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This is Fate 15 October 2020: This is Fate Thursday update 15th October 2020, Rishab explains that he will not need Sherlin or her phone to prove that Preeta is innocent, He leaves so Sherlin thinks that she is sure he will come to bring her home but will also stop her from leaving the house.

This is Fate update Thursday 15 October 2020: Sameer asks Karan if he thinks that Sherlin would have given Risahb the phone, Karan is confused explaining that he doesn’t know as she is a very difficult person to understand, he also mentions that he heard her calling Risahb as baby, Sameer is not convinced then Karan explains that she can call him as he is her husband, he says that it can be the case even when he also calls Preeta by different names, then Rishab comes and when they both ask he says that she did not give him the phone and this also led to a fight amongst them both, he even scolded her but she did not feel anything, they both start to wonder what they will do, Karan says that he is going to the police station, Risahb also advises to accompany him but karan says that he must stay back as if Sherlin has decided to leave then he must stay back to control the situation.
Sherlin calls Maria requesting her to bring everyone to the meeting room, She calls them all and they wonder what might have happened, They all come to the room where Sherlin starts to cry and also hugs Rakhi, they all get worried asking her what the matter is, she then hands Rakhi, Karina and Dadi the jewellery which they gifted her, Dadi asks the reason she is giving them the gifts which they had presented to her, she explains that she is no longer the part of their house as both karan and Risahb want her to leave the house so she will leave.

Rishab is in the party where Sameer comes asking him where the family is, he explains that they all will be with Sherlin as she is angry, he explains that all he wanted was to see the video and it is his right but she refused so he got angry however this doesn’t mean that she threatens to leave the house, he admits that he got angry and should not have done it, Sameer asks if he feels anything to which he explains that he is affected as she is his wife, however she must also realize that he has some reservations but she doesn’t feel what he is thinking, Sameer asks what he is thinking of doing, Risahb explains that he will wait as it is the only thing which he can do.

This is Fate Thursday 15 October 2020: Sherlin explains that both karan and Risahb hate her a lot, Rakhi is not able to believe what she is hearing, Dadi and Karina explain that she is mistaken, Kartika says that she feels that the way she is talking about her brothers is not right as all that is happening is not related to anything that is happening, Sherlin says that it is all related and she has done a lot for the family, Karina pleads with her to explain it all, Sherlin says that they all know that Preeta tried to take Maira’s life, they all agree and Maira is also thankful for her help, Kartika tries to explain her point of view so asks Sherlin to calm down, karina scolds Kartika for talking rudely with Sherlin.

Sherlin explains that she got married to Rishab as it was the wish of karina and even Rakhi came to her mother, she is hurt as even now Risahb doesn’t trust her so what is the point in staying in the house as when she explained to Risahb that Preeta tried to kill Maira he refused to accept it all so does not trust her, Rakhi explains that she feels that Sherlin has some reservations against Preeta’s character which are not true, Sherlin mentions that she is not mistaken as she was present at the location and saw the incident happen with her own eyes and even has a video which she gave to the police who arrested her once again, everyone is shocked to hear the news.

Preeta is sitting In her cell and is constantly thinking about Karan she is left confused and wonders why is it happening, she is not able to believe if he will come, karan enters the police station, he comes to her explaining that he cares a lot of her, she is not able to believe her eyes asking why she came to which he tries to threaten her of leaving which scares the hell out of her.
Sherlin explains that she was ready to show Risahb the video of the accident but asked him if he trusted her to which he replied that he trusts Preeta and Sherlin which was really hurting as she was being compared to someone who is not even the part of their family, she has always thought of the welfare of the family and is even aware of the fact that there are some people who love Preeta a lot so what is the point in staying so she will leave from the backside as she doesn’t want to spoil the party, they all try to stop her but she doesn’t listen to them all, Kartika wonders how well Sherlin is pretending, Sherlin explains that she will leave even when Dadi pleads with her to not leave, she does not listen and leaves.

Dadi advises Rakhi to talk with Risahb as what he ahs done is not right, Ramona explains that she must now believe Sherlin as she even has a proof and she will be marrying her daughter to Rakhi’s son so she must take care of her daughter.
Preeta asks karan the reason he is worried about her, he explains that he was not able enjoy the party so wanted to ask her if she was okay or needed something to eat, he again promises her that she will be freed from the allegations of trying to murder Maira.

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