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This is Fate 29 October 2020: This is Fate update Thursday 29th October 2020, Preeta demands that karan leave her room as if they are seen together then it will create a lot of problem, Karan explains that he is not afraid of anyone’s father or mother, Preeta says that if he will not leave then she will go, when she tries to get down from the bed he takes her hand and they both after coming closer to each other, kiss, Preeta suddenly wakes up in shock.

Shrishti gets tensed after seeing her like this, Preeta thinks that it was all a dream, Shrishti is looking at her, preeta tries to hide her emotions, Shrishti says that even if she doesn’t want to tell anything she knows that Preeta saw a dream of a husband and wife who are in a romantic moment, Preeta runs from her as she is getting late for her office.
Risahb walks down from the stairs and leaves after greeting everyone, Rakhi stops him explaining that she will give him food from her own hands, Dadi asks Rakhi if she remembers how much he used to tease them all, Risahb says that he remembers how they all used to manipulate him and at the time when Rakhi was pregnant with karan they made him eat saying that this will cause him to be healthy.
Karan comes to sit on the table, Rishab orders that he must go to the practice early as otherwise he will not be able to concentrate, Karan pleads that Rishab should let him eat first, Karina taunts that he will focus when he stops looking into the matters that are not important, Karan gets mad at this statement, Maira comes to request him to come to her party, he declines saying that karina has ordered him to focus on his practice, Dadi scolds karina for talking to him like this as it has ruined his mood, then she asks Karan to give her a kiss and he must come to her party.

Preeta enters the office where Shiv comes to have a talk with her, he asks her about what is going on in her life and how she is now, they both are talking and Preeta also starts to laugh, karan seeing them both gets really jealous and wonders why Preeta is laughing like this with Shiv, Preeta then takes his leave saying that she has a lot of work but Shiv follows her, Karan tries to think of the reason Shiv is following her.
Maira is in her room trying to select the dress for her party, Sherlin enters exclaiming that she also wants to dress like this as she will not be able to do so after a few months so she wants to fulfil all her desires, Maira responds that she can do all she wants but must help her now as she cannot decide what to wear because she wants to look the best for Karan, Sherlin answers that she has not understood karan even now as he does not judge a girl by her good looks, Maira refuses to accept it saying that she feel he wants to come closer to her as he even touched her face in the morning then left as he might have gotten nervous, Sherlin however refuses to accept that karan has started to like Maira and she gets scared even thinking about it as she feels that karan might bring Preeta back to the Luthra house really soon.
Preeta is in her office where Shiv is trying to talk with her, Karan immediately rushes in complaining that he has a severe pain in his shoulder , he asks Shiv what he is doing in her office then pleads with her to look into his shoulder, then demands that Shiv leave and look after the team as otherwise they will not practice properly, Shiv leaves and Karan immediately gets up asking why was she talking to Shiv and laughing, Preeta understands that he was lying so inquires why he did all this, Karan explains that Shiv has started to like her, She asks him what is wrong with Shiv liking her, just then Shiv returns mentioning that the team is in the changing room and not on the ground.
Maira gets a call from her friend Jessie who asks her where she is, Maira explains that she was about to call her and invite her on her party where she will understand how much she loves Karan and even he will not be able to take his eyes off her, she assures Maira of coming to her party.

Karan mentions that they all have gone to the dressing room after injuring her, karan gets a call and says that Preeta is right in front of him and he will bring her as soon as possible, Shiv inquires where he is taking Preeta to which he says that her husband is calling her as he wants to explain how much he loves her, when Shiv asks abut her job he says that her husband will not let her work as there are a lot of men around her.
Maira arrives at her party where everyone is shocked to see her and they greet her, the party behind, when her friends ask where Karan is she explains that he might have gone to bring her gift. Her friends have also brought a bride to be ribbon for her, she rejoices the fact that she is about to get married to karan.
Karan and Preeta arrive at the restaurant, she asks why they have come to this restaurant to which karan taunts that they have come to dance but then says that they will eat something nice, Karan’ s fans want to take a selfie with him to which he obliges, he seeing that preeta is jealous pulls her closer to him saying that she will be in all the selfies that they take.

Karan and Preeta start to place the order, she explains that she wants to eat spicy food to which karan also orders the same spicy food like her but it is just in competition, karan gets a call from Maira and he mentions that he is having dinner, she requests that he come to her party as soon as possible, she hears Preeta voice in the background after which she gets frustrated and leaves the party.
Maira reaches the parking where she wonders what karan is doing with Preeta as he was supposed to be with her in the party because they both are engaged, she gets into her car and drives off, Sherlin is not able to find her in the party, she remembers that Maira was searching anxiously for karan but was not able to find him she therefor decides to call her, Maira answers the call explaining that she is going to go to the restaurant where Karan and Preeta are having dinner, she will slap Preeta for trying to lure Karan towards her, Sherlin thinks that Maira is about to commit the biggest mistake of her life so she must stop her using any means necessary.

Preeta says that he has always found a way to help her, she asks him the reason to which he explains that she matters a lot to him and she is dearer to him more than anyone so he will always be there for her, she exclaims that she is happy to know how much he cares for her as he took her into his own house and placed his entire family at risk, Karan asks her to stop talking as this as all that is in the past and they both are eating at a restaurant. Maira comes and is shocked to see them both sitting together, she takes a menu card so as to listen to what they both are talking.
Preeta says that she knows that they had a relation and trust but they had lost it and so she wants to ask him because of the relation that existed and wants to ask if he will marry Maira, karan exclaims that he cannot marry her as he loves Preeta so they both will remain together, Maira is not able to believe it and comes to pull Preeta asking why is she coming between her and Karan, Preeta responds that she is not the one who came in between but it was Maira, she gets angry and so slaps Preeta but Karan then also slaps Maira for slapping Preeta, she does not listen to anything and then they both get into a fight after which karan asks her to stay away from Preeta as they both are a couple.

Sherlin returns to the reality and wonders what she must do to stop Maira as if she slaps Preeta then karan would never take her side and she would lose the game, Sherlin takes the phone from one of the guests and calls Maira who is about to confront Preeta, she asks Maira to believe what she is saying and not talk with them as she will create problems for herself, she narrates a story in which a princess acts as if she is injured and so calls the prince closer to her which is exactly what Preeta is doing but she must not talk with Preeta as it will create problems for her, she asks Maira to come back as she ahs a plan which they will use to ruin Preeta’s plan, Sherlin is talking when Kartika comes from behind seeing whom she ends the call.
Sherlin inquires if Kartika was listening to her conversation to which she replies that she has just arrived and is wondering where Maira is, Sherlin says that she is in the bathroom, she sends Kartika to the bar so that she can also enjoy the party.
The waiter serves the noodles, Preeta asks karan that it is not necessary that he eats the noodles as they are really spicy and so he will not be able to eat it, Karan however in his ego admits to eating them before but when he eats the noodle he is not able to bear the spice so starts weeping, she seeing his condition runs to get something for him, he is not able to calm the heat meanwhile she comes running with honey, he refuses to eat it as he does not like it, he refuses to eat it but she forces him to eat it, the waiter also starts to laugh, she asks if he is okay, then when the waiter leaves she places the honey beside him as he will need it.
He makes an excuse that he was not feeling that the noodles were spicy, she removes the spice from his noodles seeing a group of men sitting beside them click their picture, he gets mad at them and forces them to delete it, they both call the waiter asking him to bring something that is a bit lower in spice.

Kartika comes to Sherlin asking where Maira is as she checked the washroom but was not able to find her there, Sherlin gets frustrated saying that she does not know where Maira is as it is he party and she would be somewhere with her friends, Kartika gets mad saying that she will go back to the house so she can tell Maira that she came, Sherlin immediately goes to apologize to Kartika who forgives her, then Sherlin sees Maira coming back, she immediately goes to her to explain that she must not do anything that might ruin their relation as Preeta has the ability to create such situations that make Karan fall for her which is what she did when she was arrested, she explains that karan does all that he could for any girl who acts as if she is the victim, and he also helped her when she was kidnapped by the goons, Maira says that he came to help her Preeta to which Sherlin explains that he helps all those girls who act as if they are the victims and so she must act as if she will die if karan is not with her and so if she does this then they both will become a couple which will cause the relation he has with Preeta to end, she explains that Maira must call him and explain that she is really missing him and will not be able to enjoy the party if he does not come hearing which he will come straight to her.
Preeta asks Karan to not be so angry as it is not nice and he must remain calm, karan mentions that he does not get angry all the time and the reason he asked the cameraman to delete it is because he would otherwise make it as a news, {Preeta then calms him down meanwhile gets a call from Sarla which she goes to answer on the other side.

Karan also gets a call from Maira who is pressurizing him to answer the call as if he does not come then her friends will think that he is ignoring her and this will ruin her reputation so she will be waiting for him on the ninth floor so that she is able to see his car, she ends the call, karan wonders what is he doing as he should be with Maira in her party but cannot understand why he wants to stay with Preeta all the time.
Maira inquiries from Sherlin about the next step in their plan, Sherlin mentions that she is not able to attain any small injury but might also lose her life which makes Maira a lot worried.
Preeta comes to which Karan is looking strangely at her, she asks the reason to which he says that she came after improving her makeup, Preeta denies this saying that she did not have anything so how could she do it, he is shocked, the waiter comes with the simple meal.
Maira disagrees to do anything that would harm her life, Sherlin says that she mentioned to karan that she will be waiting on the ninth floor so they both will go there to set fire.

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