This is Fate 23 December 2021: Shrishti is with Preeta pleading with her to open her eyes when she also asks other people to help the, Shrishti says that she would not let anyone spoil their plan and that she would make the driver pay however Preeta asks her to take the mobile and the pen drive and also that she should pick up the photos however Shrishti is not able to find them then Preeta asks her to take the rest of the belongings and they get in the auto, Preeta asks the person to help the auto driver and call at the Luthra mansion if there is anything which they need, the police arrive when the driver of the car is trying to leave however the police stop him while the inspector orders the constable to take the driver in custody.

Sanjana asks about where Karan is when Rakhi exclaims how she knows where he might have gone, Dadi says that if he comes and applies the Haldi on behalf of Mahesh then the guests can also start to fulfill the ritual, Karan enters the hall, he immediately goes to Akshay and Kritika. Sameer thinks of how he thought that Karan would perform the ritual after him however if he takes more time in the ritual then it would give Preeta and Shrishti time to get back with the proof.

Karan explains how Mahesh was not able to come so he had placed his hand on the Haldi, they all start weeping when Karan blesses them and Rakhi asks her to not cry as it is a day filled with happiness and she must realize that he is with her, Karina also mentions how her uncle would always be with her when Dadi also says the same to her, Rakhi inquires where Preeta is which worries Karan, and he gets tensed.

Sameer calls Preeta who is at the door so he asks where she is because he was constantly asking for her which is why he made an excuse so she should come, Preeta asks if he has made all the arrangements to which he says that he has made the arrangements and the technician has arrived in the house.

Sameer calls Shrishti asking where she is because he did not hear her voice while talking with Preeta, Shrishti mentions how she cannot come because she sneaked out of her house and is worried that Sarla might get really angry with her so she does not want to give her any chance, Shrishti, however, agrees when Sameer tries to convince her then asks the auto driver to turn back as she also desires to see the face of Akshay when they reveal the truth.

Akshay is at the party when he is shocked to see that Sameer is smiling and wonders if Babu has fulfilled his task so wonders why he did not call, thinking how he might still be working. Preeta walks into the party which worries him, she comes to him exclaiming how he would have missed her when she was not at the party, she calls for everyone’s attention as she would show the truth about who Akshay actually is and what he is up to she mentions how she would show everyone the truth regarding her and there would be some photos which would be played, and she will inform them about what is the story behind every picture.

Shrishti reaches the back of the house when Sameer comes out to meet her, she exclaims how the pen drive has all the proof which they require to expose Akshay and then everyone would surely touch him, Sameer inquires why would anyone touch him, Shrishti then clarifies how when they come to his truth then would surely beat him, Sameer asks if they can head to the party as they would otherwise not be able to see the true face of Akshay.

Preeta inquires if Akshay has something to confess before they start the photos and when they are played everyone smiles while Sameer and Shrishti are worried, Preeta looks at the screen to see the photos of Akshay with his friends and he explains how they were performing the Garbha which is how he is as he always takes his friends with him, Preeta does not believe him then constantly asks the technician to move forward, Akshay explains each and every photo including those of the Jago function mentioning how anyone can realize the extent of fun which they had at the function.

The entire Luthra family is smiling after seeing his photos with the family then he asks Preeta to order the technician to move at a faster speed when she goes to him asking what he is doing, the technician explains how it can not move any faster when she asks where the photos are which she gave to him, he explains how it is the same pen drive which worries Preeta.

Akshay then asks her to come forward as she thought that he would not be explaining the photos, so he knows that she has made the right step as now he feels that she is like an elder daughter to her.

Sarla is having the window fixed when Janki asks why she is doing this because it is not right as now Shrishti would not be able to breathe, Sarla explains how if she desires to have any air then can come into her room or the hall but she is doing this as Shrishti does not even think of believing the orders of her mother as it cannot happen so now, she would be punished for what she has done.

Akshay mentions how he is glad that Preeta has presented him with a gift so now everyone believes that he is really an honest person, Rakhi also says that Preeta has proved she is really a member of their family, Akshay also tries to hug her when she stops him and then leaves the hall.

Shrishti gets a call from Sarla who explains how Janki is hurt so she should come back immediately and then Shrishti runs back to her house, Janki inquires Sarla lied to her when she says that it is because Shrishti cares for her and would come back without any question.

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