This is Fate 1 October 2020: This is Fate update Thursday 1st October 2020, Prithvi is yelling that he will be the one to marry Preeta, he steps forward to take Preeta’s hand, Karan stops him warning that he will beat him if he does anything of the sort, Shrishti steps in explaining that he has no value in their lives anymore, Samer also stands with her advising Prithvi that he go back to his house and sleep, Karan says that he must listen to what everyone is saying.

This is Fate update Thursday 1 October 2020: Prithvi explains that everything that has happened today because of Karan was not right  saying that his heart has been broken so now he will kill Karan, they both get into a fight, Sarla pulls Prithvi slapping him, she explains that she warned him that if he does anything then she will not let him go, she knows that he has been deceived but now Preeta is married with Karan, Prithvi’s mother steps in explaining that she and her daughter have lost a pearl of a person which they will regret, she takes him away.

They both are walking, Prithvi stops saying that they all have wronged him, this wedding will not prove successful, it will also end the happiness in Preeta’s life, he threatens them to remover his words, Shrishti explains that they do not care for any of his words.

Sarla asks Bi jee to listen what bad things Prithvi has said, Bi jee explains that two of the true hearts have gotten married so nothing bad can happen to them.

Sarla advises that they go back to their house so they can prepare to send Preeta away, Karan request that she let him do something first, he kneels down asking for Preeta to take his hand, she gives in holding his hands at which everyone is left rejoiced, he gets up kissing her on the forehead, she gets emotional crying, he holds her face seeing her in the eyes, they both start to cry,.

Rishab is trying to call Karan but he is not answering. Dadi asks if he is not answering the call, he acts as if Karan has accepted the call asking him to come back home early, dadi ask him to give her the phone, he thinks that he has only acted to calm her, Rishab then request her to calm down as he is driving so ended the call, she must then rest and Karan will soon come.

This is Fate Thursday 1 October 2020: Sherlin is standing thinking that Rishab has also started to lie, as he consoled Dadi even when Karan had not accepted the call, she thinks of what he might be doing.

Prithvi walks angrily out of the hall, he blames that no one will be happy with this wedding as he was supposed to marry Preeta, he says that now that everything has ended he will also destroy the hall, he gets angry smashing the wedding decor, and his family members come to stop him.

Their guests say that he has gotten mad and so be sent to the mental asylum, his mother hears this and saying to them that they both should be sent to the mental asylum so that they can take over their property.

Sarla asks Janki and Shrishti to make Preeta and Karan seated in their house. Bi jee asks them both to go and rest in their room. Sarla asks Kappu to decorate the car, Samer however says that he will; do it, Shrishti also says to help him. they all are standing and start to joke with Karan on how restless he has gotten after marrying Preeta, Bi jee asks them to take him to her room,

Shrishti sits with Preeta, she starts to act Shy, Shrishti asks what is the reason she is acting like this, Shrishti explains that in other peoples wedding there are a lot of ups and down but her groom changed and she married the boy of his dreams , she is trying to pull her sisters leg.

Same comes with Karan, he asks him what changed his mind and that he married Preeta as he said that he would not marry her, Karan is not able to say anything. Samer taunts him saying that he will tell Shrishti whom even Karan will not be able to answer.

This is Fate 1 October 2020: Janki comes into the room and is jumping with happiness, she hugs Shrishti saying that Preeta married the men whom they all wanted her to marry, Sarla comes scolding Janki of sitting with preeta, she answers that she has to talk with Preeta and say a lot of things to her. Sarla goes to her and gets emotional, she kisses her asking if she is happy before ordering both Shrishti and Janki to go and [reaper for her leaving the house. She hugs her again.

Samer is calling Rakhi but Karan stops him saying that he does not want to tell anyone because he has decided to give them a surprise. Shrishti calls Samer who leaves to prepare his car.

Sherlin is not able to realize what has happened to the Luthra family as they are not able to withstand it, Rishab is not able to control his emotion knowing that the one who is behind the accident he was not able to punish him, she then thinks of all the bad things that have happened to the Luthra family, she stops herself from laughing as only then will she be able to take her place as the elder daughter in law of the family so she will take everyone in her palms, she also thinks that Prithvi can marry anyone he likes as he will do what she wants which is beneficial for her.

Prithvi very angrily enters the house before going to his room, her mother tries to stop him but he does not listen, her family members say that they have gotten really insulted because they were not able to marry her son with Prithvi, they explain that Preeta had no problem in her but after the wedding ended now it will be really problematic for Prithvi, they exclaim that she should marry Prithvi to any girl she finds as it will be the best choice.

Prithvi is yelling that he might be bad but is really the right choice for Preeta, he is calcimining that he is the best person, he gets into a fight with the guest and throws them from his house, not even listening to his mother who is trying to calm him down, she starts to cry when he closes the door.
Prithvi is really frustrated and angrily walks out ordering them all to leave his house, his mother asks what he is doing to which Prithvi says that she didn’t care for what they said and he wants them to leave his house immediately.

This is Fate Thursday 1 October 2020 update: Samer and Shrishti are decorating the car during which she is very excited as Karan has married Karan and he has become her brother in law, she starts beating him because he did not tell her anything she does not even listen to his excuse, she runs after him and he enters the house, complaining to Sarla that she is beating him, Sarla sends Shrishti to call Preeta.

Samer runs to Janki asking her for her help, she also agrees to do anything with him, Preeta comes with Shrishti, Sarla asks her to take the rice with both her hands and throw them backwards and she will catch them all, Preeta asks the reason, she explains that it is because when a daughter gets married then it is like that the goddess has left the house so they do it to protect them from any mishap.
Janki along with Samer and decorating the entrance of the house with flowers, she exclaims that she feels it was a really good idea, Samer also explains that he is also very happy because Preeta will have a really big family to make her feel comfortable.

Preeta comes to the houses steps while doing the ritual, Sarla after the ritual ends hugs Preeta where she gets really emotional so starting to cry, she then goes to Karan pleading that he take care of her daughter as if she will cry then Sarla will not be able to live through it, Karan assures her of the best behavior, Sarla then moves back to Preeta correcting her clothes and making her sit in the car, she kisses her hand, Preeta is really emotional still crying, Karan then gets into the car and they both drive off leaving everyone crying.

Prithvi is constantly lighting a lighter thinking of his future plan, his mother comes explaining that she did not say anything in front of the family members but now feels he has not done the right thing by fighting with all his family members because she was not the last girl in the world, she then exclaims that it was not his fault as she was also a really nice girl, she starts to say bad things of her family members, Prithvi gets irritated with her behavior and tries to leave, she stops him pleading that it is not the right decision, he threatens to burn her if she stops him before slamming the door of the house, she wonders what might have happened if Preeta had married her son instead of Karan.
Preeta is sitting in the car with Karan, she thinks of all the romantic moments spent with him where he confessed his love for her, she gets really happy thinking that she got married to the boy whom she wanted and is really happy.

Prithvi is sitting outside drinking where he remembers thinking what Karan said that he will not let him marry Preeta, Prithvi hears everyone laughing at him, he holding his ears kneels down with embarrassment before getting up and fighting with the hallucinations, Prithvi thinks that he will not kill anyone today as it was his marriage day, he thinks that he needs Sherlin with him, she will be the only one who will be able to help him, he calls her.

Sherlin is taking the jug when she gets a call from Sherlin, she accepts it and he says that he needs her help, she answers that he might be thinking what she thought but she is really happy and so doesn’t care so wants him to be happy, he ends the call in anger, she again decides to call him but he does not pick it thinking that she is very angry with him so he will not talk to her.

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