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This is Fate 19 November 2020: This is Fate update Thursday 19th November 2020, Karina stops Preeta when she is walking in the hall exclaiming that she rude even before but has stepped a little further to which Peeta responds that there is nothing of the sort as she has come as a guest and will leave like one but Karina is not convinced mentioning that does she go to each and every party or function from where she gets an invite, Karina is sure that Preeta desires to ruin the marriage of Karan and Maira, she responds that she does not have any intention of the sort and will leave like a guest but expects that Karina treat her with the same respect with which she is treating the other, Karina also mentions that she would like to treat her but a guest is the one who comes and eat and leaves but she feels that Preeta is like a family member and roams around the house, Preeta assures her that she has no intention.

Karina pleads with her to let them both get married and that she does not do anything that ruins their function because she has done that in the past, Preeta tries to mention that she was told by Karan but Karina is adamant then Preeta mentions that she should try to adjust and listen to what she has to say but then Karina explains that she does not have any desire t listen to her and also doesn’t want to think of her because she is no worthy of their family and has always tried to ruin their family functions, then Preeta mentions that she has no intention but Karina is not convinced them mentions that she could have married Prithvi who has a reputation in the society which she could have enjoyed but she did not pay any head to him so now Karina desires that she go back.

This is Fate update Thursday 19 November 2020: Maira is with Ramona and they are getting ready for the function when Rakhi also comes mentioning that she has not seen a more beautiful bride when Kartika comes informing that Pandit has called Maira, they both leave when she stops Rakhi to inquire if she is okay with the marriage as she desired that Preeta be the member of their family then Rakhi exclaims that she really liked Preeta but cannot help if Karan has made her mind and she cannot do anything, then she explains that she also desired it but it was not worthwhile and he has made up her mind then she cannot do anything and even Mahesh is not well so she cannot do anything and is also happy because both Maira and Karan have accepted each other.

Karan is sitting in the Mandap when Maira comes and they start the ceremony when he sees that Preeta is not there, he asks Kartika to call her as he desires that each and every function happens before her eyes, Kartika sees that Karina is scolding Preeta demanding that she leave their house but Preeta is adamant exclaiming that she will not leave the ceremony, Kartika calls out to them mentioning that he has called her but when Kartika tries to head out she mentions that he called Preeta, she goes to the function and seeing the ceremony starts remembering how they both got married with the entire ceremonial norms which they have to follow, Preeta is smiling seeing her and then they both start the and he says that he is the Karan Luthra so it would not be that easy then he calls out to Sameer and they start having fun but Karina demands that he not do it and make it as easy as it can be.

This is Fate Thursday 19 November 2020: Rishab seeing him wonders what has happened to him and why is he doing it all because he knows that it is because of hatred and that should not have been the case. Sherlin sees Rishab then seeing him she goes to him and mentions that he should stop thinking of Preeta as she was the one who was wrong, Rishab mentions that he would even help his enemy if the person was in danger but she is still his best friend, Sherlin tries to say that she had sent the legal notice to their house but Rishab is not convinced so Sherlin leaves in anger.
Karan is making sure that Maira doesn’t make him wear the Warmala but seeing that Preeta is smiling he is not able to understand which gives Maira the opportunity and so she is able to fulfill the ritual, Karan is in shock and seeing that Preeta is crying he is not able to control himself and also gets tensed. Everyone else meanwhile is rejoicing.

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