This is Fate 14 October 2021: Preeta sitting with Mahesh explains that she has come to their house and will prove that she is his daughter, she pleads with him to also wake up now because he has been resting for a lot of time so should take up his responsibilities once more, she gets up and is shocked to find that Rakhi Is standing there, Preeta says that she knew they have accepted her as the daughter in law of the family because she ordered Maira to go back to her house, Rakhi explains that she did what was better for her family and knows that it took her some time but is glad that what has happened would be for the betterment for her family.

Rakhi sits with Mahesh in the room explaining that he also loves Preeta and even she knows that she is not a bad girl, she also tried to love her as she did but whenever she tried to Preeta always did something that broke her trust which she could not bear, she advises that he get well soon because this Is all that they want.

Preeta is in the kitchen when Karan comes, while searching for sugar calls it but Karan exclaims that she is calling him, he answers that he had a girlfriend who also used to call him sugar, Preeta says that why did she leave him then, was it because he got diabetic, Karan starts laughing then goes to take an apple, he unconsciously touches her, Preeta gets a mad warning that he should not touch her because she knows that both husband and wife can touch each other but it should be when they both agree, he pulls her closer asking how she feels he touched her, then explains that he would not touch her until she agrees, she then leaves to get the ingredients, Karan is not able to look away from her, he assures her that he would not touch her until she agrees, he leaves the kitchen while Sherlin is hiding just beside the door.

Sherlin enters the kitchen explaining that she mentioned that Sherlin is her elder so she should give her some respect, Preeta mentions that she has to earn the respect and should not ask for it, Sherlin says that she should not say so much about her because she is younger so should concentrate on her pudding otherwise it would be a ruin, Preeta mentions that she can say whatever she desires because Preeta has no care for her.

Preeta mentions that she is the elder daughter-in-law but has no care for the family and also that she has fooled everyone as they do not know of her secret pregnancy, Sherlin tries threatening her but Preeta mentions that it doesn’t suit her actions.

Rakhi comes to Dadi who says that she has called because someone has come to meet her, it is Nimmi the sister of Rakhi who is shocked and amazed to meet her, Nimmi says that she is angry with Rakhi as if she did not need their family jewels she would not have missed her, Rakhi holds her by the ear explaining that she should not talk like this as there is nothing of concern, Karan also comes, he greets Nimmi so she gives him his gift, she explains that she would like to meet both the daughters-in-law of the Rakhi, she mentions that she would first like to meet Preeta as Sherlin has been married for some time.

Rakhi thinks that this means Dadi would have told everything about Preeta to Nimmi so they can meet Preeta without any concern.

Shrishti is in the kitchen and is not able to find the pot for making tea, she is angry with Sameer as he did not answer her call and even did not call her back becu8ase she knows that Karina might have pressurized him. Sarla is worried after hearing her exclamation, She comes to the kitchen asking if Shrishti came to make tea, Sarla finds the pot and starts preparing the tea, Shrishti inquires what she Is thinking off, Sarla mentions that she is thinking that just some days ago they all were drinking tea together but now Preeta is with another family, Sarla explains that under normal circumstances families know that their daughters would be happy but it is not the case with Preeta as she has a lot of problems to face, she is sure that Preeta would fight them all but is worried about Shrishti, she mentions that she would not let her get married to anyone who doesn’t like their family, Shrishti tries to make excuses saying that she is not that old, Sarla inquires if she would not marry the boy of her choice, Shrishti touching her hand exclaims that she is having a fever so should come with her to the room and also calls Janki.

Preeta asks Sherlin how she can threaten her when she knows that Preeta knows a lot of her dark secrets then why she can threaten her. Preeta explains that she asked her to not let Maira marry Karan and if she had agreed then Preeta would not have come and she should listen that whatever she says is the truth, Sherlin gets angry but Preeta stops her.

They both hear that Rakhi is coming, Rakhi says that she wants them to meet someone who is her elder sister, Preeta takes her blessings, Nimmi mentions that she has a gift for them and they have to earn it as she has seen her but would judge her from her actions, Nimmi orders Preeta to get ready as the guests would be arriving really soon, Rakhi also orders Sherlin to get ready.

Nimmi inquires if Rakhi found Preeta for Karan, Rakhi defends Preeta saying that she would really like her once she gets to know how she is, Nimmi asks if she can say the truth then explains that Preeta is really down to earth and morally good because she is the best match for Karan.

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