This is Fate 20 August 2020: This is Fate thursday 20th update August 2020, Karan says alright he would tell Prithvi then, he loves Preeta and Preeta also loves him. Prithvi was irked and about to punch Karan, he holds his hand in midair. They hear Sherlin’s laughter from around. Prithvi thinks if he plays a game with Karan today, Sherlin’s wedding would stop. Karan understands and asks if Prithvi doesn’t want his Sherlin to marry Rishab. Kareena, Sherlin and Sanjana pass by. Prithvi poses to be joking with Karan while Karan stays silent. After they ladies have left, Prithvi reminds Karan challenged him on the day of Bachelor party he would stop the two weddings. If he thinks Prithvi sat idle. Karan laughs aloud, and deters he would do what he had to.

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This is Fate update thursday 20 August 2020: Bee ji and Janki arrive at the wedding. Rakhi welcomes them, and asks why they were late. Janki says Bee ji didn’t feel well. Rakhi was concerned at once, she offers Bee ji to take some rest till the wedding start. Bee ji tells Rakhi to attend her guests, they are family and will be here. Rishab comes to Bee ji and takes her blessings. He says he felt all alone, and it feels really good. Bee ji complains Rishab doesn’t look happy, he didn’t look good in the photo where he warned he won’t marry if they doesn’t come. Didn’t he know why they were not coming? She asks Rishab to say a no to this wedding, she will marry him to girl of his choice; no matter its Preeta. Rishab recalls Rakhi’s promise to Sanjana. Rakhi takes him to the Mandap.

In the kitchen, Shrishti was finding something to eat in the refrigerator. She finds an apple. Sameer comes to the kitchen, and tells Shrishti to have food outside in the wedding. Shrishti says she wanted to have something light. Sameer tells Shrishti he doesn’t like Shrishti hug anyone, even Karan. Shrishti remembers and says it was mere a friendly hug, not the hug filled with feelings and emotions. She says he is a little jealous, but it’s alright; she likes it when he is jealous. She agrees not to hug anyone, only for him. Sameer says he is relieved now. Sameer offers Shrishti to come out, and get married. They can marry in the same Mandap. Shrishti says he said I love you just today. Her mother is also not here, and Karan is going to burn the Mandap today. Preeta hasn’t yet arrived, and she wonders what she up to is. They will marry each other, but after discussing their respective families.

This is Fate 20 August 2020: Sherlin and Rishab sat on the Mandap. The wedding rituals had begun. Prithvi thinks it was his long delayed plan.
Shrishti was happy to see Janki in the wedding. She reminds Janki how she once received Kareena’s call, complaining against Shrishti captivating Sameer. Janki asks if it’s final now. Shrishti replies yes it is now. Janki was happy and says the couple was made in heavens already, and only awaited acceptance. She exclaims I like this couple. Everyone in the hall was attentive, Janki at once handles the situation and points towards Rishab and Sherlin.

Karan was tensed about Preeta. Dadi comes to Karan and asks if he is missing Preeta. Karan tells Dadi to go and watch Rishab’s destruction. Dadi tells him to speak well on this wedding day. Dadi now comes to Bee ji and greets her. Both elderly complement each other.

Bee ji comes to Janki and was angry that she claimed Rishab and Sherlin’s couple as her favorite. Janki was about to tell Bee ji about another couple. Shrishti comes in to save Janki. She says Janki must be speaking about Sherlin and Prithvi. Bee ji agrees to Shrishti, but says it’s now very late.

Preeta was locked in the room. She was tensed how Karan would reach her, he is unaware how badly trapped they have been.

This is Fate thursday update 20 August 2020: Shrishti comes to Karan. He was curt that this wedding is happening. Shrishti says Preeto must be stuck somewhere. Karan says neither Preeta is attending his call, nor did she inform him about anything. He turns to go to look for Preeta. Shrishti says alright, then it will take Karan equal time to come. Sameer says Gathbandhan is about to begin.
There, Sherlin angrily stares towards Prithvi. Tanvi wonders what’s wrong with Sherlin, why she is staring at Prithvi in such rage. Sherlin recalls Prithvi questioned her about the remote. He asked if she was about to blast Rakhi; Rakhi is her mother in law. And why had Sherlin grabbed Preeta Ji so badly, what if she was hurt. Sherlin had slapped Prithvi, and warned to leave his life if Preeta stayed in it. She reminded that she got Prithvi engaged to Preeta only so that Preeta stay away from Rishab; now they do not need Preeta anymore. If Prithvi didn’t leave Preeta, she would take over the whole Luthra property alone.

There, wedding rituals were beginning. Rishab thinks about Preeta. He thinks from now onwards, he and Preeta would be friends. He couldn’t live up to any of his relations to full. Tanvi asks Karan if Sherlin and Prithvi have some past. Karan replies they have a present.

Rakhi was happy that finally Rishab was getting married. It’s all because of Preeta that Rishab was ready. Karan thinks he won’t spare Preeta. He was then worried what if something was wrong with Preeta.

Preeta was tensed in the room. She wonders what if she can’t get out. She decides to tell Karan about it. She goes to the window, but was afraid and couldn’t decide to jump down.

Karan collects Sameer, Tanvi and Shrishti to create a drama. Shrishti and Tanvi must fight for Sameer together. Till then he can drop the Mandap. Shrishti and Tanvi fakes a fight. Karan signals them to go.

This is Fate thursday 20 August 2020 update: Everyone was attentive as Shrishti held Tanvi over a table. She screamed over Tanvi. Kareena and others try to stop Shrishti. Shrishti says this Tanvi wants to have an affair with Sameer, she won’t spare her at any cost. Karan joins in and asks Sameer what happened here. Sameer poses to be clueless. He goes to Rishab to clarify there is nothing between him and Tanvi. Sherlin doesn’t let Rishab leave the Mandap. Rakhi also tells Rishab it’s a bad omen to leave the Mandap. Even this fight is not the right thing. Dadi says only a sensible man can handle a fight like this. Janki also tells Rishab to get up and handle the fight, else the wedding would be spoilt. Rishab shouts at them to stop it. He tells Shrishti to leave Tanvi. Shrishti says she can’t leave Tanvi. Sameer is her best friend, she can’t watch Sameer being trapped by someone like Tanvi. Rakhi also shouts at Shrishti to stop it, why they are behaving so awkward. She says she knows there is an affair between Sameer and Tanvi, and she will marry Sameer to Tanvi. Janki objects as Sameer loves Shrishti. Shrishti denies Janki’s claims. Sanjana says no matter whatever the problem is, they must let Pandit ji complete the wedding. Kareena tells Pandit ji to begin the wedding once again. Karan stood helpless. Tanvi slaps Shrishti. Shrishti slaps Tanvi again. They run, pushing Karan in their way. The pillar of Mandap fell over. The girls fight around and ruin the wedding mandap. Karan untie the Gath Bandhan and helps Rishab and Sherlin to get off the Mandap before it fells. Karan parts the girls.

This is Fate 20 August 2020 update: Sherlin thinks she is aware the girls created this drama only to stop their wedding. Kareena was angry and scolds the girls. Karan accepts his mistake in all this, but he would explain it later. Sherlin goes to her room. Karan hands the remote control of the bomb as well. Rishab notices Karan gave a thumbs up to girls.

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