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This is Fate 3 December 2020: This is Fate update Thursday 3rd December 2020, Karan is in his room, remembering about the vow where he accepted to protect Preeta at all times, he remembers how he was not able to do anything when she was being thrown out of the house, Preeta is also sitting outside thinking how she has been once again thrown out of the house and will not be able to live with Karan, she recalls all the special moments that she spent with him, Karan in his anger starts destroying the decorations in the room with his bat and completely thrashes the room. Preeta is still thinking about him and cannot stop crying knowing what the future holds for her. Karan in his anger calls out to Preeta who hears to his voice, she starts to walk but stops thinking that it should not happen.

Maira is also in her room and crying wondering what has happened to her, Sherlin comes in the room and locking it exclaims that whatever she has done outside is wrong and she should not create a mess, Maira exclaims that the only reason she was not able to marry Karan is because of Sherlin, she tries to throw Sherlin out of the room, Sherlin holds her hand mentioning that she has gotten married in this house even when everyone wanted otherwise still she is the daughter in law of this house and the reason Maira was not able to become is because she was very overconfident and so lost the fight with Preeta and she has married Karan, Sherlin asks her to not be angry with her and take it out on Preeta because she is at the lowest point of her life and would break, Sherlin also follows Maira when she leaves.
Shrishti is trying to get an auto but is not able to and finally when she is finds someone, Sherlin comes and throws the key, Shrishti and the driver find it and when he is able to Sherlin threatens him after which he leaves, Shrishti gets into an argument with Sherlin mentioning that she should not talk with her and she along with her sister are at the lowest point of their lives, she explains that they also tried to stop her wedding but were not able to do it, she also hits Shrishti in the leg and she falls, Sherlin lifts her face mentioning that they should not do anything like this ever again.

This is Fate 3 December 2020: Ramona is in the room with Sanjana and Karina crying for her poor fortune because her daughter was not able to get married Karan, She mentions that she doesnot believe and knows that someone is helping Preeta in her family, Karina gets frustrated with her ordering that she never say anything of the sort because no one in her family would do it, Ramona mentions that name of Rishab exclaiming that she knows he would have helped her, Karina says that she should never say it as Rishab never refuses to accept her order as he married Sherlin when she asked him to, so he must not say it and they do not accept the marriage of Karan and Preeta, Sanjana explains that If she also doesnot believe in the marriage then why does she not get both Maira and Karan married, Karina exclaims that she doesnot believe in the marriage and needs time to get them both married but she needs time for it.

Preeta is standing outside when Maira comes from behind and thrashes the vase, she explains to Preeta that she has taken everything from her as she wanted to be called the wife of karan but Preeta has taken each and everything from her, she has the courage to do what ever she can for the love of Karan.

Zee world This is Fate 3 December 2020 update: Sherlin is with Shrishti exclaiming that they once again tried to get both Karan and Preeta married so that they could also be rich but now she knows that it would never happen, Shrishti also pushes Sherlin back but she comes back exclaiming that she should not think of it as the Luthra family did not accept them and threw them out of the house, Shrishti is left crying beside the pole and Sherlin leaves, Shrishti exclaims that the Sherlin is right and why does each and every time those who are true and honest are blamed for the wrong doings but she questions god as to why does it always happen to them.

Maira is blaming Preeta asking her why did she do it as she is the one because of whom Maira would not be able to marry Karan, she asks her how can she come up with such kind of plans as what she does always causes trouble for them, Maira mentions that she knows that the entire plan was made by Sarla as she is the most clever amongst them, Preeta gets angry ordering that she never say anything against her mother but she asks Preeta what she will do now. Maira exclaims that she will never forget what Preeta did to her and will also not let her forget what she will do to her now.

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