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This is Fate 28 January 2021: This is Fate update Thursday 28th January 2021, Dadi requests Sarla to take the drinks. Sarla sips for her approval. She tells Sherlin she must also taste the sweets; she will like them. Sherlin nods with a smile.

There, Kritika, Rishab and Karan still fought for Besan Ke Laddu. The laddu drops on the floor. Karan asks Giresh to clean up. Karina tells Kritika to leave it. Dadi requests Sarla to stay at their place tonight. Sarla takes a leave as she came unwelcomed. She requests them to keep her Sargi with theirs. Shrishti meets Preeta. Preeta was happy to see two families unite, her mother got the respect she deserves. She watches Mahira come to the hall.

Sarla silently prays that even Karan’s Dadi loves Preeta, otherwise the whole family hated Preeta even Karan. It must be Preeta’s good behaviour which united it. She prays no one can break these relations.

This is Fate 28 January 2021: Ramoona enters the Luthra House. She asks why everyone is shocked to see her; would not they invite her inside. Karina goes to welcome Ramoona, she can rightfully be here. Ramoona goes to Mahira and apologizes her for behaving so bad, even when Mahira needed her the most. When Mahira underwent the accident and was hospitalized, she was really angry. She later on realized she was wrong. Mahira angrily jerks her and tells Ramoona to apologize Karina, Dadi and even Karan. Ramoona joins hands to Bani Dadi and Ramoona. Mahira stood besides Karan. Ramoona says Mahira’s family has even forgiven her. Mahira demands Ramoona to apologize Karan as well. Dadi says it is not needed. Ramoona agrees she was wrong. She joins her hands to apologize Karan as well. Karan says it was not needed; it is ok. Mahira finally hugs her mother. Ramoona says she knows she loves Karan and has married him in her heart. She is sure Mahira must be fasting for Karan tomorrow as well. Mahira nods. Ramoona gifts Mahira the laddu and requests Dadi to add these in her Sargi. Mahira tastes a laddu and appreciates their taste. Sarla was worried what is happening in the house. Karwachot is a wife’s ritual, how can Mahira fast. Why anyone in the family has no objection with this?

Sarla finally shouts at them to stop it. She says why Ramoona is asking Mahira for the fast, and why no one has an objection. She clarifies to Ramoona that her daughter is not married to Karan, how she can fast for Karan. Ramoona replies Mahira loves Karan and was about to marry Karan. She wants to fast for her husband, she should. Sarla requests Dadi to speak to them, this girl is not Karan’s wife. Preeta is Karan’s wife. Mahira argues she has to fast, and she will. Sarla asks what right Mahira has, does she understand any rituals? These fasts are for married women. Mahira asserts that even Dadi did not stop her, who is Sarla to forbid her then? Sarla demands Dadi to question Mahira. Karina accepts they all agreed to Mahira’s right for fast. They are not snatching Preeta’s right, and instead celebrating her first Karwachot. Ramoona interferes that Preeta married Karan under the veil and snatched Mahira’s right, otherwise Mahira must be Karan’s wife. Sarla reminds them that even before that, Karan came and married Preeta. Ramoona argues what Preeta was doing in Karan and Mahira’s engagement then? Which wife attends her husband’s engagement? Everyone in the family also approved of Karan and Mahira’s marriage. It was Sarla’s daughter who betrayed them. Dadi requests them to calm down. Sarla says it is Dadi’s house, she must fight for Preeta’s right; but she is doing this here. Ramoona blames Sarla that Preeta sent her daughter to hospital. Preeta betrayed everyone in the family, she could have sent Preeta and all family members to jail. But Mahira saved them. She can send Sarla and Preeta to jail even now. Sarla accepts her challenge and demands to call the police. Preeta and Karan married twice, their relationship is stronger than all other marriages. Preeta cares for everyone, has a pure heart and does not think selfishly; she is proud that Preeta is her daughter. Ramoona insults Sarla that her daughter reached a palace from a poor neighborhood, why would not she be proud.

Preeta requests Sarla to stay calm, she is not well. Sarla asks if Preeta has a self-esteem. It is her right that she fasts for Karan, and here everyone is allowing Mahira to fast as well. One must behave to their in laws well, but not at the cost of one’s respect. Preeta must be really nice, but she will fight for her right.

This is Fate 28 January 2021: Ramoona intervenes that Mahira’s right was actually snatched by Preeta. Mahira shouts at them to stop this, otherwise she will kill herself. Preeta threatens not to misbehave otherwise…. Ramoona tells Preeta to stay away from everything. Infact go away from the family and people in it.

Dadi goes to bring a can of oil and throws it over herself.


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