This is Fate 28 November 2021: Mahira prepares the camera then takes the water goes to the ice bucket and after adding the ice cube she asks Karan to drink it, Karan exclaims that he is feeling really weird and does not know what has happened, he tries getting up but then Mahira holds his hand asking him to leave her hand, Karan exclaims that he has not held her hand but Mahira is continuously exclaiming how he has held her hand and should have the honeymoon with Preeta and not her, Mahira then pushes herself over him, Karan asks what is she doing at which Mahira explains that she can entertain him if he desires until Preeta does not come, Mahira then thinks that the camera would record what she desires and then Karan would have to plead to her desires.

Shrishti explains that this cannot happen because she herself saw Mahira drinking the water, Sherlin also comes explaining that it is opportune that they have gotten awake because now she would inform them about what has happened because they thought that Mahira would not be able to spend the night with Karan but she saw them in the resort and even when Sameer came to their table she saw how he mixed something then she exchanged the drinks, and the best part is that Mahira is awake and is at the present moment with Karan in his room, Preeta asks why is she talking rubbish.

Sherlin goes to her asking why is she worried but that she should be worried now because Mahira is with Karan wearing the nighty which Shrishti brought for her and now Mahira would spend the night with Karan and in actual would have the honeymoon, Preeta explains how this would not happen because she knows that Karan is not like that, Sherlin explains that she desires to inform her that when the situation changes then men tend to have mixed feelings, Shrishti asks her to stop saying rubbish and that there is no need to watch the video’s, Shrishti pleads with Preeta to not see them because she heard Sherlin and Mahira talking about how they would mix something in his drink. Sherlin explains that even when a person is in a state of being drunk even then what he does is actually what he desired to do so this might happen because Karan desired to be with Mahira and not her as he married her with false content. Sherlin then starts the video before leaving.

Preeta sees that Mahira has given Karan a tablet, she prays that he does not have it however Karan takes it, he is not able to control himself then falls against the table, Preeta exclaims that Mahira is wearing her nightdress and she feels that she would try to do some wrongful act with Karan, Shrishti starts yelling asking why is she doing this because the dress was for Karan.
Mahira in the room asks Karan to not worry and calm down, she is turning on the music starts dancing with him even when he is not really in his senses, she starts to have a romance with him when he is not able to control himself, Karan falls to the ground and Mahira also goes after him and he is really in the state of being drugged sees Mahira as Preeta.

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Preeta while being bound explains that she is not Infront of him and it is actually Mahira, Preeta pleads with him to leave her and not go near her because she is trying to manipulate him, Karan however sees her as Preeta then starts to be romantic with her thinking that it is his wife, they both start to dance while holding the hands, Karan even kisses them as he feels that it is really Preeta.

They both stare into each other’s eyes when Mahira pushes him against the wall while trying to get closer to him, Karan also pulls her closer but when she gets back it is when he realizes that she is actually Mahira so Karan pushes her away, he feels pain in his head but Mahira is constantly trying to come closer to him, she forcefully takes him to the bed where he falls and she gets up on him, Preeta is not able to see it so calls for help without knowing who would come for them.

Rakhi brings tea for Dadi and Karina, she sits down saying that she is missing them Karina explains that they would come back after some time, Dadi asks about Sherlin and Mahira, Karina explains that Sherlin is ill and Mahira is taking care of her, Rakhi asks that she said that Mahira was ill and Sherlin is taking care of her, Karina explains that Sherlin got ill while taking care of Mahira and when they sought the advice of the doctor he explained that it is because of her pregnancy so she should be sent to any hill station which is why she sent them both to Manali and they are in the same hotel as Karan and Preeta, Karina asks Dadi if she did the right act, she gets the approval then is ordered to bring the mobile phone.

Dadi asks Rakhi what has happened as she is looking tense, Rakhi explains that her problem is Mahira as she does not think righteous of Preeta and is of the view that Preeta stole Karan from her, which is not the case and she cannot think of how to make her realize the fact because she is after all the daughter of her childhood friend.

Dadi seeing her mobile is shocked as she has a lot of missed calls from Mahira and Sherlin, Karina also says that it is the same with her, there is a ring on the door, Rakhi goes to check it but Ganesh stops her saying that he found her mobile and she should sit while he would open the door, Rakhi also says that she has a lot of missed calls from Sherlin and Mahira.

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