the video record. She finds Sarla’s video in her phone and thinks where this place can be. There was a phone call on the number. Preeta was sure it must be some goon of Sherlin. She takes the call by placing a dupatta over her mouth. Raaj asks if he will have to pay for the gun. She replies, no it’s for their use. She then says she is on the Mandap but needs to meet Preeta’s mother, she asks him about some short cut. Preeta hires an auto but the cell phone left dropped on the road.

This is Fate sunday 23 August 2020 update: Karan throws a ball over the honey pot in Mandap, it jumps over to Rishab’s clothes. Karan shouts who did this mischief and comes to clear Rishab’s clothes. Kareena says she will just clean them. Rishab says its honey and extremely sticky, he must rinse it. Karan tells Rishab to go to washroom. Rakhi and Kareena say this must be a bad omen, but Sherlin says alright; she is waiting here. Sherlin murmurs she knows Karan is doing to stop this wedding. Karan replies yes obviously.
Rishab comes out of bath. Karan stood at the door, annoyed. Rishab asks what happened. Karan hugs Rishab. Rishab says when Karan’s anger has cooled down, he will understand everything. He must know that he loves Karan the most in the world. Rishab tells Karan not to fight with him. Karan says he has come here for the last time. He says it’s the last chance, afterwards he won’t repeat. Rishab was ready to hear. Karan asks Rishab if he has seen Preeta in his wedding. Rishab says she didn’t come. Preeta went to bring something which can stop this marriage. Rishab asks if Preeta also doesn’t want him to marry Sherlin. He only knows Preeta dislikes Sherlin. Rishab confirms if Preeta truly doesn’t want him to marry Sherlin. Rishab was at once ready to break this marriage, he now knows what Preeta ji wants from him. He hurries to tell everyone he can’t marry Sherlin. Karan was shocked at the reaction. Rishab says he doesn’t know Preeta wouldn’t want anything bad for him. Karan taunts what about all the logics and philosophies. He would go downstairs and apologize everyone, he won’t marry Sherlin.

zee world This is Fate 23 August 2020 update: Rakhi and Kareena had come to the room and were shocked to hear this conversation. Rakhi was in a state of shock. Kareena comes there and asks Rishab if he means he doesn’t want to marry Sherlin. What will happen to Sherlin? And their guests, relatives and friends are all here. Karan asks them to think about Rishab. Rakhi scolds Karan to interfere in elder’s matters. Rishab argues if someone asked him ever, if he wants this marriage. Rakhi shouts that he must have said this earlier, now the Mandap is decorated and he can’t back off anymore. He must only leave the Mandap when married to Sherlin. Rishab denies marrying Sherlin. Karan, Preeta and he doesn’t want so, he was marrying Sherlin only for Preeta.

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