This is Fate 26 December 2021: Kritika gets up and kisses the hand of Mahesh after sitting beside him, Dadi also gives her the Shugun after touching it with the hand of Mahesh, Dadi orders Sameer to take the thali of Shugun from the kitchen and give it to the family of Akshay, Sameer gets tensed however agrees to take it to his house.

Akshay is sitting in the car, he calls Megha asking her to come downstairs explain that he has a surprise for her, she gets shocked as he is calling her at once however then the call disconnects, Akshay thinks of how much attitude the girls have even when they always do what he desires, he once again calls her when she explains that she is coming so he should just wait for a while.

Karina along with the family reaches the mandir, the Pandit explains how he was waiting for them when Rakhi apologizes for being late as they got stuck in traffic to which the Pandit explains how he knew so asked them to come half an hour earlier. Karina explains how he did the right thing because then everyone would always be on time. The Pandit asks them to sit as he would start the pooja so they should all pray for the married life of Kritika, Preeta prays for the marriage to end because Akshay is not the right person and if he marries Kritika then her life would be destroyed. Sherlin on the other hand prays that the marriage is successful as then she would be appreciated in the entire family.

Sameer is driving when he is about to get in an accident so stops the car however then he sees Akshay and is shocked when a girl hugs him, Sameer thinks that she is Ruchika however is shocked to see that it is Megha, he immediately calls Preeta explaining her about Akshay meeting with Megha, she orders him to keep an eye on him as they have to prove that he is not the right person, Sherlin worries about the intentions of Preeta so tries to listen to her conversation however then acts as if she lost her earring, Preeta advises her to first plan as she is wearing both her earrings.

Akshay is in the hotel where he takes a key, Sameer has followed them so goes to the reception mentioning how he is an employee of Akshay and he has called him into his room however he has misplaced the room number so desires that she tells him as otherwise he would be fired from his job, Sameer is able to get the room number promising to never tell anyone as it would also place the job of the reception at risk, Sameer immediately calls Preeta informing that Akshay is staying at hotel Crown seas room number 101, Preeta advises him to keep an eye on them while she calls Shrishti as they have to expose Akshay.

Preeta gets a call from Shrishti who asks if there is anything worrying her, Preeta asks if she remembers Megha from the party mentioning how they both are in hotel crown seas, Shrishti exclaims that she cannot forget her as she blamed her in the party, Preeta mentions how she will reveal the true face of Akshay in front of everyone, she mentions how she would take everyone to the hotel and reveal the truth, Sherlin is worried about the plans of Preeta.

Shrishti calls Sameer mentioning how Preeta has informed her of the entire plan and she wants him to keep an eye on them while she reaches the hotel, Sameer asks her to come as soon as possible as then they would prove what kind of a person Akshay is.

The pooja finishes and everyone goes outside the Mandir, Preeta stops them saying how she requires an hour of their time, Kritika ask what surprise has she planned but Preeta mentions that there is a surprise but it will not be pleasant, Preeta mentions that she would show them but cannot say it out loudly, Karina doesnot want to believe her so is about to leave, Preeta explains that Akshay is with Megha in a hotel room, she explains how Akshay and Megha are in the hotel room and that they both knew each other before the party so that is why they blamed Preeta because they had an affair however Karina does not believe her ordering her to never blame her son in law ever again because her daughter is going to be married today, Karina asks her to come when Kritika mentions that she has the time to give Preeta an hour as she wants to be sure that Akshay is the right choice for her, Kritika mentions how she also got suspicious on Akshay at the time of the function because she knows Preeta and Shristhi and knows that she cannot be wrong, Kritika mentions that she cannot marry Akshay with the suspicion and so should give Preeta a chance.

Karina gets mad at Preeta blaming her for creating suspicion in the heart of Kritika which is why she is refusing to marry Akshay, Rakhi also takes the side of Preeta mentioning how she should be given a chance to prove her accusations, Karina mentions how she knew Rakhi would always take the side of Preeta but she is going to accept the words of Preeta because of her however if Preeta is proven wrong then what would she do as a punishment, Preeta exclaims that she would accept any punishment which Karina suggests to which Karina says that if Preeta is proven wrong then she would face Karina and no one would come between them.

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