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This is Fate 30 August 2020: Karan is in his room, Rishab forces himself in and asks him to tele what happened between him and Preeta because she was not answering his call, he forces him to tell her saying that he wants to know because he did not like the way he behaved with her, Karan says that he threw her out of the house, Karan says that he would kill her. if he sees her again which really makes Rishab gets furious and he is about to hurt him, he again ask him what is the reason.

Karan explains that he and Preeta were both trying to stop his marriage, Karan shows him the massages saying that they got the proof against Sherlin as they both knew that she was pregnant and so he waited for her, he even destroyed the mandap but she did not come, Rishab asks that he believed that he was lying to stop the wedding, Rishab asks if this was the only reason he threw Preeta out.
Karan says that he did this because his life got ruined because of Preeta and for that he will not forgive her, Rishab assures that if he is with him than nothing bad can ever happen to him, this makes Karan emotional and he hugs him.

Shrishti explains that she was attending the wedding and when she got to the hospital she saw that Preeta was unconscious, Sarla explains that this was all that happened, Bi jee asks what has happened with Preeta because she has never cried like this before, Shrishti says that she has a plan and Bi jee must act like she has fallen and got injured and so has hurt, Janki refuses saying that she is not do stupid, the fulfill the plan at which Preeta gets worried hearing he sound and comes to them , she inquires if the health of Bi jee, when he realizes that it was all a prank, Preeta tries to leave but Sarla holds her asking that she knows that there is something wrong and she wants to know what happened.

Sarla explains that she always thought how they both were in their also when they were not with her but when he finally met them she got to know that she was just like what Sarla wanted, she asks what happened, Preeta mentions that Karan didn’t trust what she said, they all get amazed that Karan did not believe her, Preeta explains that he sad she was making up stories and not the truth, she told him the entire truth but he said that she was telling a lie and also that blamed her from taking money from Sherlin, hearing g which Sarla gets worried, blaming that’s he did not care for his family but took money from Sherlin, Shrishti is not able to believe what Preeta is saying, she also says that he had some photos with her and Sherlin where she is taking money form her.

She tries to assure that she was not there, Shrishti ask if she did not tell him that’s he was in the hospital, she says that’s he mentioned each and everything but he did not trust her saying that she was just making stories, Sarla says that she cannot do anything of this and he is her best friend and they both were there for each other when they needed them as a friend, Sarla says that she will go there and explain each and everything to Karan that her daughter is not like this and faced such extreme situations to stop the wedding but just as she gets up Sherlin is standing behind her saying that nothing can happen now.

Shrishti gets furious with her and is about to throw her out of the house, She says that when they got here they will be thrown out from there, Sarla asks her to leave from their house, Sherlin asks them to stop because when they all tried to stop her from getting married and they also were not able to succeed than they should stop. She explains that she enjoyed when Karan threw her from his house.

Shrishti says that it is very foolish of her to come alone because she will torture her the same way as she tortured her mother so she has already gotten an insurance from the police so if they touch her than they will be arrested, she filed that they will be trying to kill her and if she gets even a scratch from them they will than get arrested, she will be relieved when they all get out from her path.

Bi jee asks what she wants from then, she says that she came to challenge them all that she has become the member of the Luthra family and so has come to say that they should break their relation from the Luthras otherwise she will ruin their lives, they must realize what happens when she comes into someone life and it is death.

Sherlin warns them all that they should step aside otherwise they will all suffer, Sarla however gets really angry saying that they will not listen to her and will go to the police themselves, Sherlin however mentions that she has just gotten married and is fed up of this, Shrishti tries to hurt her but she is stopped by Sarla, and she mentions that they must have known that she is a really cruel thing.
Sarla ordered her to leave but she mention that she cannot otherwise they will again try to hurt her and she will have them all killed, She explains that she has a really killed offer for them and they can all go on a vacation at her expense, they can do what she wants and she will pay the entire money, Shrishti tries to throw her out of the house, Janki mentions that she needs money but not from her and she believes just in her god so if she does not leave then they will kidnap her just as she did with their family.

Sherlin tries to at and says sorry but Preeta says that she came thinking that they can be sold but she must have now understood that they are really self-less people, Preeta asks that she had also clicked photos that were false, Sherlin offers her money but she explains that she cannot make the allegation true and now she will fight with her because that is what her mother has taught her, Sherlin is amazed to see that they refused money so they will all be ruined but will still be stubborn, Preeta says that they will not take money from the wrong sources.
Sherlin tries to leave mentioning that they must stay away otherwise she will have them all killed, Sherlin mentions that she has not enough time as it is her first night with Rishab, Preeta challenges her that she will not be able to live like a wife with him because she is well below his standards, Sherlin tries to use what Karan did with her to stop her from doing anything wrong with her, Preeta explains that she is like a daughter for them and will always stand with them, she also says that she will do all that is possible to bring out the truth of her in front of the Luthra’s, Sherlin also accepts the challenge and leaves their house after taunting Preeta.
They all hug when she leaves
Sherlin is waiting in her room for Rishab, he finally enters and is about to leave thinking what Karan said that Sherlin is not fair with Rishab, he closes the door and seeing how it asks if her can open the window, he explains how calm the weather is but is not like this and is the silence before the storm, he asks her to be comfortable, Sherlin thinks if the night has begun, she thinks if she has to start, however Rishab is thinking what Karan said that Sherlin is pregnant, she tries to taught him but he catches her hand saying that he is not well and has to rest, she gets worried thinking if Preeta has told the truth to him.
Rishab explains that he feels comfortable while sleeping alone so she can sleep on the bed and he will take the couch.

Preeta is not able to sleep and is crying, Shrishti also gets up and get really worried, she comes to Preeta asking if she is crying but Preeta lies that she is alright, Shrishti asks why she is thinking of Karan when he did not believe her and she can forgive anyone for a lot of things but what he did with her she cannot forgive, Preeta says that she does not want to talk about Karan but Shrishti mentions that she thought Kara is a very nice person but what he did with her she now feels that he is really bad, Preeta stops her from saying anything that they cannot comprehend Karan’s mental situation and he even does not have anyone to go to, Shrishti says that she thought that Preeta is crying because she is hurt but she is crying because Karan did not believe her and she might have lost her love, Preeta gets furious to which Shrishti explains that it is the feeling that comes after losing a loved one, which she understands.
Karna is trying to sleep but still thinking of Preeta, he gets restless and starts to shout, which wakes Samer who is in the next room and he comes hurrying to his room, Karan gets up and takes out their photo he mentions that he has started to hate her and eh will remove her existence from his life, he tears the photo and throws it away, Samer catches it and comes asking if he is not able to sleep and is thinking of Preeta, Karan gets really angry and throws him out of the room, Preeta goes to the kitchen requesting that all the memories she has if Karan leave her mind as he has hurt her a lot, she never believed he hated her so much.

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