This is Fate 18 November 2021: Karan mentions that he feels that the room belongs to him after a long time so he will sleep without any worries, Karan turns off the light, and Preeta goes downstairs exclaiming that he would have to pay for what he has done.

Preeta reaches the hall thinking that she would be able to sleep but if someone wakes up then it would create a lot of problems and if Mahira sees her she would come to know that her relation with Karan is not the best so she would wish to snatch Karan even more, she decides to sleep praying that anyone but Rakhi and Dadi see her, she decides to sleep on the sofa and then hides even her slippers so that no one sees her.

Karan is in his room thinking of how Preeta was pleading with him to not let her go downstairs but he is really smart so would not believe her, then he remembers how she mentioned that she would not be able to sot sleep anywhere else other than her room.

Preeta is sleeping on the sofa when Karina comes and seeing her thinks that she is sleeping her so her relationship with Karan would not be so strong as she is not fulfilling the rights of a wife which is a blessing for her.

Karan comes to Preeta and tries waking her up mentioning that someone might see her, she does not respond so he lifts her In his arms taking her to the room, he mentions that he picks up those who do not listen to her and he might throw her because she has been teasing him a lot, Preeta is not asleep so thinks that she would act as otherwise he would not take her back to the room, Karan exclaims that she has gotten really fat and is heavy, hearing this Preeta jumps and runs to the room, he also goes after her and they both while fighting stumble on the ground, he exclaims that she is glowing a lot and also looks really good while smiling so must remain like this, he inquires if she wears any makeup because she is looking really pretty, she once again smiles and runs away.

Preeta enters the room and locks the door when he is about to enter, Preeta exclaims how he messed with her and locked her out of the room but she was not able to sleep on the sofa because she was really fat however he would be able to sleep, Karan exclaims that this means she was fooling her when she was sleeping, Preeta mentions that this would not have gotten so worse if he had let her sleep in the room but she would not let him in the room and he might sleep on the sofa.

Karan is sleeping on the sofa when Karina comes and is shocked to see Karan sleeping on the sofa, however, she tries to wake him but he does not respond, Karina gets and thinks that she would scold her for doing this to him, Preeta in the room remembers how Karan mentioned that he cannot sleep without the pillow but she exclaims that it is not that soft, Karina does not knock on the door thinking that she would use this when it is the right time.

In the morning Preeta comes to wake Karan however he exclaims that he would not go until she apologizes to him when she apologizes he asks her to hold her eyes and after she does it he once again asks her to perform the sit-up and when she does it he asks her to lift him just like he lifted her in the night, however, Preeta refuses then exclaims that she cannot lift him and he should sleep on the sofa, Karan mentions that she got mad however he was just teasing her and would have followed her otherwise. Preeta says to Karan that he must not go to the washroom before as she also has to take a bath.

Mahira is in the kitchen, Sherlin comes asking what has happened to which Mahira mentions that she was not able to sleep because she was thinking of what she can make for the family that they also like her the same as Preeta, Mahira exclaims that this proves that she was better from them as she might have taken cooking classes, Sherlin inquires what kind of dish can she make which everyone would like, Mahira mentions that she does not know how to cook anything,
Preeta enters asking what they were talking off, Sherlin says that Mahira was saying she is taking sides with Karan’s team as she really loves him, Preeta exclaims Sherlin has gotten demoted as before she would look Preeta in the eyes but now is making excuses, Sherlin is not able to comprehend how confident Preeta has gotten, she starts preparing tea when Rakhi calls her, she leaves after inquiring that they both would not ruin the tea, Sherlin agrees, Mahira asks why would she help Preeta, Sherlin mentions that she would not as they would mix salt in the tea and when everyone would ask her and she would blame Sherlin, Mahira should repent her saying that she unconditionally added salt to the tea.

Preeta reaches the hall, Rakhi is waiting for her and is about to inform the news when Karan comes asking why the water heater is not working, Preeta exclaims that it might be because of some malfunction so she would call the electrician, Karan, however, exclaims that would do it by himself, Samer inquires what has happened because he is not looking fresh, Kartika slaps him at which Sameer asks what has happened, Kartika responds that he has asked such innocent question, so she was forced to hit him and he must understand that both of them are a newlywed couple of their family.

Mahira mentions that she does not know how to cook anything but knows how to ruin what Preeta has made and if the tea is not well then the entire day of the family would be ruined, Karina comes asking what has happened, they both get stunned and Karina mentions that she saw Mahira with the salt jar and she was purposefully putting it in the tea which Preeta has made, she inquires what Sherlin is doing because she should have stopped Mahira but instead is supporting her.

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